Top 7 Best Gaming Laptop For Witcher 3 – Latest 2022 Picks!

Developed by CD Projekt Red, The wild hunt took a huge step forward in the witcher series and gave us a new hope with extremely beautiful graphics and completely reworked gameplay mechanics ranging from hand-to-hand combat to elemental mystifying magic. 

And Plunging in the massive wasteland of the witcher world is no ordinary man’s job, as the world of Kaer Morhen is littered with hags, Noonwraiths, ghouls, gargoyles, and nasty griffins.

One must have the sheer endurance to have the courage to face all the evil while being in the boots of Geralt of Riva that goes through excessive training in the Witcher School of the Wolf

On the other hand, the beauty of the landscapes of Skellige as well as the brilliant sunset of Novigrad can only be admired at the highest resolution with ultra settings and with the smoothest frame rates.

Nonetheless, it should be kept in mind that open-world games tend to be a little bit more demanding than other genres, and Witcher 3 takes a step forward to deliver a mind-boggling action-packed experience that can’t be found anywhere else.

 While it may be heavily optimized to run pretty much on any decent laptop, I still highly suggest you play this game at high to ultra settings to get the most out of the stunning scenery at Kaer Morhen, since graphics is what makes this game what it is.

And if you are someone that is looking for the Best gaming laptop for witcher 3 that wants to step into the world of a deadly barren wasteland, then look no further because this article will provide the fix you have been long lost looking for.

And apparently, no known signs such as AARD, AXXI, IGNI, QUEN OR YRDEN can help you get a better experience without having a decent laptop because in real-world the only element that matters is physical cash, so whether or not you are tight on a budget I have curated a list of 7 very competent laptops that will quench all your gaming needs without putting a dent on your financial statement.

1: MSI GL65 (Best Gaming Laptop For Witcher 3)

Keeping things classic with MSI, the dragon emblem truly reflects on the willpower of a gamer that wants to push the limits, luckily there are no limits when it comes to GL65 with the super-fast processor and robust cooling technology.

Unleash the fury with the 144hz refresh rate which ensures you get don’t miss even minute detail. The 15.6 inch IPS panel boasts a broad spectrum of color that leaves you bewitched. 

As a result, the screen is razor-sharp and offers an optimal resolution of 1920 x 1080p so that you can play your favorite games at this resolution nonstop while fully benefiting from the true color-accurate display. This might be a little disappointing, however, since there is no touch support.

Under the hood, the machine is packed with a spellbinding processor from the 10th generation Intel Core i5-10300H that can withstand CPU-intensive tasks with ease, all thanks to the Comet lake 4 Core and 8 thread Architecture. The CPU can have a base clock of 2.5Ghz and can be pushed to its limits up to 4.5ghz.

Moreover, the graphical aspects are handled by mid-range 16 series Nvidia Geforce GTX 1650 that has 896 Cuda cores with 4GB of GDDR5 VRAM that can easily handle 1080p resolution gaming without throttling its frames.

The best part about this laptop is that it comes with 16GB DDR4 memory and a massive 512GB SSD Nvme, which means you don’t have to worry about future-proofing your hardware any time soon and is more than enough to fulfill your gaming needs.

Furthermore, when it comes to keyboard design, I would say it is indeed quite satisfying to type on it and you get the full liberty to customize the colors or could just stick the blood-red MSI traditional keyboard backlighting, just like I did.

The MSI dragon center software is a neat bit of software that enables you to optimize or tweak your system settings as well as monitor your hardware specifications. I have found that it is very user-friendly and handy, as it lets me see what else is happening with my system, with a click of the button.

In terms of connectivity, I found this laptop very ideal as the left flank has crucial ports like USB Type C, USB Type-A as well as well HDMI, and an ethernet port for wired connections.

On the right end, there is an additional set of Type C and Type-A ports for your USB connection.

The battery life is not so great and I was only able to play the game for only 4 hours after which the laptop felt a little heated and out of juice.


  • The decent refresh rate of the display
  • Very beautiful design
  • Fully customizable keyboard backlighting


  • No Thunderbolt 3 port
  • Lacks WI-FI 6 support

2: Dell Gaming G15 5510

The Dell Gaming G15 has a fleeting list of features that makes it highly viable for gamers that don’t want to bother with future-proofing such as the latest generation processor and a potent graphics card.

The 15.6-inch screen includes a diverse list of technology such as Anti-glare technology that prevents ambient lighting so you don’t have to worry about playing your favorite games even outdoors.

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The Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080p provides in-depth detail to the eyes of the viewers and the 120hz refresh rate ensures you don’t get any screen tearing without enabling VSync.

With a maximum clocking speed of 5.0ghz, you will feel the wind of extreme power, the laptop is powered with 10th generation Intel Core i7-10870H that has octa cores and 16 Threads with multithreading technology.

The 6GB GDDR6 VRAM ensures you play the game at the highest resolution and the RTX technology of the NVidia RTX 3060 changes the game with its ray-tracing capabilities. Moreover, this dedicated graphics is powerful enough to handle any modern game so you can enjoy your hardcore gaming session in peace.

Hitting the sweet spot of 16GB DDR4 RAM and an ample amount of 512GB SSD that is highly optimized to cut up booting times as well as loading times in a mere split second.

The keyboard layout is neat and doesn’t look cluttered as there is plenty of spacing between the keys, there is even a dedicated keypad if you are of fan of a desktop keyboard with numeric keys. 

Moreover, the turbo boost option can be activated by the Game shift key that enables the maximum capabilities of the machine that overclocks the hardware to give you maximum frame rate as well as tweaking the cooling system to keep your system from throttling during intense gaming sessions 

Although it might lack thunderbolt 3 support, you can still use the USB Type C ports and USB 3.2 port which are located at either end of the laptop. And to reduce unnecessary input lags, the laptop also has the latest WI-FI 6 support., which is amazing.

My only complaint about the Dell G15 is that its battery capacity is too low and only holds power for roughly around 3 hours, which is a massive letdown.


  • Strong hardware specs
  • Sturdy aluminum body
  • Plenty of ports to choose from


  • Poor battery life

3: Alienware M15 R4 (Gaming Laptop For Witcher 3 with Dedicated Graphics Card)

The Alienware products are my favorite because this is a reputable brand that tends to listen to customers and deliver what they want. The story of the M15 R4 is no different as it has all the features a gamer wants making it an optimal choice for investment.

The 1000:1 contrast ratio provides a rich color palette of colors with 300 nits brightness. The 15.6 inches Full HD display screams of quality and there is no parallel when it comes to the 144hz refresh rate that is twice as fast as its predecessor, R2 Generation.

Like previous products in the list, it also has the same Intel Core i7-10870H processor that is highly power efficient and tweaked to keep the heat temperature a bare minimum so don’t end up facing unnecessary heat that might throttle your performance.

With a strong Dedicated graphics card like the NVidia Geforce RTX 3060, you can horse ride your way through the gates of Novigrad at ultra settings with all the antialiasing options turned to high with no frame rate drops, and to cut down the stuttering, you also get a 16GB DDR4 RAM and 512GB Solid-state drive that prevents loading times while you fast travel your way across the map.

There is no doubt that the keyboard is built with great quality and is extremely responsive. Additionally, you can customize the backlit and choose from a range of four different colors depending on how you want the keyboard to look.

If you were craving super-fast data transfer rates, then I have some good news for you as this beauty also includes Thunderbolt 3 which is a very handy USB interface to transfer huge files from one device to another. Moreover, the right side also has ports like HDMI, a power jack, USB Type-A as well an Ethernet connector.

But one major downside is that the battery can only keep me entertained for 2 hours which was shocking to me as this was the lowest runtimes I have ever seen with any gaming laptop.


  • Thin bezels
  • Fashionable design
  • Strong graphics card 


  • Below-average battery

4: Asus TUF Dash

Enjoy a dash with performance and aesthetics, as the ASUS TUF Dash has AMD technology under its hood under a decent price tag that wouldn’t break the bank.

Keeping things to high-end, the gap of sheer perfection is met with the 15.6 Inches HD display the boasts a phenomenal variety of colors while having minimal bezels enclosed around the screen.

Once you get a taste of AMD Ryzen processors, there is no going back, as the quad-core Ryzen 5 3550H will deliver jaw-dropping computational power and the 8 threads will ensure you can multitask casually without any stutters in your gameplay.

Killing wraiths with my specter oil-coated silver sword is never been easier as I plunge my way through the enemy stronghold, the Nvidia Geforce 1650 will deliver awe-inspiring frames even in slow motion at high to ultra settings.

Although the memory department is shorter in size and you might want to invest in upgrading 8GB DDR4 to hit the sweet spot of 16GB, the 256GB SSD NVMe will still do justice by providing ample amount of storage space.

But worry not, because the keyboard is the best part of this laptop as the RGB backlighting will illuminate your gaming world with plenty of colors to choose from with different modes to choose from.

In terms of connectivity, the laptops have a wide range of USB hubs ranging from 2x USB 3.0, 1 x USB 2.0 to connect to external gaming devices such as gaming mouse, keyboard, or mic.

However, considering all the positive features of this laptop, the battery aspect is not impressive, so don’t expect it to be your favorite portable gaming laptop as the lithium batteries can only survive for 4 hours to keep you busy.


  • Thin bezels with sturdy design
  • Stunning keyboard layout
  • Overwhelming hardware


  • The smaller base RAM kit

5: Razer Blade 15 Base Gaming

Are you a fan of OLED displays? Then the Razer Blade 15 will surely attract your attention with its gorgeous design and flamboyant specifications.

The fact that only a limited number of gaming laptops have the OLED display, makes this laptop stand out on its own. If you are an enthusiast for premium displays and are interested in a laptop with a true-to-life color tone then you should most probably give this laptop ago without hesitation.

The Max-Q design of the Nvidia Geforce 2070 has attributes of efficient power conservation and proper thermal dispersion, moreover, the 8GB GDDR6 is more than enough to deliver steady frames at 4k display without any stuttering or lags.

With the inclusion of 16GB of DDR4 memory, you can be sure to get a buttery smooth experience on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Additionally, the super speedy 10th generation processor has 6 cores and 12 threads, which prevents the CPU from becoming bottlenecked.

To minimize boot times and loading screen performance, the laptop comes with a huge 512GB Nvme PCIe SSD.

Tweaked for ultimate gaming, the keyboard is gaming highly oriented towards hardcore gamers, as the keys feel incredibly tactile and backlighting gives a pleasant vibe without feeling too bright in low-light situations.

However, there is a limitation to backlighting customization as you only get a single zone illumination which is a little annoying, in my opinion.

The laptop comes with a fleeting array of ports such as the lightning-fast Thunderbolt 3 port which adds fancy points to the connectivity aspect of the laptop. Moreover, if you want something old-school for your gaming peripherals, you can use the 3 x USB Type-A included at either end of the laptop. For media projections, you can also connect the laptop through the HDMI jack.

As it usually is, gaming laptops consume lots of power, which makes them quite miserable in the battery department, but this particular model did remarkably well considering that I didn’t expect it to last as long as 5 hours which is beyond satisfactory for me.


  • Glamorous display
  • Amazing battery life
  • Very stylish 
  • lightweight


  • Does Not have WI-FI 6 support

6: HP Pavilion (Best Budget Gaming Laptop For Witcher 3)

The HP Pavilion is indeed a beast among mid-range laptops, and if you are tight on a budget and don’t desire to pay high dollars for a laptop, then this is the Best Budget Gaming Laptop that will suit your needs.

Having said that, the bezels are super thin and the display has WLED backlighting which might struggle in brightly lit rooms but still does quite well while playing games or watching movies on the 15.6-inch screen. The refresh rate is locked at 60hz but a higher refresh rate is not necessary if you stick to single-player games like Witcher 3.

In terms of performance, the 9th generation Intel Core i5 9300 is a beast of a processor of its time as the quad-core and octa threads strive quite well to crunch CPU-intensive tasks with little to no problem. The CPU has a base clock of 2.40Ghz and can be turbo boosted up to 4.10Ghz while having a smart cache of 8MB.

For emulation of graphics, the 16 series Nvidia Geforce GTX 1650 is included which is a decent mid-range graphics card that can handle all the polygons and texture of the witcher 3 quite well. The laptop also has an 8GB DDR4 ram and 256GB SSD to house all your precious data and games.

The laptop has 4.2 Bluetooth support and a 720p webcam so you stream on twitch or Facebook while you play your game and for wired connectivity, you get ports like USB type C, 3 x TYPE A as well HDMI jack and an SD card reader.

Since this is a budget laptop and doesn’t have power-hungry specifications, you can safely assume a 6 hours runtime from its lofty lithium-ion cells. 


  • Battery life is phenomenal for a gaming laptop
  • Budget-friendly
  • Decent design


  • Lacks Thunderbolt port

7: CUK GF65 Thin

The ordeal of your journey to find the perfect laptop will surely end after you read my review about the CUK GF65 thin which has multifarious features and barely any visible flaws.

The superfast refresh rate display of 144hz will send chill tremors up your spine as the 15.6-inch IPS-Level screen has stunning color delivery that will leave you mesmerized. The screen is 45% NTSC calibrated and is enclosed with super-thin bezels with a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080.

Below the deck, this marvelous piece of engineering includes a shockwave of stunning hardware speciations such as the 6 core 10th Intel Core i7-10750h that has 12MB cache and a dedicated 30 series Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 graphics card that delivers fluid smooth gameplay.

Moreover, storage capacity will never be a problem as this laptop includes a whooping 1TB SSD NVMe and 16GB DDR4 memory which has a 2933mhz frequency.

The only downside of this beauty is that it has only 1 zone keyboard backlighting, but the Anti-ghosting technology compensates for what it lacks in aesthetics as the keyboard is specially designed to support multiple keypresses at once which is an amazing feature.

Besides the plethora of lovely features, it also has the latest USB ports like USB 3.2 Type C, 2 X USB type A and HDMI 2.0 which supports a 4k 60FPS display for higher resolution gaming.

The Laptop includes a 3-year warranty and has a battery life of 4 hours, which might not seem like much, but taking into consideration the hardware specifications, this is more than enough.


  • Decent battery life
  • Plenty of latest ports
  • Massive SSD storage capacity 


  • Noisy fans

Final Take

I tried my best to keep this article free from bias as there were plenty of my favorite products that I adore a lot. However, be assured none of the reviews are exaggerated and are kept as simple as possible so that you don’t have any trouble while deciding on choosing any of the products on the list.

Take a gander and feel free to comment below if you have any issues and I will be glad to sort you out.