How To Charge Laptop Battery Without Laptop? 10 Ways

Your laptop battery might have stopped working because of a number of reasons. Either your laptop won’t charge it or it won’t take charge, as a result. But there are ways in which you can charge it without needing your laptop. So, here’s how to charge a laptop battery without its laptop: 

  • Use USB-C
  • Buy a universal power adapter 
  • Buy an external battery charger 
  • Use a power bank to charge the battery 
  • Use a travel laptop charger 
  • Try a solar charging kit 
  • Buy a new adapter 
  • Make use of a super battery 
  • Use another laptop to recharge your battery
  • Go for a new battery 
How To Charge Laptop Battery Without Laptop

10 Ways To Recharge Your Battery Without Laptop

Here you get the top 10 ways that you can use to recharge your battery without a laptop.

1. Use USB-C 

This works great especially when the power adapter of the battery has been damaged. You can use the USB-C of your laptop as an alternative port to charge the battery. All you need to do is to plug the USB-C into the right port and the other end in your phone’s adapter. 

The only problem with this one is that if your laptop does not support USB-C, you simply can’t use it.

2. Buy a Universal Power Adapter

A universal power adapter has many pins to be used with a number of different laptops. I particularly recommend travelers to buy this adapter because of the convenience it offers. Not only you but also your friends and family could use it to charge their laptops. The adapter comes with stock or universal volts and watts capacity, which means you don’t have to worry about compatibility at all. 

3. Buy An External Battery Charger 

This is one of the most reliable methods of how to charge a laptop battery without a laptop. An external battery charger charges the battery right where it connects to your laptop. So, for the battery nothing changes except for the fact that it’s being charged without a laptop. You also don’t need any sort of adapter for it except for its own. Your laptop adapter stands invalid here. Do read the instructions of how to charge the battery with it before using it.

4. Use A Power Bank To Charge The Battery

Buy a 100Wh or more power bank and use it to charge the battery. However, be sure to buy the one that supports USB-C charging because that’s how you’ll be easily relaying charge to the battery. Also make sure that the power bank supports charging devices for a few to many hours because your laptop isn’t a small device. It will take a huge chunk of the whole charge. 

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5. Use A Travel Laptop Charger 

If you have a travel laptop charger that converts the voltage of one country to the voltage your devices are compatible with, then use it by all means. In case you don’t have it, I highly recommend that you buy one. It comes in handy everywhere, even in your country, especially, when your laptop’s charger isn’t working or there’s some problem with the charging system overall. 

6. Try A Solar Charging Kit 

There are a lot of solar charging kits available on Amazon. You may want to check them out. They are convenient in their portability and can be used anywhere where you don’t find electricity or where your laptop stops charging the battery altogether. But please keep in mind that these charging kits are generally not compatible with laptops. They are meant to charge a battery set, which you can use to charge your laptop or phone later. They are good enough to charge your devices at least two to three times before running out. 

7. Buy A New Adapter 

Sometimes if your laptop isn’t charging the battery, the problem could be in the adapter. Therefore, before going to the support, buy a new adapter and try it. The AC adapter should be compatible with your device. Before buying it, learn about the battery model from the manufacturer’s website. You can also flip the laptop to find the sticker underneath that has all the information about the laptop model and even about the battery series. You also may find a slight difference in the way the new adapter charges your device, but that’s totally fine. 

8. Make Use Of A Super Battery 

A super battery has its own charger. That completely removes the need for you to use the previous adapter. The backup of these batteries is almost 7 hours. All you have to do is replace your current battery with this one, plug its charger in the laptop, and enjoy a bigger up time. There’s no harm in using these batteries. In fact, for some, they work better than the rest. 

9. Use Another Laptop to Charge Your Battery 

Remove batteries from both laptops gently. Make sure that both the laptops are the same models. If not, the battery swap won’t work. After removing the battery, swap and secure them in their places. Now, charge the uncharged battery the way you ‘d charge yours in your laptop. Please do not force your battery in an incompatible laptop because that may cause battery damage or fried up laptop components. 

10. Go For A New Battery 

If all else fails, then it’s time to buy a new battery. This seems to be the only logical solution then. But before doing that, make sure that you have the right and correct model number of your laptop and battery. Compatibility is super important for things to work smoothly without damaging anything at all. 

Can you charge a laptop battery directly?

Charging your laptop battery is possible, but you need to be extremely careful, any mistake could result in a fire or electrical hazard that could harm you or your device. To power your laptop batteries, you should use a standard charger.

How to charge a laptop battery manually without a charger?

To charge your laptop battery without the proprietary charger, you can use substitutes such as Universal chargers, Power Banks, or even through your Car power inverter adapter.

How to charge laptop battery externally?

If you are far away from an electrical outlet, power banks or battery packs are the most convenient and efficient solution. Make sure the power bank actually supports laptop charging methods before using it to power your laptop.

How to charge a laptop battery the first time?

Connect your laptop’s power adapter and let it reach the brim to begin its first cycle and calibrate the battery levels for optimum runtimes.

How To Charge Laptop Battery Without Laptop – Conclusion 

There are only a few ways to charge your laptop battery without a laptop. You could buy an external adapter, a super battery, or buy a new battery. However, if your adapter is ruined, then you may wanna buy a universal charger, use USB-C to charge your device, buy a portable charger, use a power bank, or simply charge the battery in someone else’s compatible laptop. In all of these methods, make sure that you’re buying the right or compatible thing as battery or adapter incompatibility can lead to a lot of dangers.