How to Change Keyboard Color on ASUS Laptop? (Latest Guide)

You can change the keyboard color on an ASUS laptop by tweaking color options in the official ASUS ROG Core software. Using the software is extremely easy as you’ve to follow a few steps mentioned below. The software also allows you to change the brightness of the backlight. 

However, before that, you must know whether your model is supported by ASUS for its ROG app or not. 

How to Know if Your Laptop Runs the ROG App?

Only certain high-end models have the ASUS ROG Core software installed. You may check it by searching the app in the search bar or just clicking the ASUS button on your laptop to open the gaming center. 

If you see the app, then your laptop is supported, otherwise not.

Even in the supported ones, some models’ backlight can be changed per key, while others have 4 or 7 zones. The zones have limited effects while per key you get all of them. 

The Keyboard Effects to Achieve 

The G703GI is an ASUS laptop that has all the effects supported per key. 

You can go static, breathing, color cycle, strobing, rainbow, comet, music, smart, star, rain, and trigger. All of these give away distinct patterns that are a must to try if you own that model. 

The 4 zones models have static, breathing, color cycle, strobing, rainbow, music, and smart while the 7 zones have all of these except rainbow. 

How to Change Backlit Color?

  • Open the ROG Core/ Aura Core app. If you can’t find it, search for it in the search bar 
  • To the left, you’d see your keyboard’s layout and to the right, you’d see two options: Zone Mode and Effect Settings 

Zone Mode 

This is where you have the option to select either ALL KEYBOARD MODE and MULTI-ZONE MODE. The first option treats the keyboard as one while the second one creates zones of different colors. 

All Keyboard Mode 

In this mode, you get three Effects: Static, Breath, and Color Cycle.

Static leaves only the one color you select from the COLOR tabs beneath the EFFECTS SETTINGS. Whatever you choose will stay on the keyboard but you can change its TEMPO from slow to medium to fast, depending on your choice. 

Breath is the same as static but it gives you the choice of two colors. Based on the tempo you select, those two colors would interchange. 

The Color Cycle will interchange all the colors on the whole keyboard, depending on the tempo you select. 

Multi-Zone Mode 

By selecting this mode, your keyboard would divide into either 4 or 7 zones, according to your model. 

There are two Effect Settings – the Static and Breath. 

When you select Static, the four colors you choose from the COLOR tab will remain on the keyboard. The Breath settings would interchange those colors based on the Tempo you select. 

How do you know which zone has which color?

The software tells this quite easily. The zone is marked in the color you’ve selected from the COLOR tab under the EFFECT SETTINGS. However, if you’re still unsure, each zone has a numbered bracket beneath it. Match the number with the color number in the COLOR tab. 

For example, zone 1 would correspond to color 1. 

How to change the brightness of the colors?

Sometimes the colors of your keyboard intervene in your gameplay because they are too bright. You can take care of that by controlling the brightness from the BRIGHTNESS bar right at the top of ZONE MODE. 

Do know that the brightness setting applies to all colors and you cannot change it for individual zones or keys. 

How to save more than one customization?

The app allows you to save three different customizations. You can set the multi-zone mode in Customize 1, go for all-keyboard mode in Customize 2, or set another customization in Customize 3. It all boils down to your preferences. 

How to enable backlight in ASUS notebook models?

In ASUS ROG laptops as well as the notebook models, there are dedicated shortcut keys that enable and disable keyboard backlight. Look for the backlight symbol on F3 and F4. If your model doesn’t have it, that means it doesn’t have a backlit keyboard. 

To activate those that have it, press the Fn and F3 keys together to decrease the backlight intensity to the point where it disables. To enable it again, press the Fn + F4 keys to turn it on and keep on pressing it to increase the intensity likewise. 

What to do when your laptop supports backlight but the keys don’t work?

When the hardware supports a certain function but the key(s) to it doesn’t work, then there could be a software problem. Software and hardware are linked to one another. You press a key and the software drives the changes. 

So, if you don’t get a backlight despite pressing the backlight keyboard keys, the drivers could be at fault. Check it in the Device Manager. If there’s no driver, install one from the ATKPackage given on the official website of ASUS. 

How to Change Keyboard Color on ASUS TUF Laptop?

There’s not much difference in the ROG and TUF laptops when it comes to changing the keyboard colors, except that you’ve to do it on their dedicated apps. 

These apps are available on the Windows Store but if you’re using a TUF model then download the TUF Aura app instead of the ROG Aura. 

In the TUG Aura, you get BASIC SETTINGS and AURA SETTINGS. In the basic settings, you get four EFFECTS – Static, Breathing, Color Cycle, and Strobing. There are no zones so you don’t get that option with this one. 

The first three effects work the same as previously discussed, but the strobing effect is different. It flashes the color you’ve selected and is faster than the Breathing Mode. 

How do I change the keyboard light on my Asus laptop?

If the keyboard backlighting bothers you, you can toggle it and change it to your liking by pressing the “FN+F5” key. If you don’t like it, you can also completely turn it off.

How do you change the color of your keyboard on a laptop?

You can choose the color of your laptop’s keyboard backlighting by pressing FN+C. If your laptop has more than one color, you can use that combination to change the backlighting.

How to Change Keyboard Color on ASUS Laptop – Conclusion 

Changing the keyboard color on ASUS ROG or TUF laptops is easy. All you have to do is install ROG Aura or TUF Aura from the Windows Store, open them, and follow the steps mentioned above to change the colors based on zones or the entire keyboard, their tempo, and intensity.