How to Turn On Lenovo Laptop Without Power Button? Top 6 Methods – 2022

It’s completely fine if your laptop’s power button has been broken. There are many ways in which you can still turn it on to do what you want. Here’s how to turn on Lenovo laptop without the power button:

  • Use An External Keyboard.
  • Connect the Wires of the Button Manually. 
  • Direct the Electricity Connection With the Motherboard.
  • Disconnect the CMOS or the Clock Battery. 
  • Go to BIOS to Change the Lid Setting. 
  • The Wake-On LAN Method. 

6 Methods to Turn On Your Lenovo Laptop Without the Power Button

Here are some of the methods that you can follow to turn on a Lenovo laptop without the power button.

Use An External Keyboard 

You could also use the laptop’s own keyboard. However, this method kind of keeps you away from the problem in the first place. That is, if your laptop’s power button is doing fine, you should follow this method to stay on the safe side in case something like this happens in the future. 

Step 1: Enter the BIOS of your laptop by pressing F2 or Del repeatedly on the startup. 

Step 2: In the Advanced tab, under Power Management Options, look for an option that enables you to set a definite key for booting up your laptop. This option varies according to your manufacturer, but it could be anything on the line “Power On By Keyboard”. 

Step 3: After setting a separate key, you should check whether it’s working or not. Shut down your laptop again and press the key you just set. Voila! Your laptop will turn on just the way it does when you press the power button. 

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Connect the Wires of the Button Manually 

This one is a bit tricky. You should have at least some know-how of disassembling a system. Even if you don’t, follow the steps closely to stay away from harm’s way. You could potentially ruin the motherboard, so stay with me. 

Step 1: Remove any source of power from your laptop – the power cord, battery, and everything else. 

Step 2: Flip the laptop and undo all the screws, except those of the screen. There will be indications besides the screws. If not, abandon this method and ask for the help of a professional.  

Step 3: Use a prying tool to separate the keyboard from the hand rest. Undo all the screws and plugs you see beneath. Use the same prying tool to remove the hand rest as well. 

Step 4: You should see the motherboard now. Remove the power button carefully. There will be a few pins underneath – about 3 to 6. Use any conductor to press down in the middle of the pins. When you connect those pins, the laptop will turn on. 

Disconnect the CMOS or the Clock Battery

For this method, you’d have to open the laptop as mentioned above in Fix 2. 

Step 1: Disassemble the laptop by the method explained above. 

Step 2: When you’re looking at the motherboard, disconnect the battery plug as well as remove the CMOS battery. It will be located on the motherboard. Beware, though. There are two battery cables, one is a charging cable and another is a battery attachment cable. Disconnect the latter.  

Step 3: When your laptop has no power back up left or there’s nothing that tends to wake it up, it will turn on the moment you plug it in. But before doing it, make sure that you assemble everything back to stay away from electrocution. 

Step 4: The laptop may not turn on by this method. Try inserting the battery again and then plugging in the laptop. For many people and laptops, this works. 

Direct the Electricity Connection With the Motherboard

When we turn on a laptop, the current passes from the power button to the motherboard. Since your power button is broken, we’re going to sever that connection. 

Step 1: Disassemble the laptop and access the motherboard. 

Step 2: There will be a cable that connects the power button to the motherboard. Disconnect that cable. 

Step 3: Do not connect the cable and remove the battery in the meanwhile. 

Step 4: Now plug in the laptop and it will automatically turn on. Now it’s up to you whether you want to place the battery again in its place. But doing so is risky since you’re going to deal with live wires. 

How to Turn On Lenovo Laptop Without Power Button

Go to BIOS to Change the Lid Setting

This method is also for those who want to prepare their laptop beforehand. 

Step 1: Restart your laptop and press F2 repeatedly to bypass the boot menu and go to BIOS. 

Step 2: When the BIOS opens, go to the Advanced Tab and look for Power Management. 

Step 3: Below that option, turn on the Power While Open Lid or something on the same line. 

Step 4: Save and exit the settings to restart the laptop and check whether the setting is working or not. To do that, turn it off and close the lid. Open the lid again. The laptop will turn on. 

The Wake-On LAN Method 

When you activate this setting, your laptop will turn on right after plugging in the LAN wire. 

Step 1: You could activate the setting by entering BIOS, going to the Power Management tab, and tuning on the Wake-on LAN setting. 

Step 2: Alternatively, you could go to the settings when your laptop is turned on. After that, go to Update & Security > Recovery > Advanced Option > Power Management > Power on LAN or Wake on LAN. 

Step 3: You’d also need to configure the network card. To do that, type Device manager in the search bar of your Windows. Go to Network Adapter Option and go to its properties with the help of right-clicking. In the properties, go to Power Management and click on the box beside Allow this device to wake the computer. 

Step 4: Turn off your PC and plug in LAN. Your machine will turn on. 

How can I turn on my laptop without a power button?

If you are facing the misfortune of having your power button malfunctioned on you, fret not, because you use the super handy feature of Windows Wake on Lan feature to do the deed. You can even use an external keyboard that comes with a dedicated “Power button”.

Where is the Lenovo laptop power button?

The mid-region on the right side of your Lenovo laptop will most certainly hold the power button. Just press it for a second or two to turn your device back to life.

Where is the Lenovo reset button?

Lenovo laptops usually have a minute Novo button which lets you reset your laptop if anything goes haywire, which is present at the left of your Lenovo device.

How to Turn On Lenovo Laptop Without Power Button – Conclusion 

You’ll have to access the motherboard if your power button has been broken. When you do that, connect the pins of the button, sever the connection between it and the motherboard, remove the CMOS battery and plug in the laptop, or follow any of the methods mentioned above to stay away from this menace once and for all.