How to Connect Galaxy Buds to a Laptop? (Step by Step Working Method)

Connecting your galaxy buds to a laptop is easy. First, make sure that they are inside the case. Close the case and see the battery indicator flashing. If it’s not flashing, recharge them. Then open the case and the buds would go into pairing mode. Alternatively, you can touch both the touchpads to start pairing to any device. On your PC, go to Bluetooth settings, search for Galaxy buds and click on it to connect. You should hear a few beeps that indicate a successful pairing. That’s it. 

How to Connect Galaxy Buds to a PC – Guide 

How to connect galaxy buds to laptop? Well, let first discuss the PC method.

Galaxy buds are Samsung’s answer to Apple’s AirPods. If you ask me, I’d say they are slightly better in performance, reliability, and sound than their competitors. Therefore, owning one is certainly a privilege you shouldn’t take lightly. 

The bonus of that is they aren’t just meant for your Galaxy phone. They use Bluetooth to connect to a device, which means any phone or laptop with any OS that supports this type of connection could be easily connected to them. 

Here’s how to connect them to a Windows PC 

  • Put the buds in their case and close the case. You should see the battery LED blinking. That shows how much your buds are charged. When you see no such light, put the case containing the buds on charge. Leave them there for an extended time until they are fully charged. 
  • After that, open the lid and press the touchpads to turn their discovery mode on. 
  • Go to your laptop, search for “Bluetooth and other devices” in the search bar.
  • Click on the “Add Bluetooth or Other Device”. Your PC would start looking for nearby Bluetooth-enabled devices. 
  • After a few seconds, you’ll see the name of your buds in the list of devices. Click on that and the connection will be established. 

Using Galaxy buds after they’re connected is a breeze. Just plug them into your ears and play anything you’d like. Once paired, your PC would recognize them when you try to reconnect them later. You would only have to open the case and the device would be visible on your Windows to connect. 

However, you’d have to make sure that other paired devices are turned off when you’re doing that. 

How to connect Galaxy Buds to a MacBook?

MacBook is run by an entirely another OS but since it supports Bluetooth, you should be able to connect your buds with it. Here’s how to do that:

  • On the top bar, look for the Bluetooth icon. It’s fairly visible in all macs. Click on the icon. 
  • After opening the case of your fully charged buds, you should see them in the list of devices that your mac found nearby. 
  • Click on Galaxy Buds and connect within seconds. 
  • Alternatively, you can access Bluetooth settings on Mac by clicking on the settings icon in the lower bar. It looks like a wheel. 
  • Once the settings are open, click on Bluetooth and press Connect right in front of the Galaxy Buds under the Devices. 

Can’t connect my Galaxy Buds to a Windows PC – What to Do Step by Step?

There are a lot of reasons why you cannot connect your Galaxy Buds to your PC. 

  • Your buds may be paired with another device such as your phone or any other laptop and that device may be turned on when you’re trying to connect a new laptop. This causes interference as your buds connect to another device.
  • Your earbuds may not be charged. One way to know that they’re charged is to close the case with the buds inside and see if the battery light is blinking. If not, then they’re not charged. 
  • Try connecting them to another PC or device to see if they are working fine. Also, connect another device to your PC to see if its Bluetooth is working. 
  • If both are okay, restart both devices and their Bluetooth. Now, run the Bluetooth Troubleshooter on your Windows PC.
  • To do that, go to settings, then Update and Security, and then to Troubleshoot. 
  • Below Find and fix other problems, click on Bluetooth and Run the troubleshooter. Follow what the dialogues say to find problems with it and resolve them successfully. 
  • Update your PC’s drivers by going to Device Manager: Press Windows key + X and then go to Device Manager. Look for Bluetooth drivers, right-click on them and click Update Driver. Choose Search Automatically for Updated Driver Software to let the Windows update it on its own. 
  • If you have got the latest drivers, then disabling/enabling the Bluetooth may solve the problem. Go to Device Manager > Right-click on the Bluetooth > click Disable device. Follow the same path to Enable device. 
  • Your Bluetooth could be disabled from starting automatically on your PC. To undo that, search for “services” in the search bar of your Windows or press Windows key + R > type services.msc and then ok. In both ways, you’d be taken to the Windows services. There, search for Bluetooth Support Service. Right-click on it and go to properties. Restart the service and see if the startup is automatic. Restart your laptop. 

Are galaxy buds waterproof?v

No, keep your precious galaxy buds away from water droplets because they are not water-resistant and will definitely malfunction if they absorb any form of moisture.

Are galaxy buds Pro waterproof?

Galaxy buds Pro have an IPX7 rating which means they can be submerged into water for at least 30 minutes at 1-meter depth without having any issue.

Does galaxy buds work with iPhone?

Yes, Galaxy buds work without any issue with iPhone, just make sure you pair them beforehand to enjoy your music.

How to Connect Galaxy Duds to Laptop – Conclusion 

To connect your galaxy buds to your laptop, open the case of your fully charged buds and then search for it in the Bluetooth and other devices list of your PC. When you find the name, click on it to connect. It is this easy.