How To Record Desktop With Shadowplay On Laptop? Step by Step Guide 2022

Technology is the key element for the advancement of human beings as it has greatly benefited us to reach the levels we couldn’t have thought were possible.

Nowadays you can record, capture and stream the moments you thought could live in your memories through your smartphone and cameras through uniquely designed lenses.

So that you can rewind it back, watch and share it with your loved ones to see, but what if I tell you can also record the content of your desktop or laptop without the need of a camera or a special lens?

Well, as crazy as it sounds, it is actually quite possible and very easy to do but all you need is special software in order to achieve the task.

Simple put. This nifty piece of software is called Shadowplay which is designed by the most reputable graphics card manufacturing brand in the world, Nvidia

Although, the so-called shadowplay software was made for its exclusive Nvidia Shield handheld gaming device which was released to compete with Nintendo Switch.

But ever since, Nvidia decided to extend their software support to desktop and laptop users and allowed them to record their content such as games, videos, and other projects through this unique software.

And if you want to know how you can take advantage of this screen capturing software, well here are a few steps on how to record desktop with shadowplay on laptop.

System Requirement For Shadowplay

In order to use and take advantage of Shadowplay, you need to have at least an Nvidia-based graphics card which is at least belongs to the 600 series, anything lower than that you might miss the mark of compatibility.

Moreover, you need to have Geforce Experience software installed in your system and other Nvidia graphics driver in order for Shadowplay to work.

Keep in mind, in order to avoid any bugs or low frame rate issues, make sure your operating system to be updated to the latest possible version so you don’t run into any sort of malfunction.

After you had everything gathered and installed in your system, it is time to use the shadowplay for all the multifarious purposes you would be needing.

Steps On How To Record Desktop With Shadowplay On Laptop

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Step # 1

Head over to the search directory in the lower end of the screen of your Windows bar and search for Geforce Experience

You may also right-click on the desktop for quick access to the Geforce Experience.

Step # 2

Activate the “Instant Replay” option which will be available in the privacy Control settings located in the menu of shadowplay configuration options.

After you click on it, it will suddenly turn green, indicating the option has been enabled.

Step # 3

Now head over to the shortcut option to tweak the keybindings accordingly so that you can easily access shadowplay whenever you would be needing it.

By default ALT + F9 would be assigned, but if that keybinding isn’t comfortable for you, you can change to whichever seems fit for you.

Step # 4

If you want to change the directory of your save file location, you can head over to the settings options and change it to whichever option seems better for you, so you can easily manage your space without running out of it in the midst of recording.

Will Shadowplay Slow Down My Pc Or Laptop?

Depending on the specifications of your pc or laptop, shadowplay might reduce your performance capabilities by a little bit, however, be assured, it is optimized enough to maintain the complete potential of your graphics card without straining it.

So you can play, record and stream at the same time without having to worry about your graphics card running out of memory. 

Nonetheless, it is optimal to have at least 8GB of RAM and a mid-tier graphics card so that you wouldn’t have to worry about your frames getting dipped during your recording sessions.

I Have an AMD Graphics Card,  What Should I Do?

For my buddies that own the AMD graphics card, fret not because you can use alternative options like OBS studio which supports NVidia, Intel and AMD, regardless of the hardware you have and works pretty well on all systems with different operating systems.

OBS Studio also has tons of customization options so you won’t have to worry about being restricted in regards to format and other sound-related settings.

However, if you want something that is exclusive to AMD hardware, you can use the AMD RElive recording software which is equally amazing screen recording software to use that won’t strain your hardware or suck up your computational resources.

How do I record my desktop with Nvidia GeForce experience Laptop?

Open Geforce Experience by right-clicking on your desktop. Then click on “Open In-Game overlay” settings and enable desktop capture in privacy settings.

Can I use ShadowPlay to record desktop?

Yes, you can enable “Desktop Capture” settings, which will allow you to capture and record your desktop, just like it would in your gaming sessions.

Bottom Line

Summing it up with a straightforward bottom line, I would say that for Nvidia users, there is no better alternative than using Shadowplay software because not only is it quick, light, and convenient but also comes as a built-in package in your graphics driver package.

So you don’t have to download any other third-party software and go through the hassle. It is also free with plenty of options, so consider it a win-win option for everyone.

That being said, if you want to efficiently use it just read the article carefully above on how to record desktop with shadowplay on laptop. Nonetheless, if it still feels confusing or you may end up facing any issues, feel free to contact me as I will be happy to help.