How to Fix a Key that Fell Off a Laptop Keyboard? (Fixed: Top 4 Ways)

The Keyboard, no matter what novel technological advancement you talk about, is still the primary and most central peripheral to the human-computer interaction. The finer the keyboard, the better your interaction with the machine.

Seeing this, to ensure an ultimate interaction where one can not even afford a wobbly performance i.e. a keyboard with some trembling keys, the situation gets even worse when, haplessly, a key fell off your keyboard!

Yes, it’s the most disgusting thing ever and, if in such a scenario, you know how to fix a key that fell off a laptop keyboard, it’s not any less than a big feat at the moment.

Anyways, if you don’t know how to do it, learn now! Here is one complete and a step-by-step guide for you. But first…

Note that

This article is just a guide regarding fixing back a loose or fallen laptop’s keyboard key. I’ll show you everything ranging from the key’s dissection, to what bizarre (button fell off) scenarios you can encounter, and ultimately to how can you fix it back (if it is not broken).

If in case this guide can’t thoroughly benefit you, perhaps due to your laptop’s different model, dissimilar keyboard and key structure, etc., you’ll still be able to do the job. Because I am sure you’ll learn all the basic tactics here.

How to Fix a Laptop key that fill off

So, let’s kick it off now.

Dissection of A Laptop Keyboard Key

A laptop’s key is a set of these three things i.e.

  1. Keycap i.e. the key itself, the upper casing that you press.
  2. The key pad i.e. on which the cap sits.
  3. The key retainer i.e. an another (plastic) component therein.

Well, let’s now check out where can the issue take place and how to deal with it.

How to Fix a Key that has Fell Off the Laptop Keyboard

1. If Only the Keycap is Loose or Fell Off

Well, if the keycap is merely loose or detached from just one side, you only need to press it down from that point. Press it a bit hard yet delicate, and you’ll ultimately hear the snap i.e. the patching up. I hope the key is back at work now.

On the other hand, if the Keycap has fallen off and everything else is finely placed, you should better turn the keycap upside down and look for any damage to its latching points. Yes, turn it over and look into it.

You’ll see a small plastic lock i.e. the point where it latches back to the keyboard, and a few other joining points too. If they are ok, look into the keyboard and ascertain if the points (the hooks) where, the keycap fits are fine and not damaged, as well.

Is everything fine? So again, just put the keycap back, make sure that the locking points get finely placed with the keyboard hooks. Press it gently and you’ll hear the patch-up snap, which means you`re done with it.

2. If the Key Retainer is also Detached

If it’s not only the keycap but the key retainer as well that has been detached from the keyboard, try these steps.

I would say, first try detaching any other key by yourself, but very slowly and gently so that only the keycap comes out and other things stay in place. Thoroughly check it out and notice the key retainer’s placement pattern, how it’s connected to the keyboard, and everything else.

Well, a retainer is a combination of two pieces joined via hooks, etc., so if you get them disconnected, you can easily connect them back to one another.

  1. Get back to the (problematic) detached key, assemble its retainer the same way as is the other i.e. the finely working one.
  2. If you are fearing doing this, leave this suggestion. Simply check out the orientation of the retainer’s connecting hooks at the keyboard, you’ll straight away know how to click the retainer exactly back into them.
  3. You’ll see that the key retainer is connected to the keyboard at four different points. Hence, line up the retainer to the keyboard base, place it correctly and connect it through all four points.
  4. If you are facing any issue, oust out the keypad that’s on the rubber nub, and you’ll find a good space to fit the retainer. Put it back there once the retainer is exactly fitted.

Done? So, put the keycap back in its place, line up the latching points, and press it down. Try clicking it several times and notice that fine bounce in it. It’s fine and working now and congrats, for you have repaired it.

How to fix a broken laptop key

3. If the Rubber Nub Beneath the Key Pad is Damaged

Well, I hope this doesn’t happen to you, but if in case that silicon nub is damaged too, nothing will work out for you, because that nub is the pith of this overall mechanism i.e. it actually transfers the command to the circuit board when you press a key.

So, you can try:

  1. Remove a key that you think is useless for you or that you can live without. Remove the keycap first, the retainer and key pad then, and finally the silicon nub from therein.
  2. That nub is connected to the keyboard base via “Glue”. So, slowly and very carefully separate it using a sharp-edged knife, etc.
  3. When done, apply a powerful glue to its (the nub’s) base and place it on the exact center point (of the key that you want to repair).
  4. When glued, put back the retainer and then the keycap exactly following all the abovementioned steps. Your required key is repaired now.

But it’s certain, that this way you’ll lose another key i.e. the one you think you don’t use much. Just be careful while removing the silicon nub from there because if it too got damaged, you’ll be left with two damaged keys instead of just one, previously.

4. If the Keycap or Retainer Are Lost or Damaged

If the base of your keycap i.e. its latching point is broken, or if the retainer is broken from some point, or if, in the worst scenario, you’ve lost any one of these both, you’d probably need to order new ones now.

Well, it’s easy to find new components. You’d have to search as per your laptop brand and model, and you’ll easily get them from the market.

How to Fix the Spacebar Key that has Fell Off the Keyboard

Although every key works on the same pattern, the spacebar, since it’s way bigger than other keys, shows a bit different contexture and hence requires a few additional, a few different steps in order to be fixed back at the place.

Here’s how to fix a spacebar key.

  1. If your spacebar key is fell off the keyboard, first turn it over and look for a long metal (mostly) retainer bar attached beneath your spacebar key.
  2. Detach it from the key using a screwdriver or whatever else you think can work for you.
  3. Once removed, put this long bar on the keyboard base, stay observant regarding its orientation and place it well in the hooks therein.
  4. Done? Simply put the spacebar key back in its place, follow the same steps i.e. line up the latching points, etc., and gently press it down.
  5. You’ll notice the patch-up and it’s done.

Well, if you do all that exactly as described and the repaired key still isn’t working, the problem can possibly be somewhere in the circuit board, etc. So, better reach out to the mechanic then, because anything that you do further can make things even worse.

How do you reattach a key on a laptop keyboard?

Ensure your keyboard key is firmly in place by aligning it and pressing it on the designated key location until you hear a “click” sound to reattach it.

How much is it to replace a key on a laptop?

A replacement keyboard for your laptop can range anywhere between 10 and 30 dollars if you have an older model. On the other hand, if you own a MacBook, the price can soar to 50-100 dollars.

Final Words

As mentioned earlier, that a keyboard is central to a classic interaction between you and your computer, hence any issue here, no you can not just afford it.

Yes, ranging from a trembling key, then the key fell off, to the worse situation where the circuit board starts malfunctioning, you can not afford any issue.

Well, if the circuit board malfunctions, you must consult a mechanic then because that’s an issue you can not do something with, but if it’s only a key that fells off, you can easily fix the issue.

How? Missed the article? Just go back and read it. You’ll find a detailed answer to your “how to fix a key that fell off a laptop keyboard“, query here above.

Hope this write-up helps you! Happy learning!