How Can I Fix Accelerometerst Exe On Hp Laptop? Detailed Guide 2022

From the dawn of time, the operating system has been serving as a companion to computers; however, they are no doubt often cluttered with bugs and issues.

Since these devices are designed by human beings, which in itself isn’t a perfect machine and tend to make mistakes implies that computers are also prone to have bugs that are beyond the understanding of an everyday consumer.

Henceforth, it is no doubt that Windows 10 is an epitome of instability and optimization mess with every update released, the creator’s update of this operating system has indeed set a new record for being a buggy mess that nobody wants to deal with.

From “black screen issues” to “Accelerometerst Exe” popping up every time you boot up your windows 10, the list is huge and often tiresome to deal with if you aren’t tech-savvy enough.

So if you are an unlucky individual who had the honors to deal with the creator’s update and its whole host of bugs, especially the infamous “Accelerometerst EXE”, here take a peek at this guide on How Can I Fix Accelerometerst Exe on Hp Laptop.

Furthermore, it is highly important that you actually get to know the background of this error before proceeding, otherwise diagnosing this error might not be as effective due to a lack of proper information.

Preliminaries About Accelerometerst Exe

This super pesky and annoying error gets popped up in your face every time you boot up your system because of bad updates which are likely caused during the Windows 10 Creators update.

Apparently, windows messed up pretty bad and released a highly unstable update which was more of a poison than a vigor and caused plenty of weird issues and numerous program files.

Some of the corrupted files were VCRUNTIME140.dll library files which caused your system to give off Accelerometerst EXE error message onto the screen. 

However, if that is not the case and you aren’t using Windows 10 or having updated it to the creator’s update, then chances are that you might have downloaded a beta version of the HP 3D DriveGuard which is software that protects the hard drive from damages from external stimuli.

How Can I Fix Accelerometerst Exe On Hp Laptop

Whatever the reason it might be behind this nuisance, there are plenty of methods to fix this issue, and I have carefully explained each and every method below.

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1. Clean Install Of Hp 3D Drive Software

Since it is quite evident that the HP 3D drive software is giving us a hard time, it’s about time that we uninstall the software altogether, here is how.

  • First of all, click on the start button on the lower end of your windows taskbar.
  • Now head to the control panel and click on the “Programs & Features”.
  • It might take a while after the whole list of programs has been loaded, depending on the speed of your laptop.
  • After everything is ready, Find the HP 3D guard software and double click on it.
  • The windows uninstall processing menu will pop up a window with a confirmation request whether you want to uninstall/Delete the program or not.
  • Click yes and it will take a couple of seconds to uninstall it
  • Restart your laptop and you will notice that the issue is gone.
  • Now download another copy of the software which is at least in its stable version rather than the beta version from the HP website.
  • Install it and check if the issue still persists

2. Through System File Checker Tool

Windows has a lovely piece of software named System File Checker or SFC, which quickly scans for any abnormalities found in its core program files which are vital for your operating system and ensures everything goes smoothly as expected.

  • Type in “Windows PowerShell” in the search box of your taskbar and click on the Windows Shell program to bring it up.
  • You might notice it will be in the form of a command prompt with a black background.
  • After everything in the window has been loaded, proceed by typing in “SFC / scannow” without quotation.
  • This command will quickly scan for any issues found in your system and let you know any of the corrupt system files you might need to get rid of.

3. Fix Through VCRUNTIME140 Library

Sometimes the library files in your operating system might get corrupted, here is how you can fix it.

  • Open your Root drive or C drive in your laptop where your windows files are located.
  • Head over to the C:/Windows/System32 folder of your operating system.
  • Now use the “find tool” or manually search for the VCRUNTIME140.Dll file in the folder.
  • If you can’t find the library file, download the file from the internet and paste it.
  • If the file is present, you can fix it by bringing up the command prompt by pressing the “ Win + R” key.
  • Now type in “Regsvr32 /c:\Windows\System32\VCRUNTIME140.dll” in the command prompt.
  • This restarts your laptop and hope for the best that the issue won’t persist.

4. Fixing The Microsoft C++ Redistributable Package

If none of these tricks mentioned above fixes your error, then don’t lose hope yet because this last method of fixing through the redistributable package might get rid of the issue.

  • First of all, head over to the Microsoft website and download the VC redist.x64.exe file.
  • This will take a while depending on your internet speed, after the package has been downloaded, click on install.
  • It will automatically extract its fille in the appropriate file directory so make sure you don’t change the path of the installation file.
  • After the installation bar is completed, restart your laptop to confirm that the issue has been fixed.

Why does AccelerometerSt exe crash?

You might face sudden crashes of AccelerometerST exe due to the HP 3D DriverGuard program malfunction due to file corruption due to power loss or malware attack.

What is HP Drive Guard?

It is clever software that intelligently detects the shock or fall of your laptop and automatically parks the heads of your hard drive to minimize damage and reduce any sort of data corruption.

Do I need HP 3D Drive Guard?

If you often find yourself mishandling your laptop, HP 3D drive Guard might be the best solution to protect your data and your hard drive altogether.

Final Afterthought

I can understand that dealing with issues is a little bit tiresome, especially if you aren’t too good with computers, which is why I have taken it upon myself to help my beloved readers.

And I hope after reading this article you now know how you can fix Accelerometerst EXE on HP laptop. If you still face any sort of issues, kindly do let me know as I would be happy to help.