How To Fix Rainbow Screen On Laptop or Monitor – Latest 2022 Guide

Electronic devices such as laptops are carefully designed to provide service to their owner, however, they are made up of components that are fragile and often require great care. 

It is no surprise that oftentimes you might end up unintentionally damaging any components which may result in your laptop giving up on you.

While it may sound complex, it is also susceptible to a whole host of errors such as rainbow screens, so if your laptop screen has malfunctioned, then consider yourself a tad bit lucky that you have found the right place on how to fix rainbow screen on laptop due to fragile components malfunctioning.

Speaking of fragile components, a laptop screen is no different and works on the logic of light-emitting diodes or liquid crystal technology which combines different polarizing filters to combine colors to produce an output.

And oftentimes the hardware involved to perform this task can get damaged due to a wide array of reasons. Let’s dive in and take a diagnostic gander at what would be the culprit behind such nuisance and how to get rid of it.

Top 4 Reasons for Rainbow Screen (Vertical Lines on Laptop Screen) 

Now let’s discuss the main reasons for the rainbow screen on the laptop.

1. Heat

As much as I hate to admit it, heat is the topmost culprit behind damage or fried parts, often times work over your laptop for a longer duration of time things tend to get heated up which cause sensitive components like light-emitting diodes or polarizing filter depending on the type screen you have, boil up and lose its efficiency. 

This results in either partial or complete capability to perform its tasks that it is supposed to result in weird rainbow-colored lines that are either horizontal or vertical to suddenly appear on the screen out of the blue.

Although they might not be as subtle, they often have the tendency to spread all over the screen and block the view rendering your display completely useless to use.

2. Unstable Or Buggy Display Software

In the best-case scenario, oftentimes, it’s not your hardware acting up and rather it’s a malfunction revolving around display software that has just gotten updated. Beta updates or unstable buggy software which are not thoroughly tested simply end up misfiring and cause a glitch or impairment in the display drivers.

As a byproduct, these glitches appear as rainbow lines which wouldn’t be appearing otherwise on software that has been stable and compatible with the model of laptop you are using. 

3. Wonky Cables

Who would have thought all these traveling and mishandling of your electronic devices might one day be the malefactor behind sensitive and tiny cables being struck out of their intended places. Well as far as pondering goes, a laptop or any electronic device is clustered with circuitry or cables that conduct packets of electrons and oftentimes these cables get damaged.

Henceforth resulting in a commotion of rainbow flickers that might induce baffling results as an output on your display interface, nonetheless a nuisance, of course.

4. Tampered Display Settings

Well, oftentimes unmonitored laptops tend to be disturbed by individuals that don’t have ample knowledge at the hand of what they are doing or it might be your toddler at home that has messed up by aggressive tapping over the keyboard resulting in the display settings going haywire.

By default, windows have plenty of features to cater for disabled personnel such as color blind or partially blind who have a hard time viewing the screen in colors that might look normal to us, these settings when enabled causes the screen to display weird rainbow colors 

How To Fix Rainbow Screen On Laptop

If you are facing laptop screen weird colors and lines, don’t worry. Here are some well-known fixes that might counter the problems you might be facing.

Solution #1

Well if you are facing the problem of display malfunction after a bad or beta display update, it is best to uninstall by going completely getting rid of the display driver through either “device manager” utility for installing third-party software like “IOBIT” which will eventually get rid of your problem so you can clean install an older and much stable version of the display driver.

Moreover, if that is too complex for you, you can simply boot up in safe mode where a third party or additional software is disabled and check if your problems still persist.

Solution #2

If the above solution is deemed worthless, you can then head over to your monitor display in windows settings and check for any unusual settings that have been enabled which you wouldn’t have turned on otherwise.

If you can’t seem to find any, you can simply click on factory reset settings or hit a restore point available in windows settings which will reset your settings, but be advised you might also lose other settings which might need tweaking again, so consider this option as a last resort.

Solution #3

Still facing the rainbow screen of death? Here’s another ultimate solution. If none of these solutions are helpful, it looks like you are in a bad spot, and in simple terms, your display or graphic adapter might have been damaged or maybe a display ribbon has been struck loose. 

If you have ample knowledge or don’t have the money to go through a replacement process, you can open your laptop and tighten up any loose end ribbons and cables and boot up your laptop and diagnose the malfunction.

Moreover, you can also connect your laptop to an external screen or projector to check if the problem lies in your display or your graphics card that displays the rainbow colors onto your screen.

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How do I fix the rainbow screen on my monitor?

Degaussing the monitor can solve the Rainbow screen problems, if that doesn’t help, check if your monitor is getting an ample amount of power source without any malfunction.

How do you reduce the rainbow effect?

Changing to Eco mode can reduce the Rainbow effect as the voltage source is usually the main culprit behind improper color output on the screen.

What causes laptop screen damage?

The screen of your laptop can be damaged by improper handling, shocks, physical damage, or even loose cables if you aren’t careful. Take good care of your electronics and perform regular maintenance.

Final Words

As per my final words of this article on how to fix rainbow screen on laptop, I will almost always wholeheartedly advocate that you go through the route of technical repair by experts or manufacturers because without having adequate or ample knowledge you might run into a stumbling block which might be much bigger and damaging to your hardware if you do it yourself.

So stay safe and keep your hardware well protected because as the infamous saying goes by “prevention is better than cure”.