Can I Leave My Laptop In A Hot Car? (The Truth)

In an ideal circumstance, keeping your laptop in a hot car especially if it’s the front region is totally out of the equation because it can render great harm to not only internal parts of your laptop such as the battery but also ruin the body if it’s made of plastic.

A hot car is no different than an oven when parked directly under sunlight in peak summer weather where there is no possible shade to cover.

Since you would be having your windows and doors closed for a couple of hours, there is no air circulation that would dissipate the heat which would cause the car to reach extreme temperatures.

Moreover,  the steel body would also absorb kinetic energy, which further catalyzes the ambient temperature inside the body.

Although if you are a freelancer or a businessman who likes to work on the go and carries their laptop everywhere they go, there is no better alternative than keeping it in your car.

Which would leave you to wonder, “ can I leave my laptop in a hot car?” or “ is it safe to keep it there for a longer duration of time”.

Honestly speaking I would have advised you to do otherwise if there were any better option available rather than keeping it in your car. 

And since there is nothing to ensure the maximum safety of your precious device, here are some workarounds you can do to keep it safe and sound in such extreme temperatures.

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Workaround To Keep Your Laptop In A Hot Car

Here are a couple of workarounds that I can suggest that will help you how to keep laptop cool in hot car.

1. Keep Your Car Covered With Tarpaulin

Tarpaulins are one of the best ways to prevent your car from turning into a furnace and letting it roast what’s inside of it.

 Moreover, it has more than one use as it can prevent your car from getting dirty or getting damaged from different weather conditions such as hailstorms or heavy rain.

Since it is designed to have plenty of durabilities, you can use it to have your car covered from direct sunlight which would also keep your car cool because it also has insulation properties.

This covering wrap will keep your laptop at a steady and optimal temperature while you are away from your car. 

Moreover, it also acts as a privacy sheet to stop people from peeking at your belongings and breaking in.

2. Invest In A Sunshade

Not as good as Tarpaulin but can still do the job quite satisfactorily if done correctly. 

However, it can block the direct sunlight with ease, leaving the internals of your cars chilled at all possible times.

All you have to do is tuck the mirrors with a couple of Sunshades and you are good to go. You can also use it while driving and maintaining your privacy.

You can right the right size for your window at amazon or eBay or any workshop easily, making your life free from piercing sun rays which might be harmful to your health too.

3. Remove The Lithium Battery

Never ever let lithium batteries sit in a hot temperature for too long because it is a massive electrical hazard that is just waiting to catch fire, or even worse, an explosion. So keeping your laptop in a hot car might not be the best ideal thought process you might have.

However,  you can just pull the lithium battery and carry it with you instead, this will ensure your laptop is safe and sound if you cannot possibly have the above-mentioned tools at your disposal.

Doing so will achieve the best possible measure for your laptop health, otherwise, you might be running into an inevitable accident for both you and your car.

4. Pick The Right Spot

This might sound a little bit silly since any individual with self-awareness would have thought the same but picking the spot with an ample amount of shade can do wonders to keep your car from turning blasting hot.

You can find places like gardens to park under a tree or underground car parking to prevent the sudden outbursts of heatwaves striking your way.

5. Use The Trunk

Utilize the trunk of your car by storing your personal belongings. It is also one of the best spots which might not be directly influenced by the flaming hot sun rays.

Moreover, trunks are much more secure because they don’t have windows and can’t be broken into as easily as the front seat.

Placing your laptop is the best way to ensure it doesn’t reach alarming temperatures for the crucial parts of your device such as the hard drive or lithium battery.

6. Use a laptop bag

A laptop bag can do wonders as not only does it covers your laptop from getting in direct contact with sun rays but you can also use it to carry your laptop almost everywhere without it weighing you down.

Moreover, laptop bags have built-in insulation fabric which repels and keeps the heat at bay. So investing in a decent quality laptop bag is the best way to go. Also, you will look classy!

How long can you leave the laptop in the car?

Extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, will greatly impact your battery cells and will cause them to malfunction and lose their charge. It is important to make sure that your laptop is placed at an ambient temperature where it can thrive without any issues.

What is the lowest temperature a laptop can handle?

Anywhere between 10-35 degrees is the serviceable ambient temperature for your laptop, if, by any chance the temperature level stoops below 10 degrees, it will definitely damage them causing them to lose charge.

Closing Afterthought

Under no circumstance keep your precious belongings unattended especially if it has lithium batteries in them because heat and power storage devices don’t go hand and hand.

Always keep an eye out for them and ensure they are stored at an optimal temperature. The above-mentioned tips are one of the best possible workarounds which you can follow and if you are still wondering how to leave your laptop in a hot car, then there is no better solution than the ones mentioned above.

Hope this article was worth your time, kindly do let me know your opinion in the comment section below.