How To Fix A Cracked Laptop Case? Top 5 Ways

Living in a world where everything is fragile, nothing is invincible to sudden blows whether it’s intentional or unintentional ranging from a broken heart to a trusty companion known as your laptop, with the passage of time every known part will eventually break down after a decent amount of toll has been taken.

Although I haven’t specialized in the medical field, I cannot help you much if your cardiac muscle has been affected by emotional or physical stress but my main expertise revolves around computers and laptops.

So if by any chance you did have an aggressive fit and broke your laptop, let me assure you that in this article I will briefly sort you out on how to fix a cracked laptop case.

Although I wholeheartedly admit to the fact that nothing comes close to fixing a laptop through professional repair at a shop that has been your manufacturer or vendor, I will try my best to list a few DIY tips and tricks to patch up your work companion which will be up in running, if not as a brand new, but close to one after following the mentioned steps below.

Keep in mind there are plenty of risks involved as without proper knowledge and hastiness you might end up ruining everything and doing more harm than good but fret not that’s where my guide comes into play as I assure you that nothing possibly could go wrong, as per best-case scenario.

Things You Would Possibly Need

  • Steady hands(obviously)
  • A considerable amount of patience
  • DIY materials mentioned in each solution
  • Ample amount of light source

Here Is How To Fix A Cracked Laptop Case

If by any chance you might have messed up your laptop case, the first and foremost thing you can do is perform a damage control procedure by keeping the cracks constrained to a specific area as carefully as possible. Following are the methods that how to fix a broken laptop case.

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1. Through Magic Bond

  1. Clean the area as much as possible to get rid of any dust and debris that might bother you and obstruct your way while fixing the problem.
  2. After everything is cleaned up and has become tidy, use a light source, possibly a headlamp to give you a better view to identify the origin of the crack in your laptop case.
  3. Use any magic bond or epoxy glue to carefully cover the upper regions of the crack as liberally as possible.
  4. Be very gentle and wear a mask so that you don’t inhale any harmful chemicals during the process.
  5. Make sure none of the chemicals seep into the internal hardware as it might get stuck to your LCD screen, causing unintentional damage to your screen.
  6. If by any chance the epoxy glue does go to unintentional areas, use an alcohol rub to clean the region.
  7. Make sure you keep your laptop in a well-ventilated spot and at room temperature so that it can successfully cure chemical bonding, applying pressure on the cracked is not necessary.

2. Through The Soldering Method

Well it is obvious that most laptop chassis is made of steel most of the time and many of them do have a premium level aluminum casing which can be fixed through the soldering method given below

  1. Take a soldering gun and heat it for a couple of minutes before performing the procedure.
  2. Carefully clean any area of dust and use the tip of soldering iron to melt any spot and fix the cracked areas as gently as possible.
  3. Since soldering iron is immensely heat, it is best to lightly brush the tip and don’t apply pressure or else you might damage the insides of your laptop.
  4. Let the cracks cool down for a couple of minutes and if the pattern seems ugly, you can redo the process of molding the fixed regions by reapplying the soldering gun.

3. Through Vinyl Decal Stickers

This method might cost you a pretty penny but be assured it is the least technical and easy method to bypass the ugly cracks that might make your laptop look horrendous at a display. Moreover, this method can also hold the cracks in their place and prevent further spreading.

  1. First of all, purchase a couple of Vinyl decal stickers of your choice that matches your style.
  2. Use these decal stickers to cover the pesky cracks to bandage the problem and make sure you cover the whole region.
  3. Use a heating gun or a blower to make sure that the stickers don’t fall off if you have a glossy or non-stick laptop casing.
  4. You can also decorate the whole casing of the stickers so that it wouldn’t look awkward with a single piece of sticker that might look out of position.

  4. Through Rubber Casing

This method is more like an alternative to the Vinyl decal sticker method above, however, you don’t get to have the liberty to further customize your laptop casing with plenty of stickers.

  1. Check the dimension specifications of your laptop model from the manufacturer’s website.
  2. Keeping the size in mind, purchase any rubber casing of your choice and apply the rubber casing to your laptop.
  3. Make sure you are very mindful of applying the casing and don’t bend or stretch the region where it is cracked.
  4. After this casing has been applied, pat yourself on the back because this method will keep your laptop in place and further prevent it from physical shocks that might further damage your laptop.

5. Investing In A Brand New Casing (Or A Used One)

If none of these methods tickle your interest because the damage on your laptop has rendered it beyond recognition, it is best advised to invest in the casing from numerous websites such as eBay or Amazon.

  1. Carefully remove the old casing and clean all the surfaces so that you can apply a new one onto it.
  2. Purchase the substituting casing and carefully screw the newly bought casing onto its required place.
  3. You can also take your laptop to a repair shop and let the shopkeeper do this method himself so that you can be assured that your laptop is safe and fixed under professional supervision.

Can you fix a cracked laptop?

Yes, it is quite possible to fix a physically damaged laptop. However, some parts can only be fixed by replacing them such as display panels.

Is my laptop worth fixing?

You may want to consider fixing your old laptop if you are on a budget and cannot afford to purchase a brand new one. You may also be able to prolong its life by a couple of years.

How long should a laptop last for?

Taking proper care of a laptop can easily extend its lifespan to around five years until it shows signs of performance slowdowns and other hardware problems.

Final Take

Well, that’s all you need to know in order to combat the problem you have at hand and I hope that this article has been immensely beneficial to you on how to fix a cracked laptop case. Be advised that any of the solutions mentioned above might or might not be viable to your situation and it is best to use your own judgment to assess the problem and apply the method that seems feasible to you.

However, if none of these are favorable for your condition, you can almost always take your laptop to the repair shop and let the repairman do the deed himself.