How To Connect Uproar Wireless To Laptop? Step by Step Instruction 2022

Going through the process of having every wireless device is truly a blessing because of the fact how convenient it feels due to the absence of messy cables all around you.

The comfort of being able to listen to your music while working or relaxing on your bed with your headset connected wirelessly is an experience you simply cannot get anywhere else.

Speaking of having a good time, if you haven’t had the luxury to listen to your music through SkullCandy’s Uproar wireless headphones before, then there is no better time than now.

But let me fill you in beforehand that, unlike wired connectivity headphones, these headphones are a little tricky to connect and if you want to know how to connect uproar wireless to laptop, then you might as well be keeping on reading this lovely article.

Reasons Why You Should Go Uproar Wireless

Alright, before we get things sorted out for you, you might have some questions popping up in your head about why you would be needing to go wireless and why ditching your old-school wired options is a good idea.

Although you may also argue that going wireless may increase input lag, let me inform you that these are a top-tier set of headphones that have a lightning-fast next-generation Bluetooth connectivity technology.

This ensures you get no possible delay, especially while you talk on call or play online games with your buddies, so in other words a win-win situation for everyone!

Here are some amazing features you might be missing out on!

  • SkullCandy’s Uproar Wireless delivers you comfort, convenience, and pure satisfaction all in one package through its lovely ergonomic lightweight design which doesn’t strain your ears.
  • It’s fast and wouldn’t give you any delays and gives you the freedom to roam all over your room without having you worry about getting caught in a messy tangle of cables.
  • If you are rocking a laptop with lesser ports or interfaces like a surface book or MacBook, there is no better option than going wireless because you wouldn’t have to worry about port management of your external devices.
  • It’s fashionable and looks unique and if you are a student that wants to flex in your league, I don’t see why going wireless isn’t a better option for you.

How To Connect Uproar Wireless To Laptop

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Here is how you connect your uproar headphones wirelessly.

1. For Windows Users

Step # 1

Boot up your laptop and make sure it has all the drivers up to date, especially the wireless connectivity ones such as Bluetooth drivers.

You can head over to your laptop manufacturer’s website in order to download the latest possible driver so that you won’t have to face any sorts of bugs or malfunctions.

Step # 2

Whip out your Wireless Uproar headphones and turn them on, make sure you have charged them beforehand for at least 2-3 hours.

It might take a while after you boot your headphones for the first time, just be patient and press the power button for at least 5-10 seconds until you see a blue color indicator flashing.

Step # 3

Now turn on the Bluetooth connection settings in your laptop by going through the control panel and finding your SkullCandy uproar headphones name in the list.

Depending on the number of available devices, you might see other Bluetooth options available in your surroundings, just choose the appropriate ones in order to successfully connect your wireless headphones.

Step # 4

Click on connect, it might take a while to successfully establish a connection. 

That’s about it, enjoy having the best musical experience possible with its lovely bass and crisp audio quality available in your arsenal.

2. For Macbook Users

If you are using an Apple Device like Macbook, here are the steps to connect your Wireless Uproar headphones.

Step # 1

Boot up your Macbook, and head over to the system preferences settings.

Step # 2 

Look for Bluetooth connectivity options and try looking for your uproar wireless headphone brand name. It might take a while to look for your headphones depending on the range and the generation of your Macbook.

Step # 3

Just like a Windows laptop, click on the connectivity options and it will ask you for confirmation dialogue.

It might take a couple of seconds in order to establish a proper connection and the blinking of the LED light on your headphones will become stable, indicating a proper connection has been made.

Troubleshooting Headphones Malfunction

Wireless headphones have the tendency to have some connectivity bugs and oftentimes you might notice that they won’t connect at all.

Just press and hold both the volume control up and down button on the uproar wireless headphones for at least 5 seconds, this will reset your headphones to their factory settings and get rid of any connectivity issues you might be facing.

If you still have problems, it might be due to the fact that you are having drivers issues in your laptop due to a buggy or unstable driver which might be needing a clean install.

How do I connect my uproar wireless headphones to my laptop?

Hold down the Bluetooth button on your headphones and wait till an LED light flashes indicating it is ready to pair with your multimedia device such as your laptop. Now, head over to your laptop Bluetooth settings and click on “Add Devices” and select your Uproar Wireless headphones, Voila! You are all set!

Why won’t my Skullcandy headphones connect to my Chromebook?

Make sure all your drivers are up to date, moreover, ensure that your Bluetooth settings are enabled along with availability configuration, if none of these options helps you can try restarting your Chromebook and follow the steps all over again.

Bottom Line

In this day and age, there is no better option than going wireless as it is not only convenient but also trendy and fashionable. 

After reading this article carefully, you might have the knowledge on how to connect uproar wireless to laptop without any sort of hindrance.

I hope this article wasn’t confusing enough for you because I kept it as straightforward as I could so that my beloved readers who may not be tech-savvy enough can benefit from it with ease.