How To Convince Your Parents To Get You A Laptop? Top 5 Valid Strategies

Parents are indeed a blessing in life because they act as a shadow to prune the heat of this tough tiring world.

However, they have just misunderstood beings because of the lack of knowledge about technology which renders them to automatically turn their back against devices like smartphones, laptops, and desktop usage.

And for the lack of a better term, if you are a zoomer with boomer parents, you might find yourself in a pickle since getting such devices would no doubt be a little tricky especially if you aren’t earning by yourself.

Although, there is no shame in living with your parents especially if you are really young but it does indeed suck when you want to get yourself a nice piece, more so if it’s an expensive laptop model.

But worry not, in this article I have resurrected some workarounds on how to convince your parents to get you a laptop.

Psst, hey, be assured these so-called workarounds aren’t in any way shape, or form illegal, or are dubious because it’s perfectly understandable if you want a laptop for yourself for both study and casual purposes.

Workarounds On How To Convince Your Parents To Get You A Laptop

Coming up with a valid strategy must be one of your topmost priorities because there is no possible way to get yourself a laptop, I mean obviously how else are you going to convince your parents.

So here are a few of those “life hacks” to overcome such dire situations, but before you proceed, I want to make myself clear that I am never in favor of manipulating anyone to get anything, especially your parents.

And this article is written for recreational purposes and I don’t take liability for any harm caused because it is your sole responsibility to acknowledge your actions, regardless of the perspective or motives.

1. Don’t Be A Rebel Without A Cause

If you have heard the term but aren’t familiar with it, let me fill you in. Being a rebel without a cause means not having any intentions of actually doing something good or no positive goal in your mind.

Although getting yourself a decent laptop might sound nice through any means necessary, convincing your parents without having a valid point or excuse might make things a little hard for you.

Since building up a proper excuse is necessary in order to convince your parents because otherwise, they would simply reject the proposal at hand.

Convince them that you will be using it for your school projects, freelancing tasks, or some other productivity hobby rather than using it to play video games or watch movies on it all night.

2. Words Are Your Weapon

Being a writer, I cannot forge or come up with any better point than having to come up with the fact that you need to work on your words. 

Oftentimes, words said in different ways can result in a make or break kind of deal, nonetheless, establishing a solid viewpoint in such a fashion that your request goes through your parent’s ears much softly, so that they can act on it.

If not, your words will fall on deaf ears, and trust me beggars aren’t choosers so there isn’t any point in using harsh words to get your point across.

In other words, be gentle and nice, and don’t overdo your motives so that they don’t sound too sugar-coated or manipulated.

3. Be Considerate

Most of the time, when your parents refuse to buy you anything, it is not because they are unhealthy for you, but it is because they cannot afford it for the moment.

As a result, it is wise to choose an option that will not burden their budgets too much or cost them much, keeping your financial situation in mind.

Rather than buy a new laptop, try to get a refurbished or used model or even an older model. It’s even better to look for laptops that allow consumers to be purchased through installment plans.

As installment plans won’t cost you much at once and would also result in you getting your hands on a lovely piece if you don’t want to settle for refurbished or older builds.

4. Wait For The Right Moment

One of the best things you can do to convince your parents as easily as possible is to wait for the right moment and not act on your emotions.

It is often wise to wait for events that reap scrumptious sales such as Black Friday, Christmas, or Summer Clearance sale where things are being sold at considerably cheaper rates than you can imagine.

Henceforth, this will easily enable your parents to make a commitment to purchase rather than paying the full price.

5. Put Some Efforts In Your Grades

It is not a nice sight to have some shallow grades when making such a request that might further put a dent in your productivity.

It is best to work hard and put some sheer effort to perform better in your tests and exams so that you can get some shiny stars on your mark sheet.

This will not only result in changing your parents’ minds but will also make them confident about the decision and create a trust factor between you and them.

Having a solid trust factor through good output and results is one the best ways possible to get your request approved no matter how ridiculous it sounds.

How can I convince my parents to get me a computer?

Being nice and using convincing words can go a long way in getting things that may almost seem impossible to get. Moreover, showing cooperation as well as not rushing the situation may also help and reap fruitful results, just don’t be too manipulative and deceptive because integrity is all that matters!

What is the right age to get your own laptop?

If you want to use your laptop or any other media devices for your educational purposes, getting one at the age of 15 might be a good time to start. However, you still need parental monitoring in order to prevent misuse and abuse.

Should I get my 10 year old a laptop?

As long as they adhere to the rules you may have created regarding the use of laptops for casual purposes. Furthermore, monitoring your child should be your utmost priority under all circumstances at least they reach the age of 18 years old.

Closing Thoughts

That being said, these are some of the best ways on how to convince your parents to get you a laptop for notes and study and it is best advised to always act upon your instinct and mold these methods according to your request.

Staying positive and waiting for the right time will almost always result in things being in your favor so never give up and keep your hopes up and work hard to achieve your goals.

Best of luck and hope you had a worthy read!