How To Use Anti Static Wrist Strap With Laptop? Detailed Step by Step Guide 2022

Technology has no doubt advanced tenfold since the past decade and almost every household nowadays now has more than one electronic device.

These electronic devices are made from complex mechanisms which are obviously powered by electricity.

Although the power source of these devices relies on electrical voltage flowing through them, it is quite obvious that these electrical interferences, if not controlled properly, might damage the internal circulatory system of the whole system.

Out of the many common appliances, laptops are one of the topmost electrical devices almost every household has and its story and sensitivity regarding electrical interference are no different.

This is why taking them while you use, repair, and maintenance are wholeheartedly important and if you want to indulge in the safety precaution for your beloved laptop too, then in this article I will show you how to use anti static wrist strap with the laptop.

Since it is a highly sensitive task, both for you and your precious laptop, it is highly advised that you follow all the steps mentioned below.

Moreover, as a disclaimer, I would like to add a fact beforehand that you must always do your routine maintenance or repair to the expert or under the supervision of an expert who actually knows what they are doing.

Anyhow, let’s take a look at what an anti static band is and how we can use it.

What Exactly Is Anti Static Band?

An antistatic wrist band is a type of protection band that prevents electrostatic discharge from overflowing from our body to the electrical appliances that come in contact with our body.

These electrical appliances are made from tiny sensitive circuits which require a regulated form of a voltage that is flown through them. And if by any chance you’re not cautious enough to use this anti-static wrist bracelet, you might fry your laptop circulatory.

This electrical or static discharge is caused by the friction in the body through different fabrics such as walking on carpet or wearing a woolen sweater or cotton apparel which causes the imbalance between the potential difference of electrical current.

Henceforth, your body causes the electrical discharge to be passed through the appliances when made contact.

To prevent such electrical hazards from happening, using an anti-static band is highly worth it.

Here is how you can use an anti-static band.

How To Use Anti Static Wrist Strap With Laptop

There are two possible ways an anti-static wristband can be worn which are mentioned below.

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1. Traditional Method

  • Ok first and foremost, make sure you aren’t standing on something that enhances the production of electrostatic electricity such as a carpet, make sure you have a decent workbench to place your laptop at.
  • Now, turn off your laptop and remove any electrical adapter that is connected to it and remove the battery that is connected to it to keep the electrical interference to the minimum.
  • Use the strap of the Antistatic band and wear it around your wrist or feet, make sure the wire that is holding the clipper is free from any obstruction while you work to avoid any nuisance.
  • You might notice an alligator clip or a catcher at the other end of the wire which you can use to hold onto surfaces, looking for the most exposed region of your laptop.
  • As most mid to low-tier laptops are made from plastic, it is quite useless to place it over that area, try to place it over the steel or aluminum chassis of the laptop.
  • Make sure it holds onto fine and dandy, otherwise it might slip off while you move around your wrist or feet while working.
  • Voila!, be safe and keep your distance and try to be gentle with the sensitive parts of the laptop while you repair it.

Note: this method is also valid in terms of any other electrical device such as a desktop or gaming console, if you are fixing something other than a laptop, feel free to follow this guide.

2. Grounding Through Power Supply Method

This method requires you to have an independent power supply device and is quite dangerous from the former method mentioned above, which means high precaution is very essential.

Here’s how you can do it.

  • Make sure the power is not plugged in any power source and there is no electricity flowing through it.
  • Wear the Anti-static wrist band and connect the alligator clip to the piece of metal end of the power supply.
  • You can also wear the Anti-static wrist band onto your feet so that it won’t obstruct you while you work on your laptop.
  • Turning on the power supply will ground and dissipate any electrical discharge your body has been holding onto.
  • You are all set and ready to work on your projects.

How do you ground yourself when working on a laptop?

Using an Anti-static wrist band is the most safest and reliable way to ensure that all form of ESD has left your body.

Can I ground myself by touching my laptop?

If your laptop chassis is made from metal, you can use it to ground yourself without any issue, however, it’s best that you use an Antistatic wrist band or simply touch any other metal surface.

Is anti-static wristband necessary?

To ensure that the hardware you are working on is Safe, wearing an antistatic wristband should be your utmost priority and should be deemed compulsory whenever you work on any sort of electronics.

Final Word

Working with any sort of electrical appliance is a dangerous job because it might endanger you or your devices. Always be aware of your surroundings and keep yourself insulated and grounded at all possible times to ensure maximum safety.

That being said, I hope through this article you have become well trained on how to use an Anti-static wrist strap with a laptop without any issues.

Feel free to let me know in the comment section below if you run into any issues.