How to Choose the Best Laptop for Video Editing? [Expert Opinion]

Well, that’s a question that has been asked a million times on the internet. And for a good reason – video editing is a resource-intensive task that can require some serious hardware firepower.

Also, it is not easy for everyone to choose the right laptop for video editing tasks. That is why I am here to help you choose the best one.

So, whether you’re a professional video editor or just a hobbyist, read on for the best advice on choosing the best laptop for video editing.

Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Laptop For Video Editing

Video editing is one of the heaviest works for a computer. Suppose you are a YouTuber and looking for a youtube video editing laptop that is not also easy at all. Nowadays, youtube videos are getting much higher resolution and quality. For example, if you want to edit a 4K video that a normal laptop can not handle. Yet if you add too much color grading and effects, it will put immense pressure on your laptop. Therefore, choosing the best laptop for video editing is not easy. Let’s take a look at the following factors that you have to look after to ensure the best possible outcome.


You’ll want a powerful processor to handle the demands of video editing software. Some of the most popular video editing software programs include Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, and Vegas Pro.

If you’re looking for a laptop that can handle basic video editing, then a core i3 processor with a clock speed of 2.5GHz or higher should be sufficient. But for 4K video editing along with advanced works, you need the latest generation Core i7 or AMD Ryzen 7 processor with 4GHz clock speed or above.

Graphics Card

The graphics card determines how smoothly the video will play and how many effects and layers you can use. Many video editing programs also require a graphics card that supports OpenGL 3.2 or higher.

Some of the best graphics cards for video editing include the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M and the AMD Radeon R9 M395X. However, any graphics card that meets the requirements of your video editing program should work well. Graphics defines the amount of rendering time. So you know what you need. It is not about the minimum requirements that video editing software requires. Rather you have to think about what kind of videos you need to edit regularly. If you are more into the 4K video editing, you should surely get the latest high-power graphics card for smoother performance and faster rendering.


Video editing software can be very resource-intensive and requires a lot of memory to function properly. Therefore RAM is an important factor for handling smooth video editing. If you are not into the heavy task, 8-16GB RAM is the best option. But when you are doing a lot of complex video editing tasks along with 4K video editing, it surely requires larger RAM. In that case, I would prefer to go for 32GB RAM to ensure smooth video editing without any lag. Having 32GB RAM is not always possible for a ready-made laptop. So you can upgrade your RAM anytime to save some money.


You’ll need enough space to store your videos, photos, and projects and enough space to work on them. Look for a laptop with a large hard drive or multiple hard drives. You may also want to consider a laptop with a solid-state drive, which is faster and more durable than a regular hard drive. So what should be the ideal storage setup? You can get a combination of storage, including SSD and HDD, for better efficient performance. Get a minimum of 256GB of SSD for the operating system and run the video editing program smoother. Also, get a 2TB HDD for storing all of your edited and raw footage for later use. Therefore you must check that the laptop that you are going to purchase has a dual-storage option.


A good display will ensure that you can clearly see all the details of your video, making it easier to edit. Look for a laptop with a high-resolution display, preferably 1920×1080 or higher. The color quality is also important, so look for a laptop with a wide color gamut. Also, an IPS display is the best possible option for ensuring the highest color accuracy. When you need to do a lot of color grading, you can not spare this feature. Even a lower refresh rate display is not a problem in this case. But make sure it has superb color accuracy that can relieve your pain of bad color grading.

Battery Life

Since you are doing video editing, it is not important to have a crazy amount of battery backup. Battery backup is important for office people and students. However, sometimes you may need to carry a laptop for outdoor shooting and transfer the footage immediately to your laptop. Also, you can edit your footage while traveling. That is why your laptop should have at least 4 hours of battery backup to give you perfect backup for these tasks. But video editing is a time-consuming task. If you do not want to get on your desk, you should get a higher battery backup somewhere between 6 and 8 hours.


The above mentioned are the important factors, but you also have to look after some minor things that can impact your video editing performance and experience. And the first thing that comes to mind is the keyboard. Indeed your keyboard should have a strong and super comfy one that can handle your busy keystrokes and travel faster. Also, the touchpad should be smooth. However, I prefer to use an external mouse instead of a touchpad. But the most important thing is good quality sound. Since you are doing video editing, the sound is also crucial. And it is not comfortable to wear headphones all the time. Therefore the sound should be loud and clear that you have to check. Although weight does not matter at all, it is important for carrying. But if you are getting all of the high-quality specs, the laptop would be a bit heavy.

Windows or Mac

There was a time when the MacBook was the sole hero of video editing in the laptop’s world. But now, there are plenty of windows laptops available in the market that have superb performance, even better than MacBook laptops. So it depends on your personal preference. If you do heavy editing, you can get the latest MacBook pro with higher RAM and storage options; otherwise, get DELL XPS, HP Spectre, and ASUS ROG laptops which are the best windows laptops for video editing.


Now you know how to choose the best laptop for video editing. If you want all of the features that come with user-friendly video editing software, the latest Macbook Pro is the best possible solution for video editing. Because most content creators prefer these handy devices for having a good ecosystem. But the windows laptops are better for customization and have higher power. Therefore it can handle heavy tasks better.

Now it is up to you what is going to be your video editing laptop. But make sure that it meets the requirements mentioned above or at least something similar to that.