How To Remove Mcafee Endpoint Encryption From Laptop? Step by Step Solution 2022

There used to be times when we had to hoard our precious belongings so that they could be kept safe without pesky intruders or thieves stealing them from us.

Well, some parts of those habits still remain in us but in a different way. Nowadays, just like carbon footprint, everyone has some sort of digital trail which we want to keep safe.

Such a digital piece of information is called data which you might be familiar with since we deal with it on an everyday basis.

And to keep such data secure and safe, we have third-party encryption software like Endpoint Mcafee Drive Encryption. But what happens when we don’t need it anymore, for whatever reason that is?

Well if you are looking for how to remove Mcafee Endpoint Encryption from laptop, this article will act as a compass to guide you to your answers.

And to be honest, it is quite simple, just make sure you follow all the steps mentioned below as carefully as you can without missing any single detail, otherwise you might mess up pretty bad.

Steps On How To Remove Mcafee Endpoint Encryption From Laptop

In order to do the deed, there are two possible ways that can help you get rid of the encryption provided by the reputable antivirus company, Mcafee.

1. Through Windows Uninstaller Method (Traditional Way)

  1. First and foremost you need to boot into your windows operating system.
  2. Type in your credentials so that you can log in to your main administration account.
  3. Proceed by opening the control panel and heading to the “programs and features
  4. You will now have a list of programs and other third-party applications visible on your screen.
  5. Scroll in till you find Mcafee Endpoint Encryption software.
  6. Double click on it and wait for a while till an uninstaller dialogue box pops up.
  7. Proceed by clicking on the uninstall button present on the software’s uninstalling menu.
  8. Depending on the type of your laptop and its specifications, it might take a while to delete all the files and folders of the endpoint encryption from your laptop.
  9. That about it, you might need to restart your laptop in order for this method to take effect.

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2. Through Third-Party Uninstaller ( Optional Way)

Although, this method might seem unnecessary to you at first glance, but be assured it is the best possible method to get rid of all the encryption files present on your system.

Because there is a high chance that your window installer may fail in removing the encryption altogether and you might need to use a third-party application such as Iobit uninstaller, CCleaner, Geek Uninstaller, or Advanced Uninstaller Pro.

Here are the step-by-step instructions mentioned below.

  1. The first thing you need to do is to download any third-party uninstaller applications mentioned above, just choose any as they are all pretty good at doing their job.
  2. Now install the application and open it.
  3. Depending on the speed of your laptop it will load up a list of all your bloatware, applications, and other necessary system software.
  4. Now head over to the software named McAfee Endpoint Encryption Console.
  5. All of these third-party applications have a pretty straightforward method and all you have to do is to click on the uninstall option.
  6. This will completely remove any trace of encryption files on your system in a matter of minutes.
  7. As always, restart your laptop for the necessary action to take effect, viola!

Word Of Advice

Before you proceed, I believe it is still best advised to keep your data safe and encrypted from all sorts of intruders in case your laptop might get stolen or get lost in any circumstance.

This strong encryption will make sure that you have your data in safe hands, moreover, it also has clever technology built into it that can protect your laptop and data from annoying malware.

These types of malware range from Ransomware, trojans, spyware, adware, and other horrible viruses that can penetrate your privacy and can become a nightmare to deal with.

This is why having some sort of protection such as an encryption tool is highly necessary, especially in this age where digital information is a very sensitive thing.

How do I uninstall McAfee Endpoint encryption?

You can use the Windows Program uninstaller utility or third-party applications such as IOBIT to uninstall McAfee Endpoint encryption software, head over, to the uninstaller utility, and double click on “McAfee Endpoint Encryption” and click on uninstall.

How do I manually decrypt McAfee Endpoint encryption?

Open McAfee Endpoint encryption and click on force decrypt sector, this will let you manually decrypt each sector after a while, depending on the speed of your hardware.

Bottom Line

So that’s about it, you can do the task through the two methods mentioned above and I believe they are quite simple and you can do it easily once you read the instructions mentioned thoroughly. 

Moreover, you can also help your peers and friends that want to know how to remove McAfee Endpoint Encryption From laptops so that you can provide a fix for them, so feel free to utilize this knowledge at your will so that everyone can benefit equally.

Feel free to comment below if you do run into any sort of problems, as I would be more than happy to help.