Google Apps You Need in Your Phone in 2022

When you think of the term ‘Google’, your mind automatically goes to the search engine. You might also know that Google is one of the largest multinational technology companies in the world, and naturally a contributor towards the field of technology, especially developing apps for mobile devices.

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Top 5 Google Apps for Your Phone

While Google has discontinued some apps like Google Measure, Google Shopping, Google Sky Map, and many others, there are some like Google Drive, Google Spreadsheet, Google Forms, Google Music, etc. that are pretty popular among Google apps users. This article will highlight below some of the few Google apps that you need on your phone. 

1. Google Chrome

You always need a browser on your mobile phone for a quick search. You will find a wide range of mobile browsers but none like Google Chrome because of the useful features it has. Google Chrome gives you a fast and secure browsing experience. It can sync all the websites you bookmark, save the passwords of every new login you made, provide you built-in translation option, etc. You also get to open thousands of tabs at the same time without worrying about the browser crashing down.

2. Google PhotoScan

As the name suggests, it is a photo scanning app that is available for both iPhone and Android phones and is free to use as well. You can take photos of things that you need to scan and get a glare-free and picture-perfect image of your documents. Scanning will only take a few seconds, and if you want, you can toggle off the glare-free option for faster scanning. Additionally, you can back up all your scanned documents and photos with the Google Photo app where it will be organized and easily searchable. Google PhotoScan lets you feel like you are carrying around a full-fledged scanner around in your pocket.

3. Google Meet

It is a videoconference tool that was primarily designed for business and office use, but it is available to everyone. You can have an encrypted and safe video meeting with your colleagues and friends. If you need to organize a business meeting for work, you can send an invite to around 250 persons to participate in your meeting. For a demonstration of your presentation or notes, you can share your computer screen so that the participants can read through your slides or documents. This might seem impossible to arrange on your mobile phone, what with having to show your presentation and all that, but people who are on the go will find this feature pretty useful.

4. Google Keep

Ever needed to make notes instinctively but didn’t have a notepad around? That’s where Google Keep comes in handy. You can add your notes to this app and it will be saved automatically. If you are planning on going grocery shopping in the coming week, you can make a list and set a reminder for things you will need to buy. There is also an option for creating a voice memo on the go that can be saved in your Google Keep backup, as well as images that you capture. You won’t feel like you are forgetting anything when you have Google Keep with you at all times.

5. Google Ads

This is an incredibly useful app for marketers and advertisers since this online advertising platform can show paid ads, product listings, or videos on Google search results. Google Ads can help them generate tons of targeted traffic to their website, app, products, or online stores. The beauty of this app is that you can target a specific audience in specific locations. You can even see optimization scores and also apply recommendations. All in all, Google Ads is an effective app for getting real-time notifications about your performance summaries and ad disapprovals. 

All of these apps mentioned above will run on either Google phones or Apple iPhones. It’s pretty amazing how far technological advancements have taken us in this day and age. Most of these apps can also be launched and used on your computer or laptops, though they are arguably more effective on mobile devices.