Is MacBook Air Good for Video Editing in 2022?

The latest Apple Macbook Air has recently put up a good show against Windows laptops. With its M1 chip, it promises good performance in terms of multitasking and that includes video editing. So, Hell yeah. MacBook Air is a good option for video editing.

Here’s the long answer to educating you more on this.

Laptop Requirements for Video Editing?

Let’s begin with creating the premise for how the Apple Macbook Air is a better option when it comes to video editing.

For video editing, your laptop needs a few things before it could get on with rendering power- and graphics-intensive 4K video.

1. A powerful CPU

A laptop’s central processing unit does what the name says – it processes all the central tasks. It’s like the heart of a computer. The more powerful it is, the more adept your laptop will be in handling demanding tasks.

The new Apple M1 chip has that kind of power. It has an average CPUmark of 15147, which takes it above Core i7 9th Gen, Core i5, and even Ryzen 5 3500U. However, the Intel Core i9 9th generation takes an edge over it. 

That edge is not high enough – just a tiny one. But the price comparison between the two will show you that the latter is expensive.

The 8 cores of the processor should explain its higher CPUmark than the others. And all of this discussion means that you can easily run Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and other video editing software.

Honestly, we should only be talking about the Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro because they are the most popular ones being used as of now. I highly recommend you should try any of these and the laptop won’t say no to them.

2. A High RAM

Ideally, to edit a 4K video on a video editing software, you should need at least 16GB RAM, but with the M1’s prowess, 8GB RAM suffices.

Besides, Apple has made the chip to actively aid in the random access memory tasks. That takes the capacity of your laptop to a whole new level.

There are chances that your editing software may ask for even more than 8GB RAM to work with. But that’s rare. All the popular video editing software work pretty well on the Apple MacBook Air.

3. Storage

Now this varies in different versions of the same laptop. For example, there are versions that come with only 256GB SSD but at the same time, some come with 1TB storage.

The more the merrier. However, do check your budget constraints before taking a plunge. I highly recommend the models that have at least 512GB storage because that proves to be crucial.

Both Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro use your storage to store files and use them when needed. If you have more space, the applications won’t take time in loading your projects and vice versa.

It is also quite important that you should only choose the SSD. Well, it is unheard of that an Apple product comes with an HDD but just for the sake of understanding, only choose SSD versions.

That’s because the solid-state drives have low latency or they load your programs 10 times faster than a normal hard drive. So, when you’re working with a 4K video, you won’t see occasional stutters as the software keeps on creating data on your hard drive.

4. Graphics card

There’s no denying that you need a dedicated graphics card to successfully run graphics-intensive tasks. Still, the new mobile chipsets that come with integrated graphics work well, too.

Take the example of the M1 8-core chip. It has 8 cores, for the love of God. With integrated graphics, it can work as a graphics card for itself at any given time.

What you get as a result is flawless performance when you’re working on big software.

5. A worthy display

Why would you wanna focus on the display? For obvious reasons, of course.

You want your video to look best when you’re editing it. Any changes in color or white balance might reduce the overall impact of what you’re trying to create. You might end up applying the wrong filters because of the way it is shown to you.

The Apple MacBook Air has a 13.3″ retina display with FHD resolution. That means you’re getting a canvas too good to be true to edit your videos.

Since it offers 25% more colors than the normal sRGB, you’ll always see in-depth details like never before.

Besides, the pixel density is appropriate enough to let you see crystal clear text. That should help when you’re creating subtitles or adding text to your videos.

6. Battery

The last thing to consider should be the battery. After all, you may wanna go unplugged someday because of your work or travel.

The Macbook Air has a battery that lasts for about 18 hours on minimum usage. Considering the tasks at your hand, you can hope to get at least 10 to 12 hours of battery life, which is still more than the average.

So, Is the Macbook Air Good for Video Editing?

From the discussion above, you should have the idea that the MacBook Air checks all the boxes when it comes to running graphics-intensive tasks. That includes your video editing software such as the Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro. You won’t experience any lag whatsoever even if you’re working with a 4K video. The frame rates will come out good and the result of your editing will look right in the colors you want. 

I highly recommend you should check out our reviews that contain this product. It is suitable for movies, programming, video editing, streaming, and any other task other than high-end gaming. It’s not that you can’t play games on it but you certainly can’t hope to play AAA titles. That’s a no-go area. 

This concludes the article. Just go for the laptop, already, before you change your mind. 

Is MacBook Air good enough for editing?

MacBook air is made for productivity and can easily handle video editing and rendering on its processor, especially if you use the newer M1 series.

Is MacBook Air good for students?

The MacBook Air series is ideal for students because it enhances productivity, is quite versatile, and is super lightweight making traversal incredibly easy.

How long do MacBook Airs last?

MacBook Air is incredibly reliable, made from the finest materials, and sometimes even lasts more than a decade before they need replacement.