How To Enable Function Keys On Toshiba Laptop? Step by Step Guide 2022

A laptop is a marvelous piece of device which has more to offer than it meets the eye. At first glance, you would say it is an undertone version of a desktop, much inferior in terms of performance.

But hey, although you might be partially correct but look at the bright side, you are getting the power of desktop-level hardware right in your hands without having to be glued to one spot.

It is compact and nifty and wouldn’t cost you as much as a full-fledged desktop, but then the question arises are they prone to errors and malfunctions? 

Well yes, they are quite fragile and sometimes some issues might arise like the function button might not work on the keyboard or abnormal colors keep on appearing on the display.

Well if by any chance your keyboard functions don’t work and have been turned off due to some sort of software malfunction, then this article will show you how to enable function keys on Toshiba laptop.

So no matter which model of Toshiba laptop you might own, be assured all of them have the same criteria of enabling these function keys, so sit tight and read this guide on how to do it yourself.

Here are preliminaries before we proceed if you don’t have any ideas what function keys are!

Function Keys? What Are They?

Well, in simple terms, these are specialized sets of keys ranging from F1 to F12 which are programmed to give quick access to different sets of commands to the users.

These programming commands are integrated into the corresponding operating system you might be using and varies from system to system.

Henceforth, such commands range from increasing the brightness of your screen, turning your soundbar, and enabling and disabling the touchpad module of your laptop.

Although these keys are also present on the desktop variant keyboards, they are only to be pressed independently in order to work, however, for laptops they need to be pressed with their respective special key known as “FN”

This FN or Function key acts as a catalyst for the keys ranging from F1 to F12 and is usually present at the lower end of the keyboard of a laptop.

How To Enable Function Keys On Toshiba Laptop

Here is how you can successfully enable these keys to work so you can access shortcuts without going long routes just to increase your display brightness etc.

Although these steps mentioned here may or may not be different due to the version or variant of windows you might be using, so read carefully to avoid any sort of discrepancies.

  1. On the bottom left, click on the start button of your Windows taskbar.
  2. Now click on the control panel which will take you to the utility option of your laptop.
  3. Now proceed to the accessibility option which will have the whole host options available to you.
  4. Look for Function or FN labeled options and check the box to enable the Function key option.
  5. Now click on the apply option for this configuration to take effect over your keyboard function keys.
  6. You can now test these applied options onto your keyboard by pressing the “FN” and other corresponding keys ranging from F1-F12.
  7. Voila! Enjoy having the delights of shortcuts, enhancing your laptop experience twofold.

Note: Depending on the model you might be using, your laptop keyboard may have labeling or imprinting done on it by the manufacturer in order to hint at the function behind each and every function key, if not, kindly consult the manual that has come with the package of your laptop.

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My Functions Are Still Aren’t Working, Help!

Well, if your function keys aren’t working you can try to use these function keys during safe mode or bios mode by restarting your laptop and pressing F2 or F10 when the Toshiba logo shows up.

Furthermore, it is also necessary for you to install the essential software updates such as I/O device drivers in order for your operating system to be completely compatible with your keyboard and be free from any sort of malfunction.

If your laptop still wouldn’t recognize your keypress, it might be an issue with your operating system version or your laptop keyboard and you might want to head over to the IT store for a technical repair and hope the warranty period isn’t expired.

How do I enable functional keys on my laptop?

Function keys can be enabled by holding down the FN button and pressing the corresponding keys from F1 to F12.

Why is my F1 key not working?

Sometimes keyboard malfunctions due to improper handling or liquid spillage which causes some keys not to work correctly. However, if that isn’t the case, then check if F-lock is enabled or not which basically blocks the Function keys to work as they are supposed to.

Where is Fn Lock key?

Some keyboards don’t really have an Fn lock key, while some high-end laptops tend to have an Fn lock located below the “Escape” key.

Final Word

Keeping things simple, straightforward, and free from confusion is my topmost priority because I love to cater to all my audience no matter the level of technical knowledge they possess.

That being said, after reading this article thoroughly, I hope you now have the knowledge on how to enable function keys on Toshiba laptop with ease.

See you in the comment section below.