How Much Is My Laptop Worth at A Pawn Shop? Detailed Described

There’s no definite answer to how much is my laptop worth at a pawn shop. That’s because all these shops near you will offer you different rates, which to be honest, will be less than you anticipated. The price depends on many factors. So, instead of giving you a definite number, I’ll show you how you could get more for your laptop when you pawn it. But over the course of this article, I’ll share with you some price ranges, to begin with. 

Pawning Vs Selling – Should You Pawn or Sell?

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Both of these terms are used interchangeably. However, there is a marked difference between the two. When you “sell” your laptop, you get the market value for it. The ownership, as a result, goes to the buyer in exchange for that value. 

Say, your laptop values at $200. You’ll get this amount but you’d have to give the laptop to the buyer. 

As opposed to this, at a pawn shop, you do get money for some period and during that period, if you’re able to repay it, you get the laptop back. 

There’s a catch, however. Say, the laptop’s resell value is $200. You won’t get that much. Instead, the pawnshop owner will give you $100 or even $50. They do this to make sure that your laptop goes for a profit if you aren’t able to pay that money in due time. 

So, if you need upfront $100 or $50 and also the laptop when you repay it, I’d suggest that you should go for pawning. Otherwise, selling it will always yield more money. 

How to Get More for Your Laptop at A Pawn Shop?

Well, the example above was a general estimate of what you should expect at a pawn shop. There are some ways in which you can increase that amount by a small amount. Here are the ways to make your laptop presentable enough to be pawned at a higher rate. 

1. Thoroughly Clean The Laptop 

The first thing that the shop owner is going to see is the outer shell of the laptop. Remember, the first impression is always the last impression. So, if your laptop is clean enough, it may get the attention of the owner and you may be able to get more pawn value for it. 

Step 1: Make a light or thin solution of dishwasher liquid. Just a drop of it in plenty of water should do it. You only need the froth or bubbles of the soap, not the water. 

Step 2: Take some of the foam with a clean sponge and thoroughly remove water from it. The components of your laptop are electrically susceptible, so you should be careful about them. 

Step 3: Gently rub the outer surfaces of the laptop such as the screen, back of the screen, hand rest, and keyboard. Again, and very importantly, make sure the sponge has zero water – just the foam. 

Step 4: Take a dry microfiber cloth and remove any layer of water you see on the laptop. Let it dry afterward. 

2. Remove Any Unwanted Programs 

After external cleaning, you should remove any unwanted programs cluttering your laptop. One way to do this is by manually removing the items from the “Add or remove programs”. 

Step 1: Type Add or remove programs in the search bar of your PC

Step 2: Open the app and you should see Apps & features to the right side of the window that opens. 

Step 3: Scroll down and you should see a list of programs installed. Click one by one and delete the ones that are unnecessary or cluttering the PC. 

When done, before handing over the laptop, make sure you backup and remove your personal data. 

Alternatively, you can refresh or renew Windows altogether. 

Step 1: Backup all your data onto a disk or to the cloud. 

Step 2: Type “Reset this PC” in the search bar of your Windows 

Step 3: Click on Get started below the Reset this PC in the window that opens. 

Step 4: You’ll be presented with two options. You may want to click on Remove everything to completely renew the operating system by deleting all the files and programs on your laptop. That’s the sole reason why I told you to backup your data before going for it. 

3. Know The Specs of Your Laptop 

If you don’t know the details of your laptop, the pawn owner may downplay things for you to give you less money for the machine. So, before you go, make sure that you know the make, model, RAM, storage, and other important features. You should also search online to get an estimate of the current market value. Remember, the price you’d get will always be less than that, but you could have something to begin the transaction with. It’s always better to go informed than be a complete dunce. 

4. Take Everything With You 

Sometimes, not taking all the things that come with your laptop to the pawnshop reduces the price you’ll get for it. Therefore, make sure you take everything such as your charger, battery, or any other media device that came with it. This will increase your chances of getting more at the shop. 

How Much Should You Get – An Estimate 

I promised you’ll get an estimate for your laptop. The prices are completely speculative, so do not rely on them completely. They are only to give you a rough idea of how much your laptop could be pawned for. 

  • Alienware average: $300
  • Macbook average: $350
  • Asus: $150
  • Dell: $140
  • Samsung: $50
  • HP: $100
  • Acer: $110
  • Toshiba: $100

How do I find out how much my laptop is worth?

Browse websites such as eBay and Amazon where consumers can buy electronics such as laptops and computers. By comparing the prices of your specific laptop model with the condition of the product you may have, you will be able to get an idea of the value of your laptop.

How much will the pawnshop take for an HP laptop?

As a general rule, Pawn Shops weigh your valuable assets, including laptops, based on their use condition and model. You will be able to make a good chunk of money if your HP laptop is in mint condition with better specs.

Is it safe to buy a laptop from a pawn shop?

An in-depth understanding of computers/laptops is the key to getting a good deal. Moreover, haggling skills help you get more affordable options with a better price-to-value ratio. In the absence of the former attributes, the chances of buying a decent laptop with a reasonable price tag are considerably reduced.

How Much Is My Laptop Worth at A Pawn Shop – Conclusion 

You should only pawn your laptop when the amount you need is less than its market value. Otherwise, sell it to get more money. But if you still choose to pawn, make sure that you make your laptop presentable and user-ready. The estimates of average prices of different brands are given above.