How to Factory Reset ASUS Laptop Without Password? [The Ultimate Guide]

It can be argued though but if you want to factory reset your ASUS laptop without the password, you’ve got more or less three methods to do that.

  1. Those using Windows 10, 8.1, or 8 can easily access the “Reset this PC” menu right from the power icon on their startup/login screen (most particularly on Windows 10).
  2. The second method involves using the recovery partition trick to perform a hard reset on your ASUS laptop you’ve been locked out of.
  3. And finally, using a Windows Setup or Repair disk is also one of the most promising methods you can try to factory reset your laptop without any password.

But before I move on to comprehensively discuss all this stuff on how to factory reset ASUS laptop without password, are you sure enough to do the hard reset and lose all your data? Or just trying it because you’ve lost your password and you don’t know how to get into the device now?

If it’s the latter case, all you need to do is crack/reset the password instead of doing a complete system restore. Well, don’t worry as I’ll discuss this thing too, but later on.

How to Factory Reset ASUS Laptop Without Password?

One thing I’d like you to know before taking you down to the crux is that the 1st and 3rd of the methods given above have already been discussed in one of my previous articles. So here in this post, I’ll briefly put them down just to make sure you can get the idea.

That said, for a detailed understanding of these two methods plus of “how to factory reset ASUS laptop Windows 7 without password” step-by-step, you may be better off checking out this (how to factory reset Lenovo laptop without password) blog post.

#1. Factory Resetting ASUS Laptop On Startup

Regarding how to factory reset ASUS laptop Windows 8/10 without password (on startup), here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Press and hold the Shift key and tap the power button icon on your login (locked) screen and select Restart from the dropdown. Make sure the Shift button is pressed during this whole time.
  2. Select Troubleshoot on the next screen and then Reset this PC.
  3. Choose one from the two options (on the Reset this PC screen): Keep my files or Remove everything.
  4. When the system reboots, again select one from these two: Just remove my files or Fully clean the drive. Go with the option you deem most appropriate at that moment.
  5. Click Reset, wait for the process to complete, and tap Finish to let your laptop boot up again.

Once you’re done with the method all along till the end, you’ll be able to enter your brand new ASUS laptop without any password.

#2. Factory Reset ASUS Laptop Without Password Via Windows Recovery Environment – Using Recovery Partition [Applicable on Windows 10/8/7]

When a Windows OS is installed on a hard drive, be it Windows 10, 8, or 7, (and if it’s a GPT disk) Windows create a small partition on the hard drive that helps you restore your OS or troubleshoot other issues (if/when needed).

So you can use this method as well to perform a hard reset on your laptop without any password. But be informed that it will obviously wash out all the system data. Anyways, here’s how to do this:

  1. Turn your laptop ON and rapidly + repeatedly press F9 (maybe F8 in rare cases) as soon as the system boots up and you see the ASUS logo showing up.
  2. On the next screen, click Windows Boot Manager and afterward select your preferred language. Then click Next.
  3. The upcoming interface will read as ASUS Preload Wizard. Choose one option you think is the most suitable from: Recover Windows to first partition only, Recover Windows to entire HD, Recover Windows to entire HD with two partitions over there. And tap Next.
  4. The factory reset process will begin. Wait for it to complete.
  5. Finally, tap Finish to let your system reboot as normal.

Know That: The first option on ASUS Preload Wizard i.e. “Reset Windows to first partition only” means completely restoring the C: partition only and not touching the other drives on your system. While the other two options will rinse everything off the device.

#3. Factory Reset ASUS Laptop Using Windows Setup/Repair Disk

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This method is specifically an alt remedy for Windows 10 and 8 users trying the system reset on startup. If they are still being asked to first enter their system login pin to get to the system reset menu, using a repair/setup disk can bypass that “password required” condition as well.

  • Plug your setup/repair disk into your laptop/PC and let the latter boot from the device.

If the laptop is unable to automatically boot from the device, you may need to force and manually make it boot from the disk.

For that, reboot your laptop and immediately press the appropriate key (usually F8, rarely F9) to access Windows Boot Manager and select the repair device from there. Or press the F2 (in some cases, the Delete key) key during the booting stage to access the BIOS. Then change the booting to be done from some external device over there.

  • Anyhow, choose the external (repair/setup) device you’ve connected, from the boot manager and press Enter.
  • When the Windows setup (installation) interface shows up, select your preferred language and tap the Next button placed there.
  • After that, select Repair your computer.
  • And you’ll finally make it to the Reset this PC screen.

So now, do exactly what we have done in the 1st method i.e. select Troubleshoot next > Reset this PC > and all along to the end.

My Verdict – The Ideal Approach is to Reset/Remove the Password First!

Though the three methods discussed above are some sure-fire tricks you can bring your ASUS laptop back to the factory default state, you still need to be a bit considerate and check out if there is any other way to regain control of your machine.

And that said, I’d suggest you first try out resetting your forgotten login pin. You can then carefully back up your data and perform the system reset if it’s intensely needed. And there are further three methods you can fix the forgotten password scenario:

#1. Recover Your Microsoft Account’s Password

If you’ve used a Microsoft account to log into your laptop, you can try resetting your Microsoft account password online (provided that the laptop is connected to the internet). Check out this (how to unlock Dell Inspiron laptop without password) to learn how it’s done.

#2. Use Second Administrator Account

If you have a second administrator account on your laptop with no password on it, you can use it as well to log in and reset the password of your locked user account. But if you don’t have one (or have one but you don’t remember its password as well), you can create a new administrator account even without having to log in to the device.

  1. Just like we did in Method #3 above, take your Windows installation/setup disk and plug it into your laptop.
  2. Let your laptop boot from it and repeat Step 3 of the previous method.
  3. After you get to the Choose an option screen, select Troubleshoot, and then select Advanced Options.
  4. Select Command Prompt from the next screen. After that, replace osk.exe with cmd.exe everywhere in the main drive (usually C:) where the OS is installed.
  5. Close the command prompt and restart your laptop.
  6. Now, activate your administrator account when you’re back on the login screen by turning ON the on-screen keyboard using the Ease of Access icon. For activation, enter this prompt: net user administrator /active:yes (next to C:\Windows\system32>).
  7. Close the command prompt again and restart the laptop. There will be a new Administrator account on your login screen. Click on it and you’ll get into the device without any password now.

After you’ve got in, remember to change “cmd.exe” back to “osk.exe”. If you’re still confused, you can search “how to enable administrator account without logging inon YouTube to understand things more comprehensively.

#3. Crack/Reset/Remove the Password Using a Windows Password Recovery Tool

Or finally, you can call upon a third-party password reset and recovery software to counter the forgotten password issue. Some authentic apps you can use in this regard include PassFab 4WinKey, iSunshare’s Windows Password Genius, etc.

You can refer to this (how to unlock Dell Inspiron laptop without password) or this (how to factory reset Lenovo laptop without password) as well, to learn how to do up with a forgotten password using a Windows password recovery app.

How do I factory reset my laptop without a password?

Once you restart your laptop while holding the shift button, you will be presented with a troubleshooting menu where you can click on “Reset this PC”, which will erase all your files.

Bottom Line

So let’s bring it to an end now with a simple one-line note: if you’ve lost your laptop password or you’ve got a second-hand laptop with the previous user’s login pin still enabled on it, worry not.

You can easily reset it to the factory default state even without any password. Or simply restore the forgotten password, get into the device, and then perform a full system reset if needed.

Scroll up to learn how to factory reset ASUS laptop without password as well as how to restore a forgotten password. I’ve listed three methods each for both these “how-to(s)” in the article above.