How to Factory Reset MSI Laptop? [Guide by MSI Freaks]

MSI is majorly a gamers’ brand and we all know that gamers never have so much serenity to wait for and go through tons of steps to pull off a job. So to incessantly meet the breakneck pace of a gaming guy, even the ever-strenuous factory reset process is also pretty quick and a breeze to be performed on an MSI laptop.

All you need to do to factory reset your MSI laptop is simply reboot your laptop and press the F3 button on your keyboard as soon as the brand logo appears on the screen. By doing so, you’ll right away land at the Restore/Advanced Options Interface, and that’s where you’d be doing the factory reset from.

Well, don’t hurry or worry as I’m gonna show you the complete process step-by-step here below.

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How to Factory Reset MSI Laptop?

Before we move down to the comprehensive MSI factory reset process, let me tell you that because we’re gonna do up formatting the disk (via system partition recovery), you’d be better off backing up your important data first before starting the restore.

Anyways, as MSI laptops come with preloaded recovery partitions on their system disks, all you need to perform the factory reset is just access this facility. Follow the steps given below to learn how’s that done.

  1. Make sure to connect your laptop to AC before starting the process so that issues like battery drain, etc. don’t mess up things midway later on.
  2. Power ON the laptop or restart if it’s already ON.
  3. As soon as it starts booting up and the MSI logo shows up on the display, press F3 on your keyboard to enter the System Restore Interface.
  4. From the Choose an option screen, select Troubleshoot.
  5. In the next (i.e. Troubleshoot) interface, select Restore MSI factory settings.
  6. After that, select System Partition Recovery on the “MSI Recovery System” interface. When asked that all the settings and data will be erased, tap Yes to confirm and proceed.
  7. If asked again “whether you are sure to do it?”, click Yes once more.
  8. The laptop will initiate the restore process now and display the elapsed time on the screen. Here again, make sure the laptop is plugged in, for it may take you long.
  9. Sit tight for a while, and as soon as the process concludes, tap Ok to proceed and restart the system.
  10. Finally, when you’re again on the Choose an option screen, tap Continue to exit the MSI recovery environment and restart the device.

Now just wait for the laptop to reboot, select your language and region, put down other things like username and password, etc., and boom, it’s done and dusted.

You now have a brand new MSI laptop with all the factory default settings and a freshly optimized overall performance. So go ahead and check out all the available Windows and other minor updates to fire things away with all the zest again.

How long does it take to factory reset an MSI laptop?

MSI Laptops usually take around 20-30 minutes in order to completely wipe away their files, if you follow the steps carefully.

Is there a factory reset button on a laptop?

Boot up your laptop and either Press F10 or F2(depending on the variant of laptop you own) and proceed to the recovery console which will bring about options like System wipe etc. Make sure you have already backed up your data so that you don’t lose it.


MSI has besides all the other things made that otherwise-taxing laptop’s factory reset task also extremely easy on its laptops. And that’s pretty understandable seeing such a giant every-headfirst gaming commune of the brand.

While it’s no more than a few simplest steps to access and begin the factory reset on an MSI laptop, I feel it also takes a bit less than the usual amount of time for the process to complete here.

Well, ending it with a final note that although factory restore is the best way to troubleshoot a lot of device glitches, you still need to think twice about your data before you just begin. Do review your data multiple times and make sure the critical things are backed up for once the process starts, there’s no bounce back.

Anyways, scroll up if you are looking for how to factory reset MSI laptop. I’ve answered the query in very much detail above but if you still have any confusion or related queries, feel free to catch up below.