How To Connect AirPods to Dell Laptop? (Step by Step Guide)

Airpods by Apple were meant to connect to iOS devices but you can also use them with your Windows PC. So, connecting any Dell laptop is a breeze. All you have to do is pair the two devices via Bluetooth and enjoy your music. Here’s how to connect AirPods to dell laptop:

Steps to Connect to AirPods on a Windows PC

  1. Charge your AirPods to the full. To do that, put them in their case and wait until they are full. 
  2. To pair the two, access the Devices on the Settings menu. 
  3. In the list below Devices, select Bluetooth and other devices 
  4. Tap on the Add Bluetooth or other devices. 
  5. After they’re charged, open the lid. 
  6. There’s a small button at the back of the case. Press and hold that for as long as the pairing light to the front begins blinking white. 
  7. Now head back to the PC and in the Add Bluetooth or other devices menu, you should see your AirPods appear. You might see “headphones” appear first but don’t worry as Windows eventually detects them and their name changes to Airpods. 
  8. Click on the AirPods and let the Windows connect with them. Afterward, click Done to stay connected. 
  9. To use the Airpods, you’ve to pull them out of their case and plug them into your ears. 
  10. You’ll hear a small blip that indicates that your wireless earbuds have accepted and established the connection. 

Common Problems 

“My AirPods drop the audio quality.”

As I said, the device works great with iOS but you may see a drop in the quality of audio it produces when you connect it with Windows. Don’t worry as it is well under control. 

  • Remove any interfering device in the middle. You may have your phone’s Bluetooth turned on. 
  • Make sure that you aren’t very far away from your laptop. Stay in the range of Bluetooth, which is at least 10m. 
  • Are you sure your AirPods are okay? Check them by connecting to your phone. If they are performing well, then you have got a compatibility issue with your laptop. 

“My laptop does not detect AirPods.”

Sometimes your Dell laptop may not detect the AirPods at all. In that case, you may wanna check the Bluetooth of both of your devices. 

  • Try pairing your laptop with another Bluetooth device. Try the same for your AirPods. 
  • See if one of them does not connect to the new device. That might have been broken or there could be software issues. 
  • If your laptop connects well to other devices, go to Device Manager and update the Bluetooth Driver. 
  • If your AirPods connect well to the other devices and not your PC, then they’re not compatible with your model. 
  • Also, check if the detection settings are turned on your PC. 
  • Have you waited for the LED light to turn on white by pressing the pairing button on your AirPods? 
  • If that LED doesn’t blink or anything, there could be a problem with your earpieces. You may wanna take them to Apple support. 
  • Or, the AirPods may not be charged at all. Insert them into the case and connect the case to a power supply. Let the earpieces charge until they are full. 
  • Are you trying to connect them by putting the buds in your ears? Take them out and put them back in the case. Press and hold the pairing button to see them on the Devices list on your PC. 

“My AirPods keep stuttering.”

Well if your AirPods are disconnecting continually,

  • They could be not charged enough, 
  • You could be away from the Bluetooth range, 
  • One of the earpieces may be damaged, 
  • The case could be damaged, or 
  • The drivers of your PC might not be updated. 

By charging them, staying in the range, checking if you’ve broken a piece by dropping it somewhere or even the case, and updating the drivers, the problem could be solved. 

If not, then you might have to take them to Apple Support. 

Will my sound quality be affected if I use Airpods on Windows-based laptops?

You would still notice a drastic change in sound quality when pairing AirPods with windows laptops instead of a Macbook, in spite of the fact that AirPods are compatible and can be connected to any laptop without an issue.

Can you use Airpods for gaming?

Yes, you can, however, you might notice a slight delay in sound which isn’t an optimal factor for playing games online.

Do the AirPods support wireless charging?

Except for the First Generation, they do have the capability to support wireless charging, simply place them on a compatible Qi charger in order to start charging them wirelessly.

How to connect AirPods to dell laptops – conclusion 

To connect AirPods to Dell laptops or any other Windows PC, make sure that they are Bluetooth enabled. Open Devices from the Settings menu and click Bluetooth and other devices. Afterward, click Add Bluetooth devices. Open the case of your AirPods, press the pairing button until the LED turns white. You’d see them on the list of Devices on your PC, click and connect to them. Enjoy!