How to Check if Laptop Fan is Working Properly? (Ultimate Guide)

Notwithstanding that it’s the technical competency, the well-built innards i.e. CPU, GPU, RAM, and SSD, etc., that decides if your laptop is sound and ripping, but…

But the fan therein, I believe, is the most important component of all. If it is hale and hearty, if it is working well, you can, only then, push your machine to its limits. Only then can you get full out of it.

That’s why I say, checking, on regular basis, if your laptop fan is working or not, is as imperative as is spending thousands on and caring for your laptop’s technical robustness. It must not deem to you a wacko statement, and here’s why.

Why So – Why Caring for Your Laptop Fan is so Vital?

Well, regardless of how much heavy bucks do you spend and how mighty a laptop you buy, if you overtax it, be it by putting some, beyond endurance, loads, or by expecting it to be your only, sort of 24/7, companion, it will start foiling. Yes, your laptop will start getting overheated, if not now, probably after a month or two of use.

Do you know what does an overheated laptop mean?

It means a complete performance failure; it simply means giving up on your craves. Succinctly said, the overheating caused by the fan’s malfunctioning can cause lots of detriments, of which, a few notable ones include.

  1. Frequent unusual glitches and crashes
  2. Abnormal and abrupt shutdowns
  3. Unusual application failures and many other freaky things

Besides these, get ready for hardware damages as well, for there are numerous, sort of very minute, components inside your machine not able to withstand a little extra warmth and hence they will die away too.

How to Check if Laptop Fan is Working

To Keep All These Havocs from Happening

So, to keep all this havoc from happening, what you need the most is a quality cooling mechanism inside your machine i.e. a fan that’s working fine as silk.

Yes, by extracting all the warmth from every corner of your machine and blowing it out through the exhaust vents, the fan keeps all the components cool and chilling. Hence, they can be pushed to their limits, while staying safe and sound, ultimately prolonging your gadget’s life.

So again, it’s ok to stay observant about the laptop’s technical being at the time of purchase, but after that, all you need is to keep a regular check on its fan`s working, so that you get the best ROI.

Now the only question arises is that how to check if the laptop fan is working or not? So, let’s explore the answer below.

How to Check if Laptop Fan is Working or Not – Top 3 Ways

Well, it’s obvious that the fan is fitted inside i.e. enclosed in the chassis, so you, just simply, can not see if it’s working or not, unless and until you open the cover. But still, there are a few easy to consider ways you can try i.e.

  1. By listening to the fan’s sound while in silence
  2. By somehow feeling the air coming out of the vents
  3. By using different applications (showing your system’s hardware stats etc.)

Let’s discover each one specifically.

#1. By listening to the Fan’s Sound

Just like all other fans, the one inside the laptop also is constantly rotating, it slows down when the load abates from the machine and speeds up when the load increases, hence it is evident that it must have some whirling sound.

So, the first method is simply a layman’s technique i.e. just bring your ear closer to the laptop and you’ll certainly notice some noise (obviously fan’s sound), this way.

Well, don’t worry if you can not notice any such sound just immediately after you turn your laptop on, for the latest systems nowadays are so intelligently designed. The fans therein most often stay off while the machine is in rest mode, and only start working when the load starts being piling up on your laptop.

So, I would suggest you:

  1. Just get to a silent place and move your ear so much closer to your laptop’s bottom, you’ll hear the fan’s sound.
  2. If not, perhaps the fan is off, so try forcing it deliberately to start working by putting some load on your laptop i.e. start a heavy game or a high-resolution video, etc. Thus, the fan will start whirling, and you’ll hear it.

Know That

The fan always sounds so smooth, so if you notice some rough and jaggy sound, the fan is probably broken or has plenty of filth accumulated inside. So, go for its tune-up either by yourself or by a mechanic.

#2. By Feeling the Air Coming Out of the Vents

Although a laptop fan is not that big and powerful that it will wing up your hair, still, you can feel the air that`s blasting out through the vents. Just put a very thin piece of cloth, or paper, or something like that in front of the exhaust vents and you’ll see very slight, yet some, sort of movement in it.

So, the second method includes finding out where the exhaust ports are located on your laptop and putting something in front of it to notice the airflow. Well, you can also try feeling the heat coming out by putting your hands even, in front of the exhaust points.

#3. By Using the Software Programs Displaying Your System’s Hardware Stats

There are plenty of, free as well as paid, software programs on the internet designed to be sort of full-fledged acolytes to your gadget. Yes, now have a complete check on your entire system by getting the complete stats about each hardware component, how it’s serving its function, the system temperature, and much more.

Adding, some of these software also enables you to decide and control how each component should perform i.e. controlling the fan speed, both manually as well as automatically.

So, the third method, which I suggest you as well, is, consider going for and trying these applications. You’d gain a complete sway on your system, believe me.

How to Check if Laptop Fan is Working or not

For Windows Devices

SpeedFan, HW Monitor, HWiNFO, Argus Monitor, Real Temp, Wise System Monitor, etc., all these and plenty of other applications are there on the internet for you if you are a Windows user.

Among all these, the “SpeedFan” and “Real Temp” are the two most widely used and massively loved applications. Having these on your system, you won’t only get the stats about each component of your system but will also have the power to control them.

You would easily control the speed of your laptop’s fan according to your tasks and will have a check on the system’s temperature too. You will know what temperature is harmful to your processor etc., for example, a warmth of > 70-degrees Celsius is considered just worrisome but that of > 80-degrees means just stop working immediately.

Besides, if you’ve some other sensors or likewise features being manually installed on your device, you, via these apps, can keep an eye on them too.

For Mac Devices

If you are a Mac user, you can try “iStat Menu”, if you need to keep a sharp eye on your system’s all-around health and performance. Besides, you can also go for “Fanny”, a free notification center widget and Menu Bar application monitoring your Mac’s fan status.

So, stay observant about your machine now, install these useful applications, and enjoy your laptop time to the fullest.

See This as Well

If you find out that your laptop fan is finely working but you are still experiencing the same overheating issues and other abnormalities in the system’s working, the problem can be somewhere else, perhaps in some other component or in any other zone of the cooling system i.e. heatsink, etc.

So, better reach out to the mechanic then, and pry it out as soon as possible.


So, that was it for how to check the laptop fan if it is working or not!

Why is it imperative for you to take the best care of your laptop’s fan? Why is it considered an important component of the system, even a way more important component than a strapping processor, massive memory, and likewise other key specs?

Ranging from all such sorts of questions to discussing what benefits a hale and hearty fan can assure you, I have discussed each minute thing regarding the importance of a fan in prolonging your machine’s life.

So, if you are a fervent gamer or a top-notch video editor, or anyone who needs a super-powerful laptop all the time, this article is a must-read for you. Go and check out why.