iPhone Not Charging But Turns On When Plugged In – 8 Quick Fixes

Whenever you plug in your iPhone, you see that little light glowing. However, lately, if you didn’t see it, plus your phone only works when it’s plugged in, then you have got a problem to look into. Here’s why your iPhone not charging but turns on when plugged in. 

The problems:

  1. Your phone’s software has gone haywire. 
  2. There’s some physical damage to the hardware. 

The fixes: 

  1. Do a hard reset.
  2. Check if the charging cord is damaged or not. 
  3. Examine the charging port. 
  4. Use another charger. 
  5. Let the phone charge for a bit. 
  6. Is your sleep/wake button doing okay?
  7. Keep an eye on the Liquid Contact Indicator. 
  8. Seek professional help.

8 Fixes to iPhone Not Charging But Turns On When Plugged In 

Here are some of the best solutions that you can follow to get rid of this problem.

Reset Your Phone 

Step 1: If you’ve iPhone 8, X, or the latest model, you’re gonna use the volume up and down buttons. Press the volume up button for a brief time and then release it. Do the same with the volume down button. 

For iPhones 7, 6, or 6S, you’d want to press the home and sleep/wake button until you see the Apple logo. Release it afterward to let the phone reset itself.

Step 2: Press the sleep/wake button until you see the Apple logo. After that, release the button. 

Step 3: Let the phone reset

Step 4: Put the phone to charge for about half an hour before you could use it again. 

Check If The Charging Cord Is Damaged Or Not

When a few wires are offset from the main cord due to some physical damage, the phone does not receive its full share of electricity. That may explain why when you plug in your phone, it turns on but it doesn’t charge the battery. 

What to do?

  • Look for damages around the whole length of the cord. Any splayed or rough edges are a red flag. 
  • Take a small brush, a toothpick, or tweezers to get all the dirt, lint, or anything that’s blocking the USB. 

Examine The Charging Port 

Do the same with the charging port as you did with the cord. You want to see if any dirt or link is blocking the pathway or not. Remove anything that does and then try charging the phone again. 

Use Another Charger 

This one is a no-brainer. In fact, this will confirm if the cord is at fault or not. Simply use another charger to charge the phone. However, be sure to not use an incompatible charger at all. 

Let The Phone Charge For A Bit 

You may not be letting the phone charge from zero up in the required time. Sometimes the battery takes some time to respond when it is fully drained and kept like that for long. 

Give it at least 30 minutes to 1 hour before hitting any button or trying to wake it up. 

Is Your Sleep/Wake Button Doing Okay?

Come to think of waking up the phone, is the button doing okay? You may want to look into the history of how you’ve been using the phone. Have you dropped it somewhere that could merit such damage? If yes, then you may see that the button is loose, wobbly, or pushed into the case altogether. 

Keep An Eye On Liquid Contact Indicator 

The LCI or Liquid Contact Indicator informs you about any damage from the contact with water or any other liquid. Your iPhone is just like any other electronic device. It gets damaged when water gets in. The LCI is present at the sides of your phone. Locate it and then see whether it has turned red or not. Usually, it is silver in color or white. When it comes in contact with water, you’d see the red color, which means you should immediately seek out professional help. 

Seek Professional Help 

If you’ve done all that it takes to see whether your phone has software or hardware damage and the problem is still there, then you need to seek professional guidance. Take your phone to a repair shop. Refrain from charging it further. 

iPhone Not Charging But Turns On When Plugged In – Conclusion 

Either your software or hardware could have taken the toll if your phone’s performing poorly when plugged in. To rule out the former, do a hard reset. For the latter, you may want to see any physical damage done such as splayed wires, red LCI indicator, lint and dirt blocking the ports, and so on. You may want to take the phone to the repair shop when nothing you do works to resolve the issue.