How To Reset A Gateway Laptop Without Turning It On? 4 Ways In 2022

So, you’ve been having problems with your Gateway laptop lately. You could easily reset it without entering a password, going to the Windows Safe Mode, tweaking the System Recovery Tool, and resetting to the Factory Settings. These are the methods. Let’s dive deeper into how to reset a gateway laptop without turning it on. 

4 Ways To Reset A Gateway Laptop Without Turning It On 

Founded in 1987, Gateway laptops have made their mark on the gaming sphere. Users love them for their robust bodies and specs that play AAA titles with ease. You’re using it yourself. You must have noticed how less it drops frames. But their prowess is not limited to laptops only. They also manufacture tablets and smartphones that are liked all over the world. 

If you’ve had problems with your PC lately, resetting it is a better option. Here’s how to do it. 

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1. Reset Factory Settings Without Password 

Is your laptop running Windows 8/8.1? Resetting these operating systems is very easy. 

  • Shut down your laptop. 
  • After a few minutes, start it again. 
  • Select Restart from the blue screen you see. 
  • Afterward, select Advanced Options and then UEFI Firmware Settings. 
  • Select Reset your PC. 

You have to select whether you want to keep your files or completely clean the disk altogether. That depends on you, so make your choice carefully. 

2. Reset By Using System Recovery Tool 

The System Recovery Tool is present in Windows that helps you reset your Gateway PC without turning it on. However, before that, you’d have to create a bootable USB to load it again when the laptop restarts. 

Follow this path: Start > All Programs > Gateway Recovery Center > System Recovery.

When you click on System Recovery, Windows will take you through some steps. Following them is not a big deal at all. 

3. Go Into Windows Safe Mode

You can boot your laptop into Safe Mode. It is the mode where you are allowed access to basic files and drives. You could make changes to them without hurting your PC further – thus, the name “Safe Mode”. The changes are reflected but they can be undone if, for example, something does not go according to the plan.

Here’s how to go into Safe Mode:

  • Click on Start of your Windows. 
  • Click on Restart. 
  • Wait for the laptop to shut down. 
  • Before restarting, press F8 repeatedly until you’re taken to a menu. 
  • Select “Restore Computer” in the next window.

There onwards, follow all the instructions as they are. You’ll be asked about how you want to restore your PC. Choose according to your needs and whether you want to keep the files or not. By choosing the latter, all of your data will be removed and the PC cleaned. I always recommend backing up your data just in case you change your mind later but don’t have the data because you removed it. 

4. Restore Factory Settings 

As the name suggests, restoring the factory settings will lead to a complete overhaul of the Windows of your Gateway laptop. When you restore to the factory settings, there’s no going back. Therefore, consider all the implications of this action before proceeding further. 

Here’s how to do it:

  • Shut down your PC and remove the plug from the socket. 
  • Flip your laptop. 
  • Undo the holds of the battery and remove it gently. 
  • Make sure that any sort of power or device is removed. 
  • Now press the power button for at least 5 to 10 seconds. 
  • Plug in your laptop but without the battery. 
  • Wait for the laptop to boot. 

After that, the system will realize your request and start resetting to its factory settings. This process takes some time, so be patient and do not turn off your laptop in the process. If you do, it will completely disable Windows and cause further software damage. You might have heard about a dead cell phone here and there because someone turned it off when the software was being updated. 

How To Reset Your Gateway Laptop By Removing CD/DVD?

This is another method of resetting your Gateway laptop. It involves removing your CD or DVD drive and using a bootable USB flash drive instead. Do understand that to create a bootable USB, you’d have to use the laptop when it’s on. But once you’ve created that, you no longer need the laptop running. All you have to do is restart it and follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Turn off your laptop after creating the bootable USB drive. 
  • Remove all external devices and unplug your laptop. 
  • Plug the USB in a port and restart the laptop. 
  • Press F12 several times to get into the startup menu. 
  • The boot menu is from where you can access the bootable USB.
  • Once selected from there, follow the steps to reinstall a fresh OS. 

Doing so will remove the previous version of Windows installed on your PC. However, you can choose whether you want to keep your files or not. 

Please be careful when installing the Windows in a drive. You should know where it was installed. First, delete the previous one and then reinstall the new one in its place. You should be careful not to delete the data in another drive because you will lose your data just like that. Again, I highly recommend that you should back up your data first before proceeding. 

How do you hard reset a Gateway laptop?

In order to delete your files and reset your Gateway laptop, hold the shift key while rebooting the device, which will take you to the troubleshooting menu. After clicking the Troubleshoot option, click “Reset this PC”.

How do I factory reset my computer using the keyboard?

Press the F11 key on your keyboard which will take you to a special menu known as BIOS mode, where you can Factory reset your computer/Laptop and wipe away all your files.

How To Reset A Gateway Laptop Without Turning It On – Conclusion 

Resetting your Gateway laptop is a better option if it’s not working well or if there’s some file missing. You could easily do that by going into safe mode, system recovery tool, factory settings, and removing the CD or DVD. Before starting, back up your data and be careful when choosing which drive to format if you don’t want to lose your data.