Is 500GB SSD Enough For Gaming? Detailed Guide 2022

For my fellow gamers on a budget, a 500GB solid-state drive is an excellent option, since they don’t want to cough up extra money but still want to flash speeds and no loading times.

When talking about video games, gaming enthusiasts would agree with me that no amount of storage space is sufficient to play all our favorite franchises at once.

Nevertheless, when it comes to conserving funds, it is wise to buy a lower-capacity hard drive to invest in other important parts of our computer.

Although hard drives are getting cheaper day by day and there are plenty of innovations and advancements happening to make them better, solid-state drives will always be winning the race of speeds.

And if you are a rookie gamer or are not tech-savvy enough, it is quite natural to have questions pop in your head such as “ is 500GB SSD enough for gaming” or “is it actually worth it”.

And honestly speaking, I am quite eager to answer all your queries as briefly as possible, which is why I have curated this article.

Is 500GB SSD Enough For Gaming?

With the number of newer games coming out each year, it is inescapable that the storage requirement grows twofold.

Moreover, you must also take into account that in order to take complete advantage of Solid-state drives, you also need to install your operating system such as Windows or Linux onto the said Storage drive.

And if that isn’t the case, you won’t be able to efficiently run your favorite games because the root files such as your “save folder” won’t be able to load up your games where you left off.

This is why you need to install your operating system on the solid-state drive to not only ensure a fast boot-up but also speed up your games and its launcher such as steam or origin, which most probably would be installed in the directory where your operating system is located.

In other words, half of the space on your 500GB SSD will be occupied by your operating system files that you cannot delete.

In other words, you can only store up to 2 or 3 games at a time on your solid-state drive due to the lack of storage space, which requires plenty of space management, all the time.

So if you are a gamer and space management doesn’t bother you, a 500GB SSD seems sufficient for your needs.

What About Gaming Applications?

For some individuals, it is quite easy to accommodate their games in small storage space, however, if you are a professional gamer or a Youtuber that often uploads their gaming montages onto social media, you might be in a pickle.

You may ask how? Well first off, you won’t be able to install 3rd party applications which are gaming-oriented such as OBS studio or discord due to the lack of space.

And if by any chance you do install it in your hard drive, you won’t be able to take advantage of the blazing fast speeds of your solid-state drives.

So for gamers that multitask a lot, 500GB SSD simply isn’t worth it and you want to consider investing in a larger capacity of storage to cover your needs

What About Gamers On a Budget?

Unfortunately, you must also take into account that SSD is quite expensive than HDD and if you are on a budget, you might want to reassess your whole financial plan. Especially if you are building a new rig.

But being on a budget doesn’t mean this is the end of the world and there are always alternative ways you can still enjoy the benefits while spending less than you would be otherwise.

Basically, there are two types of SSDs: NVME and SATA. NVME is faster but requires a pretty penny. On the contrary, SATA SSDs are quite cheap.

Well not as cheap as you would think but still they are nowhere near as expensive as NVME drives.

However,  on the bright side, they have read and write speeds almost as fast as traditional NVME drives, which is optimal for modern games that have massive loading times.

This is actually good news for gamers that are going through a rough patch and are tight on a budget because they can simply invest in SSD with SATA interfaces.

Moreover, gamers can also benefit from these SATA drives due to the fact that they share the same ports just like traditional hard drives.

Unlike NVME SSD which requires M.2 interface and oftentimes, most motherboards only have one, which restricts future-proofing options.

Is 500GB SSD good for gaming?

The system requirements of newer games have increased tenfold in recent years, which is why even 500GB SSDs seem inadequate. If you would like to stay future-proof, you should invest in a 1TB SSD.

Is it worth getting a 500GB SSD?

In general, if you aren’t playing games or working on massive projects, a 500GB SSD is more than enough to fit your operating system and your files without any problems.

Final Verdict

Reach the verdict of this whole dilemma, a straightforward for hardcore gamers that want to multitask, stream and record their games as well as chat with their friends through discord, 500GB storage space capacity is nowhere near sufficient to quench their requirements.

But for old-school gamers that don’t worry much and want to bask in the delight of indie games that don’t take up much space, using a 500GB SSD isn’t a bad idea after all.

That being said, after reading this article, it is up to you to decide which mode of playstyle you choose and for you is 500GB SSD is enough for gaming or not!

I hope this article has been well worth your time and that you have highly benefited from it and you are well aware of is 500GB SSD enough for gaming.