How to Delete Instagram Photos on Laptop? (Ultimate Guide 2022)

Although it’s now a multiplatform social media app, the truth is that Instagram was originally launched as an iPhone-only application i.e. an app mainly designed for mobile devices.

That’s why it’s a sheer pleasure to use the Insta mobile app instead of its web version, and it’s also true that all the different options regarding your Insta activities i.e. uploading, editing, and deleting a photo, etc., are only available on the mobile app.

So, does it mean that you cannot access all that on a PC or laptop? What if your phone is out of repair but you instantly want to, say, delete a post, etc., from your laptop?

Don’t worry you can do it! Yes, you can easily delete an Instagram photo on a laptop or PC as well. Here are all the “how-to” methods and a detailed guide for you.

How to Delete Instagram Photos on Laptop or PC – Proven Methods

Well, almost every Insta user mostly uses the Insta mobile app, for only it assures a flawless user experience. But if you are, due to any reason, put before a situation where you have to use your laptop or PC to delete a previously made post, etc., here are all, sort of, guaranteed ways you can consider to delete an Instagram photo (post) on a laptop or computer.

  1. Using your browser’s developer tools
  2. By using an android emulator software on your system

Let’s now check out in detail how each method works.

How to Delete Instagram Photos

#1. Using Your Web Browser’s Developer Tools

Needless to say, this is one of the easiest and quickest methods that you can go for in such a scenario. Well, you might be thinking about what is this “Developer tools” thing, and where to find if your browser has this “Developer tools suite” or not, right? So, here`s the answer.

Note that, these “Dev tools” are free and comes built-in in almost all the major browsers i.e. Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc.

To find them:

  • Open your web browser and click on the (three dots) icon, the menu icon you can say it, located on the top rightmost corner of your screen.
  • Anyways, in the menu, seek out “More tools” and hover your cursor on it.
  • You will see a new submenu appearing with different settings etc. Look for the “Developer tools” over there. You would probably find it in the utmost bottom, therein.

So, if you found it, which I am sure you must, you are all set to use this first method.

Here’s how it goes step-by-step.

  1. Again, say you have the chrome browser on your laptop, so launch the browser first.
  2. Then, go to the Instagram website, enter all the credentials and log into your Insta account. Go to the “Profile” by clicking on the profile icon (top right corner of the screen).
  3. Now, either go to the browser’s “Developer tools” via the previously discussed method i.e. menu icon > More tools > Developer tools, and click on it. Or right-click anywhere on the screen’s empty area and from the appearing menu, click on “Inspect”.
  4. Either way, you go, you’ll land on the same screen i.e. the “Developer Console”.
  5. In there, either simultaneously press these (Ctrl + Shift + M) keys from your laptop keyboard, or click on the “Toggle device toolbar” icon, located immediately left to the “Elements” tab in the upper menu bar.
  6. You’ll see the “Page” i.e. your Insta profile page, here, shrinking down to a mobile-like view. So, just minimize the developer console, for now.
  7. In the upper menu on your screen, click on the “Responsive” tab and then select any mobile device from the drop-down. For example, any iPhone brand or Galaxy device, etc.
  8. Set the scaling to 100% (suggested), or whatsoever looks fine to you, and instantly refresh this entire page without any further changes.
  9. You`ll see a full-fledged mobile-like view on your computer screen now.
  10. Get straight away to your “Feed”, open any “Image” that you want to delete. Click on the options icon (the three dots) on the image, and you’ll see there the “Delete” option now.
  11. Click it, confirm your action, and you are done.

#2. Using an Android Emulator Software on Your Laptop

Here’s my second method to understand how to delete Instagram photos on laptop. Well, there is plenty of Android emulator software available on the internet, which you can use to imitate your phone’s Android OS features, as it is, into your laptop or PC. Hence, you would be able to install all the “Android” apps on your system and use them exactly as you do on your phone.

Well, although there are lots of such software, the one we’ll be discussing here is the “Bluestacks”. So, let’s find out how to use the Blustacks android emulator to delete Instagram images on a computer.

Check out this step-by-step guide.

  1. Go to the “Bluestacks” website and install the software on your system.
  2. You’ll now have to download the Instagram app using the emulator.

Well, there is no Google Play store in an AVD emulator, so you’d have to either download the Google play store and then go headway, but I dont suggest this method, for it’s so intricate. So, go for an APK file download, and just install it using the emulator. This is the simplest way out.

  1. Hence, go for Instagram’s APK file download.
  2. When downloaded, open the Bluestacks program on your system and look for the “Installed apps” button on the top left side.
  3. Click on the three dots located beside this button and then click on “Install APK”.
  4. You’ll be prompted to search for the recently downloaded “Insta’s APK file” location in your system.
  5. Find it out, double click on it to initiate the “Install” process. When it’s installed, you’ll see the Instagram (icon) in the Bluestacks’ home.
  6. Now, just open the app and log into your account. Since you’ve used the emulator, your computer is now your mobile, so everything you do on your phone is now doable here as well.
  7. So, go to your profile section > your feed > select the photo that you want to delete. Click on its options icon and you’ll see the “Delete” option now.

Hence done. You are now all set to delete the Instagram photo from your laptop as well.

Other Solution for Windows 10 Users

If you are a Windows 10 user, you can consider this method as well to delete the Instagram photos on your Windows 10 laptop i.e.

  • Download the Instagram app from the Microsoft store i.e. Get to the start button > search “Microsoft store” > In there, search for and “Get” Instagram > and install it.
  • You’ll get a really optimized and rich experience using the “Instagram app for Windows 10”, and you will perhaps find all the features that the Insta mobile app provides you.
  • Probably you will find the “delete photo” option too, still, I am not much sure because I haven’t tried it myself.

Anyways, I would still suggest, go for the 1st method first, because that’s so much an easy and guaranteed fix, if not, go for the 2nd method then. If none of them works, which I am sure must work, better try this method as well, for who knows which method works out for you.

How to Delete Instagram Photos on PC

Things You Need to Know

Few other things that you need to know and that I must clarify to you includes.

  • While you are going for your Insta account purging, keep in mind that you’d have to delete all the photos, etc. one by one. Yes, you just can not delete multiple photos all at once since Instagram doesn’t allow this.
  • There were a few apps on the play store, able to do this, but they’ve now been deleted from the platform since Instagram has blocked this feature. So, if you see an app claiming to do this for you, better stay away from such scams.
  • If you are an iOS user, you can try “InstaClean-Cleaner for IG” on your iPhone devices for an all-around complete purging. Its free version is quite limited whereas the paid version provides many handy options.
  • If you don’t know this, let me tell you that, Instagram’s algorithm doesn’t like if you frequently go for post deletions, etc., so better try “Archiving your post” i.e. remove that post temporarily from your feed and you can recover it back later, whenever you want.
  • When you delete a post from your account, it’s still available for 30 days in your account’s “recently deleted” folder, so that you can undo your move. But no undone available after 30 days lapsed.
  • You can assign a unique hashtag to all your photos and videos etc. that you want to delete, so that can be easily discerned from the ones you want to keep. Hence, later when you go for “deletes”, you’d just enter that unique hashtag and all the images or videos with that hashtag will appear to you, so just delete them now.
  • You can also delete yourself from a photo that you are tagged in. Simply go to that post, click anywhere on the empty screen, find your username in the tags appearing on the photo, and click “Remove me from the photo”. Confirm it, and you’re done.

How do you delete posts on Instagram on a laptop?

Open your Instagram account in your browser, such as Google Chrome, and go to developer tools and toggle “Device Toolbar”. You will then see a new toolbar where you can click on “Responsive” and choose any device you wish to use as a phone. Refresh your page and you will be able to delete your Instagram photos on your laptop.

Can I hide all my photos on Instagram?

Archiving posts will let you hide your photos without actually deleting them from your account. It will be completely invisible to other accounts viewing your profile.

Final Words

So, I hope you have learned all the tactics regarding how to delete Instagram photos on laptop, right?

I’ve framed up this article just because I myself have experienced this tight corner when my phone was out of repairs and I wanted to revamp all my social media accounts. I didn’t know how to delete the Insta material on a laptop. Well, I gadded in tabs, did a lot of research, and was finally did it.

But for you, I’ve put down all my efforts here so that you can easily find the fix in any such situation. So, go back, read the article, and acknowledge my efforts.