How to Remove Deep Scratches from Aluminum Laptop? – Latest 2022 Guide

As companies today are seeking new ways to fine-tune their products, modern laptops come not only with upswings in their specs, but some next-gen design works too. We are witnessing some unusual but decorous materials cladding the laptops. And amidst all this, if there is something that’s doing the job cost-effectively, it’s aluminum.

That said, featuring aluminum bodies has more or less become a standard for laptops nowadays. And thus, these two questions too – how to keep an aluminum laptop from catching scratches and how to remove (shallow and deep both) scratches from the aluminum laptop.

Yeah, if an aluminum laptop has pros like premium looks, lightness, etc., it has this one major con in retort.

So How to Remove Scratches from Aluminum Laptop? – Short Answer

There are numerous ways to somehow prevent an aluminum laptop from catching scratches and eliminate them if it gets some. And some of the widely used methods to remove scratches from an aluminum laptop include applying fluoride-free toothpaste, baking soda (paste), silver pen, metal polish, or using a scratch remover, etc.

Well, while some of these methods would work only for just mild and minor scratches, a few would sure work for those severe grooves as well. So the gain of each approach is gonna vary with the plight of the abrasion.

Confused? Let’s discuss all this in detail below.

Types of Abrasions (Scratches) Your Aluminum Laptop or MacBook Can Have

As mentioned above, there are mainly two types of scratches – there’ll be either just mild and barely noticeable marks or some seriously thick and deep grooves. And we usually call them minor and major scratches, respectively.

#1. Minor and Hairline Scratches

So, again, a minor scratch is not a serious wound but just a graze – a superficial and hardly observable mark on your laptop’s surface (that’s not piercing the body). Well, while a single such slash isn’t a big worry, it can take the shine and prettiness off your laptop if it goes multiplying.

So if not for one or two, you must take care of and clean these scores if they go high in number. Because they are gonna make your brand new laptop look old and sullied.

Regarding what causes these scratches to appear, so the most probable reason can be your rude use, I’d say. Like if you are used to keeping other (spiky) things, say your keys, coins, or chargers, etc. in the same pocket with your laptop. Or you usually put and use your laptop on some harsh surfaces and in smutty auras. Or even because you, at times, put your damp but dirty hands on its body.

#2. Major Scratches

Contrary to just slight marks, major scratches are those clefts and cracks on your laptop caused by some serious accident. These are, yeah, kind of fractures in the body.

Well, such scratches-cum-grooves are, to be honest, hard to eliminate or repair. But you can still find ways to fill the grooves up, hold back their expansion, and somehow minimize their visibility.

Methods to Remove (or Minimize) Scratches from Aluminum Laptop

Hanging back from the thing that how severe the case is, there are plenty of ways you can deal with the blemishes on your laptop.

So while I’ll be, later on, differentiating them as to what methods are best for minor and which ones are best for major scratches, let me first list all the methods here.

  1. By using laptop scratch remover
  2. By applying fluoride-free toothpaste
  3. By applying baking soda paste
  4. By applying Metal Polish
  5. By applying Plastic Polish

Let’s now explore how each of these methods works and which method is best for what types of scratches.

To Remove Minor Scratches (Grazes/Marks/Scars) from Aluminum Laptop

So the first three methods usually work for only those surface-limited abrasions, say scratches caused by some rash use or some other marks and scars, etc.

#1. Using A Scratch Remover to Remove (or Reduce) Scratches

Well, as its name suggests, a scratch remover is the most obvious way to scrape by those skin-deep scratches on your laptop. An aluminum scratch remover is gonna work the same as a car scratch remover by reducing or almost removing the scratches and giving your laptop’s finish a new look.

So, first of all, reach out to a nearby computer gears and accessories store and get one quality laptop scratch remover.

As far as its application is concerned, first clean that scratched surface out with a cloth to remove any dust’s residues. Then, simply spurt out a bit of the solution (scratch remover) on a soft and lint-free cloth and apply it to that area.

Thoroughly pass the solution over all the marks and keep circularly moving the cloth with a very delicate pressure on. You’ll ultimately observe that lots of light and shallow scratches are no more there now.

Do make sure that the cloth you are using is a soft microfiber cloth and not any rough and dirty fabric as it will even increase the scratches on the rub. Furthermore, never try a harsh rub, always go as gentle as you can.

Remember That

These scratch removers are only best for colorless scratches and not colored ones, say those black scores, etc. Besides that, a scratch remover would never fully eliminate the scratch but just add to your laptop’s appearance by restoring its finishing.

Maybe a few repeated applications could somewhat fill up that minor dent. Still, don’t expect that scratch remover would completely subside the scratches.

And yeah, the scratch remover is recommended only for minor superficial scratches and not even those deep on-surface dents. But don’t worry, there is a whole section below on how to remove deep scratches from aluminum laptop.

For now, let’s continue with the solutions for minor scratches only.

#2. Using Fluoride-Free Toothpaste

So, as I said, this method is also going to work for minor scratches only. It may sound funny or perhaps weird, but yeah, toothpaste is one proven way to minimize and clear out various on-surface scratches.

YouTube video

Any common fluoride-free toothpaste would pretty do the job for you. It can effectively reduce the scratch’s appearance, and in case of a barely noticeable mark already, you’d even feel like it’s been completely taken off.

And what’s the edge here is that it is one extremely cost-efficient approach – a completely free home remedy.

So, at first, clean that intended surface with a damp cloth. Then, apply a bit of toothpaste on a microfiber cloth (as said above) or a small cotton pad. And then, simply start rubbing the cloth/cotton on that scratched area in the same circular motions and a very gentle press.

You’ll ultimately notice a markdown in the scratches or even feel like some extremely minor marks have completely gone out. After you feel some recovery, take a neat wet cloth and wipe out the toothpaste residues from the area.

#3. Using Baking Soda Paste

Applying baking soda paste is another widely used home remedy to get by some minor surface scratches from aluminum laptops and lots of other wares. It’s also one of the cost-friendly and quite effective ways to get the job done.

Well, baking soda itself is a powdery substance so you must first make a paste by mixing it with water (in a bowl). To be on the safer side, you must take the water half the amount of the solute.

In case of excess water, there is a chance of leakage crossing the casing that would eventually damage the tiny components therein. So if you are taking two (2) spoons of soda, always take only one (1) spoon of water, and so on.

Such a ratio will give you a thick solution (paste), and it would work pretty the same as that typical scratch remover. Anyways, take a bit of the paste on a smooth and soft microfiber (or linen) cloth and repeat the process – softly rub that cloth on the scratched area in circular motions.

Once you are done, you’ll notice a decrease in the number of scratches. At least you will surely see a recovery in your laptop’s appearance. Then, clean up the excess (dried) remains with a wet cloth.

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Again, you can never expect that all the scratches will wholly eliminate as that’s pretty unlikely, perhaps highly unlikely with these methods.

Other Ways to Deal with Minor Scratches

Besides all these extensively used methods to get by those minor body scratches, there are a few other unsung ways as well. They include using magical erasers for the job, applying silver pens (in case of colored marks), or using laptop cleaner sprays.

Now let’s head to those advanced, cost-involved approaches where you can mess with, and even put right, those deep scratches and cracks on your aluminum laptop.

How to Remove Deep Scratches from Aluminum Laptop?

Well, let me first clarify one thing i.e. as we know, deep scratches run into the laptop’s body – these are usually cracks or fractures, so it’s almost impossible to take them completely off. Nonetheless, you can try filling them up and thus, minimize their prominence.

So here’s what you can do to remove, better reduce, deep scratches and severe grooves from your aluminum laptop.

#1. Applying Plastic Polish

Remember, I said in the (aluminum) scratch remover section that a scratch remover can’t work on a bit deep on-surface dent? That’s where plastic polish comes in as a better way out.

Plastic polish is the best way to reduce the visibility of, or even remove, those deeper scratches as well that a scratch remover surrenders to. To use the plastic polish on your aluminum laptop, you’d first need to thoroughly clean your laptop – that scratched area.

So, first of all, take some water and mix a bit of dishwashing soup into it – make a solution in a bowl. Then, using a soft cloth, carefully clean the scratched surface with that solution and thoroughly dry it off with another piece.

Now, simply put a bit of polish on the same microfiber cloth, pass it over all the scratches, and delicately rub it in round motions. You’ll, this time, notice better results with even those deeper surface dents dyeing out quite significantly (I hope you’ve got one quality plastic polish).

Finally, again, take a clean soaked cloth and wash out any polish remains from the surface.

#2. Applying Metal Polish

Unfortunately, if nothing worked for you and some harsh scratches, cracks, or grooves didn’t eliminate or reduce with even plastic polish, get a metal polish then. It is, sort of, a proven way out regarding “how to remove deep scratches from aluminum laptop?”.

Metal polish can be a bit pricey, but it’s perfect for the purpose as it is created only for metals like Bronze, Copper, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Chrome, and Brass, etc. It is perfect for eliminating deep scratches or minimizing serious grooves from aluminum laptops like MacBook(s), etc. So it won’t be wrong if I call it MacBook Scratch Remover.

Metal polish comes in paste form, and all you need to do with it is simply take a small clod from the tin and apply it to the dented surface. Drag it over all the scratches so that it can cover and fill them up.

Then, just wait for a few minutes so that the paste can sit and thoroughly do its job. Once the thing is completely baked, take a neat microfiber cloth and remove the excess paste from the surface.

Do make sure you get the best metal polish available, like Rolite metal polish, etc. Such quality aluminum scratch remover won’t only eliminate or reduce the existing scratches but will also keep your laptop from catching new scratches for an extended period, then on.

Anyways, with metal polish, you’ll see those deeper surface scratches vanishing completely. Whereas those severe cracks and grooves will fill up and not look that terrible.

But if you still feel like a crack is visible and annoying, apply a second coat to see even better results. With the second coat, the fracture will either completely fade away or be barely visible.

How to Prevent Your Aluminum Laptop from Taking Scratches?

It takes no long before an aluminum laptop gets covered in scores and scratches again. And I know there is nothing more frustrating than seeing your brand new or cleaned-up laptop in such a condition anytime soon another time.

So all you need to prevent any scratch or hold back the growth of existing ones is to find more ways of your laptop.

  1. Get a top-quality laptop sleeve with multiple (at least two) pockets. And keep the laptop in there all the time when it’s not in use. Try not to put other things like coins, keys, mobile, chargers, etc. in the same pocket with your laptop as these things highly likely cause new scratches to appear on the laptop’s body.
  2. While using the laptop, try to sit in a brushed-up place and avoid taking your laptop out from the sleeve in a grimy, filthy ambiance.
  3. You can get a laptop body protector that will work as a shield for your laptop, covering and keeping it from water, dirt, dust, and eventually scratches.

Furthermore, to keep the dirt and tiny debris from getting into the laptop (through the keyboard), you can try getting a silicone keyboard cover as well.

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How do you remove scratches from aluminum laptop?

By gently rubbing a banana or toothpaste on the scratches of your Aluminum laptop and making sure it seeps into the scratches to fill them in, you can do the trick.

Why does toothpaste remove scratches?

In addition to being an incredible mixture of chemicals, toothpaste also produces some level of friction through its abrasive action, which is what makes it so effective in removing scratches on your material surface.

Does Magic Eraser remove scratches from laptop?

As Magic Erasers are built to produce friction with small particles, they are an excellent substitute for toothpaste in order to remove scratches from your laptop, just make sure to be gentle and not damage the material you are rubbing it on.

Closing Thoughts

So everything considered, yeah, it’s natural for an aluminum laptop to attract scratches in no time, but it’s also not a big deal to take on these issues. While getting scratches can be easily minimized with a bit of extra care, eliminating those minor surface scratches is also possible with a few simple home remedies.

The thing is, how to remove deep scratches from aluminum laptop, because dealing with them is, although not difficult, a bit more (tiring) struggle. But I am sure that’s also not an issue for you anymore if you have read this article.

If not, do scroll up and check it out. There is everything discussed in detail regarding how to keep your aluminum laptop from getting scratches and how to remove all minor and deep scratches from it. And a lot more.

So jump up if you have an aluminum-clad laptop and you are tired of keeping it from and removing those scratches from its body.