Is HP A Good Brand for Laptops in 2022? – Let’s Investigate!

HP, as far as its laptops are concerned, is best known for producing some simple, sleek, yet extremely elite-looking laptops. They say if you are cash-rich, and if you want a laptop that’s beast in looks and stamina (durability) both, HP is the brand you ought to go for.

To this, one frequently asked, question i.e. “is HP a good brand for laptops?”, I would riposte, “It’s in computers since 1966 and in the laptops line since 1984, thus is one pioneer name in the field”.

And, with such a truly rich experience in the computer world, HP is one go-to, one best laptop brand.

Ranging from their looks (minimalistic yet eye-catchy) to their durability (both externally as well as internally), HP laptops are worth it to have. From its warranty terms to its repair ease (because of the universal recognition and on tap spare parts everywhere), HP is classy.

Needless to say, it’s expensive too. Anyways, let’s get down to a properly framed-up answer to the question.

Top of the Line HP Laptops in 2022 – My Recommendations

Our Top Pick
New HP Pavilion Gaming
New HP Pavilion Gaming

Features: 15.6″ FHD micro-edge display, Wide Vision HD Camera, AMD Ryzen 5 4600H Processor, 16GB high-bandwidth RAM, 256 GB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD

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Editor’s Choice
HP Pavilion x360
HP Pavilion x360

Features: 14″ touch screen display, 10th generation Intel Corei5 processor, 8 GB of RAM, 512 GB PCIe NVMe SSD, Up to 12 hours of battery life

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Best Value
HP - OMEN Gaming Laptop
HP – OMEN Gaming Laptop

Features: 15.6″ 144Hz display, AMD Ryzen 7 4800H processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti graphics, 8GB DDR4-3200 SDRAM, 512GB SSD

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Budget Pick
HP Envy 13
HP Envy 13

Features: 11 Gen Intel Core i7 processor, 8 GB DDR4 RAM, 256 GB SSD Storage, 13.3-inch FHD Touchscreen Display, Fingerprint Reader

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Business Pick
HP Newest Business Laptop
HP Newest Business Laptop

Features: 16GB DDR4 RAM, 512GB SSD, 11th Generation Intel Core i7 processor,  Intel Iris Xe Graphics, 720P HD Webcam, Backlit Keyboard, Fingerprint Reader

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A Bit of the HP Brand Background

HP, Hewlett Packard, is an American multinational information technology company and one of the pioneer names in the tech industry. The company was founded by two tech geeks, Bill Hewlett and David Packard, in 1939 in a one-car garage in Palo Alto, California. 

HP started its market race with an audio oscillator as the company’s first product and Walt Disney Studios being its very first customer. Anyways, started as an IT company manufacturing multifarious hardware and software tools/components, HP entered the computer market in the 1960s.

In the mid-1980s, in 1984, the company released HP 110 – HP’s first laptop computer. That proved to be the industry breakthrough, as it was one of the world’s first/earliest portable computers.

Anyways, HP is since then, sort of, ruling the market, and is one household name for computer nerds. It holds the title of being the World’s leading PC manufacturer for some 5+ consecutive years from 2007 to 2013.

HP Laptop Lines

The company is dealing in a wide variety of portable computers. It has a vast array of laptops with some widely-known laptop lines including, HP Spectre, Envy, ProBook, and EliteBook, Omen, and Pavilion laptop lines.

Each laptop line is aimed at the needs of a specific audience. And, that’s why HP is considered to be a brand having something for everyone. Besides, it has a vast array of Chromebooks and 2-in-1s as well.

Is HP A Good Brand for Laptops? An Overview

Well, the brand has lots of legit reasons to be labeled one good brand for laptops. No doubt there are some negatives, too, causing the edge a bit toward the “No” side. But, it’s still a “Yes” on the whole. 

Well, let’s discuss all those things in detail now.

Yes, It Is – Some Legit Reasons Why HP is Good for Laptops

Here are all those pluses of the HP brand as a whole. All the reasons why you ought to and why you’d be happy having one HP’s portable computer on deck.

#1. Company’s Growth Through Personal Computers/Laptops – The Public Demand

With the likes of such titles on hand i.e.

  • Remained the world’s leading PC manufacturer and vendor for 7 consecutive years (from 2007 to 2013). 
  • One of the top 5 computer giants worldwide.
  • The second highest market share holder i.e. 22.2% as of Q2 2022, in the personal computers industry. Lenovo leads with a market share figure of 23.9%.

And counting, HP is, without doubt, a beast of a brand for laptop PCs.

Although, the market share has witnessed a downfall this year as compared to the previous year’s 24.5 percent in the same days. Almost ¾ of the market share i.e. out of the total $56 Billion Revenue, $39 Billion accounts for the sales of personal computers.

Seeing these facts and figures, one can easily say that HP is one all-embracing brand and its attempts in the laptop PCs industry are just nearly unsurpassable.

#2. HP’s Laptop Diversity – Something for Everyone

Whatsoever type of computer patron you are, if you come to HP to get one machine for you, there’s no chance you’ll go empty-handed.

Here’s an overview of the company’s vast array of laptops.

  1. HP Spectre range – This laptop line by HP is well-known for featuring some simple yet eye-catchy designs. At Spectre range, almost every machine is quite easy to be packed and ported. And they are suitable for almost all sorts of, average to heavily demanding, tasks. This makes the Spectre line appropriate for almost everyone.
  2. HP Envy line – Here, you’ll find most of the laptops featuring a metallic casing. They are classically sturdy yet ultra-enticing too. You can easily find an ultraportables here too. Envy varient specialize in packing some serious processing powers. Thus, these are good for all sorts of harsh multitasking and likewise other heavy uses.
  3. HP Pavilion line – This line by HP is aimed at instilling its laptops with some high-quality and eye-satisfying screens/displays. Almost every HP Pavilion holds an IPS-level display. That said, the audio quality of these laptops is also at a pro-level. Thus, the Pavilions are particularly binge-watcher and entertainment-geeks oriented.
  4. HP Omen line – This is the gaming laptop range by HP. They feature some wild specs both internally as well as externally. Hardware is very high-end here. I can surely say that they also carry the guts to satisfy all the needs of a relentless gamer.
  5. HP EliteBook (ZBook Series) and HP ProBook Series – These two are majorly businesspersons-oriented laptop lines by HP. They feature some stylish and sturdy finishes and are, sort of, mobile workstations i.e. just at par with a highly professional person’s well-being.
  6. HP Stream range – You’ll often find some mini type of laptops here i.e. 11” to 14”. Features like 360-degree rotations, MS Office (1 year) subscription, etc. are common in HP Stream. These are mostly student-oriented and sort of low-end.
  7. Chromebooks – HP has a wide range of Chromebooks in its offerings too. Although the Chromebooks at HP are not often convertible ones, they offer all those features and boasts some radical powers.

#3. Mastery at Providing Top-Notch Displays for Almost Every Price Range

HP’s laptops are best known for their display qualities. Needless to mention the flagship machines, an average or even an entry-level laptop here has an elite screen on hold.

If you are someone who wants a laptop for mere entertainment, or some content creation purposes. In short, if you are, kind of, a display-conscious person, HP is the brand you must consult for the laptop.

From mini 13” to giant 17” ones, almost every size is available here. And again, whichever you tap at, you’ll be amazed by its display merits. And, this is because HP’s forte lies mainly in the screen department.

#4. Fine Hardware – Strikes Well Between Price and Performance

It all, although, depends on how much you are gonna pay for a laptop i.e. if you are getting a flagship machine, you’ll get exactly at par hardware and other specs. And vice versa for the average ones.

So, needless to talk about the high-end machines, HP’s normal laptops too carry some fine hardware inside. In a basic laptop here, you’ll normally find a dual-core CPU, integrated Intel GPU, a good 256GB approx. SSD, and a fine 4 or 8GB of memory.

But, yeah, HP takes the edge in terms of battery performance. Although it’s normally 3-celled batteries in such average laptops, their performance is still considered good compared to the other brands’ same-level machines.

#5. Designs and Build Durability 

Again, as mentioned earlier, HP laptops, despite being extremely simple and minimalistic, appear ultra-attractive. There is no such variety when it comes to colors, etc. here, but the forge of HP laptops is just simply eye-catchy throughout. And, yeah, this applies to every single product regardless of low-tiered and high-tiered talks.

That said, if you want a laptop to be your lifelong companion, for years and years, an HP laptop is what you want. They are known to be exceedingly durable, not only externally but internally as well. The hardware also holds loads of stamina certificates.

#6. Fair Warranty Terms and Easily Repairable Machines

Hell yeah, this doesn’t apply to those average-level machines. But, the high-end machines at HP come with some great warranty terms. Although it’s a one-year warranty usually, you can find some truly extensive warranties here too.

And, the most important of all the pros of HP laptops is that they are so easily repairable. This is because the brand has a universal acclamation, it’s, sort of, a household name in the PC industry, thus it’s so easy to find the spare parts, etc., of HP laptops.

So, wherever and whatsoever issue it is, if you encounter something like that with an HP laptop, don’t worry because you’d find it repairable in the next street.

A Few Reasons Why HP is Not Good – When and Why Should You Think Twice Before Opting for HP Laptops?

With a plus, there is always a minus as well. The same is here too. The brand despite being a leader in the industry does have some downsides too. Here are all those reasons and situations when you should need to think twice before going for a laptop in HP’s arena.

#1. It’s Comparatively Expensive Brand

HP laptops are usually considered extravagant. Not literally, but because there are loads of new names in the market offering the same specs for a bit controlled price. It implies that the price tags in HP’s arena are only and only a reflection of their expertise and experience in the field.

If you are lucky enough, you can somehow find a bid price’ laptop here too. For example, the HP Envy x360 (2021) is one of the best budget HP laptops you can get in 2022. 

But, to be honest, you’d need to be good at the money if you have HP in mind. Still, this’s, I think, one pathetic reason to libel the brand.

#2. Poor Price and Value Balance in Low-End Laptops

As said above, you would certainly find a laptop in HP’s domain even while you have a scanty budget. But, know that you’d never find that laptop living up to your expectations.

What I mean by this is, when compared to other brands like Lenovo, etc., at HP, you will probably never find great value for your small budget. Firstly, it’s hard to find a very low-budget laptop here. But, say if you got one, you’ll find it a disappointing business.

#3. No Such Innovations

If and when compared to other brands like ASUS, Lenovo, or Acer, etc., HP is in dire straits in terms of innovative practices.

Although, the brand is now doing quite well in a few regards like instilling its latest laptops with Intel 11th Gen, Tiger Lake, Chips, etc. And, introducing some classy gem-cut builds. Still, on a scale of 1 – 10, HP is on-rocks in contriving and putting some novel features.

#4. Sub-Standard After-Sale Support by The Company

The only and most noteworthy reason why HP is often ill-starred is due to the company’s poor after-sale customer support. It’s extremely pathetic. If you encounter an issue, and you try to reach out to the company representative, you’ll be vexed getting intact with him.

The company’s response to customer queries is dull – both online and offline. But, yeah, their presence at and assistance via different social media platforms gets good votes often. So, you can try that way out.

Is HP a good brand for laptops?

If you are looking to invest in a laptop, HP is a brand you don’t want to miss, they are sturdy and have a great price-to-value ratio. Their quality is also commendable.

Do HP laptops last long?

As these laptops are made from top-of-the-line materials, they can last over 4-5 years without breaking a sweat. As a result, HP ensures its customers get quality products that are worth the investment.

How can I make my HP laptop faster?

You can perform a malware scan on your HP laptop if you feel like it’s running slowly; additionally, you should consider upgrading its RAM and replacing the HDD with SSD to further improve its performance.


Whenever it comes to buying a new laptop, HP strolls somewhere in the lead in the shopper’s mind. And, that’s so true looking at the brand’s universal acclamation and its incomparable reputation in the PC industry.

But, at times, to get the best value for his/her bucks, one still relents to go for thorough research on even such a big name too. I understand that. And, that’s why I have tried my level best to answer all your questions and confusions regarding the HP brand.

This article is one complete and consummate answer to the question is HP a good brand for laptops?. Every single thing regarding the brand – both good and bad, is discussed in so much detail.

Do give it a read if you want to get au courant of HP – the brand. 

Go well and win!