How to Prevent Laptop Hinges from Breaking? [Stop Practicing These 5 Things]

Hinges break more often because of human carelessness and hardly ever due to material depreciation. So to prevent your laptop hinges from breaking, you need to care about these things: Always close the laptop lid holding the screen from the center and not from the edges, make sure there is nothing in between the keyboard and screen when you close the lid (i.e. lid must sit correctly).

Plus, never lift your laptop holding it from its screen rather lift it from its bottom/base. And finally, get one thick-padded laptop bag so that your laptop doesn’t get hurt with the bumps it gets whilst you are traveling with it.

So it’s not some rocket science to learn how to prevent laptop hinges from breaking. The amount of care that you do about those tiny electronics on your laptop’s inside, just that same care is required here as well. Or perhaps a bit more than that.

How to Prevent Laptop Hinges from Breaking?

Hinges are more or less the backbone of your laptop; if they are broken, your laptop will not stand hold due to the broken hinge.. That being said, even if they only get injured, your laptop would still work for no longer than a few days or maybe months because the display cables would get bare and eventually break.

So it’s better to practice the below-given cautions so that there is no extra mechanical stress on hinges and they live for longer.

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#1. Make Sure the Lid Sits Correctly on Keyboard Every Time You Close It

This thing is particularly important to be pondered upon for students and then for other professionals, most probably engineers. Students during their college/university time while engineers during their work at their project sites are often in a hurry and seen keeping stuff like pens, pencils, and other gadgets in their laptops.

Well, putting things in between the laptop screen and keyboard is ok until you are not trying to close the lid with all the stuff lying there. Because doing so is the worst habit you can ever adopt. It’s the most genuine reason why hinges on laptops can be broken.

So make sure you are kind to your laptop by not doing anything like that. And make sure you always look back at your laptop each time after you close the lid just to make sure whether it properly sat.

#2. Never Open/Close the Lid Holding the Screen from an Edge – Always Hold its Center

Opening and closing your laptop’s lid from one of its edges is one more fine reason why metal hinges often crack up. Using one of the two edges of the screen to open/close the lid puts all the strain on that respective side of the hinge eventually causing it to break.

You might not notice any distress soon, but making doing so a habit is certainly not in your machine’s favor. So whenever you are sitting to work as well as when you are done and closing your laptop, make sure to hold the laptop screen exactly from its center to even out the unneeded pressure on the hinges.

#3. Avoid Holding and Lifting the Laptop from its Screen

Being careless to your laptop in any manner would surely hurt it in one way or the other. And for its hinges to get hurt, one of the primary reasons is lifting the laptop by holding it from its display. Of course, it’s in no way an appropriate method to filch and carry that pretty piece of hardware as it eventually puts a lot of extra pressure on those midway joints/hinges and weakens them.

The ideal way is that your laptop must be properly closed and must be in a backpack whenever you are carrying it somewhere. If not, at the least make sure you are holding and lifting your laptop from its base every time you are moving with it.

#4. Get Your Laptop a Properly Sized Thick-padded Backpack

You can take this one as a proactive preventive measure, especially if you are someone who travels a lot with your laptop beside you all the time. A good quality thickly padded bag would protect not only the hinges but your laptop as a whole even during severe accidental drops as well. So there’s always a need to make this investment.

#5. Build Quality of Your Laptop Matters a Lot

Laptops are made up of lots of different types of materials including plastic, aluminum, carbon fiber, and whatnot. And there is a noticeable difference in the stress withstanding capability of all these materials.

Carbon fiber is times more durable as well as lightweight compared to all the other stuff and usually goes into pretty high-end, expensive, and premium laptops. Plastic is, of course, the least durable of all the three, whereas aluminum falls in between.

So how long your laptop’s hinges will last or what or what not to do to prevent them from breaking very much depends on the build quality of your laptop. If it’s one casual plastic-clad laptop, you’d need to practice some extreme care while using it and must not move it a lot all around.

On contrary, aluminum laptops could easily withstand a bit higher carelessness followed by carbon fiber which is a beast to have. So yea, you can count this as one factor here as well.

Can Laptop Hinges Be Repaired or Replaced?

Laptop hinges can usually be fixed but it still more or less depends on how old or new your laptop model is, plus whether its parts are universally available or not.

But you can definitely undertake a quick-fix by yourself as well if the hinges just feel loose i.e. you can pretty much fix them with epoxy glue. Otherwise, it would require you to completely disassemble the laptop if they are cracked or completely broken.

As that’s a very complex job to do on your own, the ideal approach in this regard is to reach out to a professional repairman to get the job done professionally.

Why does my laptop hinge break?

Your laptop’s hinges are delicate parts that hold the display and keep it upright. When opened too forcefully, they can be damaged and may break.

Are laptop hinges durable?

The quality of your laptop hinges is determined by the brand of your laptop. Some low-end options use screws that are very fragile, causing your laptop hinges to break over time.

Can you oil laptop hinges?

It is not necessary to lubricate laptop hinges and you should never use any oil or lube on them, as they can further impair hinge rotation.


Hinges are the points on your laptop with the highest mechanical stress on them. If carelessly comported, they can easily break off. Besides being the strain digesters, hinges are vital for your laptop to work correctly and render it useless if broken.

And above all, it’s pretty complex as well as expensive to repair or replace them. So all you need to do to keep yourself from such worries is take the best care of these highly responsible sprockets. And the best thing is, it doesn’t want you to do a lot to make out how to prevent laptop hinges from breaking.

This article sums up all the potential care and caution practices that can make those dutiful hinges of your laptop last longer. Give them a read, and let me know if I fell short of mentioning something else in the chit-chat section below.