How to Identify HP Laptop Charger? Complete Guide

Different HP models require different chargers. By that, I don’t mean that each model has a specific charger. Instead, a group of similar or different laptops works with the same charger. But you still have to find the right one. So, here’s how to identify an HP laptop charger:

  • Find the right amperes and voltage of the charger, including the pin or connector type. 
  • Find the model of your laptop and look for chargers online. 

Identifying HP Laptop Charger 101 

HP chargers come in great variety. They have certain things in common, though. They convert the AC source to DC for the laptop to use. 

Also, you’d find three main parts of a charger:

  1. The Cord 

This is the connection from the charger to the wall mount. It provides voltage to the power surge protector. Manufacturers make them compatible with the charger and respective laptop, otherwise, they will fail to provide the necessary power. 

How to Identify HP Laptop Charger
  1. The Power Surge Connector 

The bulkier part in the middle to which the cord gets connected is called the power surge connector. It has a built-in circuit mechanism to save your laptop from any damage, owing to a sudden charge shift. But most importantly, it relays the right amperes and voltage to the machine via a cable that has a pin connector at the end. 

  1. The Pin Connector 

For a laptop, besides the two parts mentioned above, this one is the most important. It has definite internal and external diameters that are specific to a group of laptops. 

These are the parts of an HP charger and in here, you’ll find the recipe to search for a new one. 

Find the Right Amperes and Voltage 

To get the right charger, you should know the right amperes and voltage. If you don’t get these two right, the charger might potentially damage your laptop’s battery, even if the pin and everything are compatible. 

Normally, the input voltage for a specific country is different. It is around 100 to 200 V normally. The same may or may not be true for the amperes. That’s because each laptop has different ampere requirements. 

To know the voltage and current, you’d need your old charger. 

  • Flip the charger until you see a white sticker on its back. 
  • Below all the conundrum of information that you don’t need, find the INPUT and OUTPUT. 
  • The INPUT voltage will be in a range but the amperes will be one and only. 
  • For example, the INPUT V of my laptop is 100-240V, whereas the ampere is 1.6A. 
  • Similarly, the OUTPUT is 19V with a 3.42A. 

With these, you should also note down the watts of the charger. The watt or W of a charger is its capacity to charge your laptop. A 65W charger would take less time to charge the battery than a 20W, for example. 

You want to note this down because if you buy a 20W charger, you may have to wait for hours on end to get to work again. 

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Measure The Connector or Pin Diameter

A charger stands compatible when the pin or the connector dia is according to the model you’re using. Sometimes, we get other things right but when we try to insert the pin, it doesn’t go in or it is too thin to stick around.

To save yourself from this, measure the diameter of your broken charger. Seems too complicated? 

There are two major types of dias used in a typical 65W charger. A 7.4mm and a 4.5mm. When I had to find the right pin, I just held it to the front and mismatched it to the ones I was buying online. Yes, this is slightly doubtful but when you don’t have the tools to measure something so small, you’ve got to do something. 

Finding a USB-C type charger for your HP tablet is entirely easy because you don’t have to look for the pin or connector. A USB-C type is the same for all the devices in the world. The amperes and voltage could be different, though.

Find The Model of Your Laptop And Look Online 

So, you’ve lost the charger completely. Don’t worry. You can still look for a compatible charger online. 

For that, you’ll have to find the model and serial numbers of your laptop and then use that to find the charger online. 

Here’s you to find those:

Step 1: Click on the search bar of your laptop and type Run. Open the app that shows in the search results. 

Step 2: A small dialogue will open where you type “dxdiag” and hit enter. 

Step 3: This will open the DirectX Diagnostic Tool. You only need the System Information. Click on the System tab and look for System Information below. It will have the information about the System Manufacturer, System Model, among other things. You need these two so far. 

Step 4: Copy the two pieces of information and search online. For example, Chargers for HP Elitebook 840 G4. You’ll find a number of vendors selling them for a good price. 

Compatible Chargers 

Are you still having issues with finding the right charger? Here’s a list of different compatible chargers with a different group of HP laptops. You should be able to find yours without a problem. 

Do all HP laptops have the same charger?

Not all HP laptops have the same charger and borrowing your buddies charging adapter even if they have the same branded laptop as yours might be the worst idea you might have. Since HP laptops have varying Voltage and Wattage requirements across their model variations, make sure you double-check your charging adapters before you plug them in.

Where is the model number on a laptop charger?

Property laptop chargers usually ship out with a label that indicates their model number on either the front or back of the charger. This includes the model number along with other specifications like voltage and wattage.

Can I use any HP charger on my HP laptop?

This is a no-no, and doing so could damage your lithium-ion batteries, or worse as it could damage your hardware. Chargers that claim to have universal orientations should be avoided, Be Cautious!

How to Identify HP Laptop Charger – Conclusion 

Identifying a compatible HP charger requires you to know what amperes and voltage your laptop uses. With that, you’ve to find the suitable diameter of the pin or connector. You can find these things by flipping the charger and reading out the white sticker on the back. If you don’t have the charger, find the laptop model and serial number and use these to search for the charger online.