Is Samsung the Best Brand for Laptops? (The Truth)

Pioneers of electronics, Samsung being the most reputable and trustworthy brand from South Korea have manufactured a unique breed of laptops that are no doubt impeccable in terms of quality, design, and performance.

I have used a plethora of laptops and desktops but when it comes to Samsung, they give off an exquisite feel which is hard to describe in words.

Their lineup regarding Chromebook, Ultrabook, and gaming series is one of the most elegantly made laptops I have yet to see which includes cutting-edge technology built into it.

Although there are still some questionable attributes that might make you scratch your head while deciding to invest in this south Korean brand and make you wonder “is Samsung a Good brand for laptops?”.

But then again being a conglomerate of electronics, it is not easy to stay on top and you cannot make everyone happy and you can pretty much expect some red flags in this brand.

That being said, I have listed a few reasons which will help you decide if you are preparing to commit to an investment.

The Bright Side Of Samsung Laptops – Why Good?

To name a few, here are some noteworthy features that might grab your attention!

Amoled Screen

Whether it is smartphones created by Samsung or laptops, all of these newer generation devices tend to have a mouth-watering display which you can’t have elsewhere.

Let’s take the Samsung Notebook 9 Pro as an example, it has a stellar display that looks extremely accurate in terms of color vibrancy.

The bezels aren’t noticeable and watching your favorite movies on it feels like a breeze of joy.

Moreover, the Super AMOLED technology boosts the experience by enabling the user to take advantage of its screen multi-touch experience which has a high response rate and doesn’t feel laggy at all, adding plenty of conveniences.

Extremely Lightweight

Believe me, when I say that Samsung makes one of the lightest Chromebooks known to man, they are sleek, sturdy, and feel like you are carrying feathers in your hand.

The Galaxy Chromebook Go is one of my favorite Chromebooks since it is an all-rounder when it comes to its price to value ratio.

Its paper-thin build makes it one of the top desired laptops for students for their every day purposes because it is highly portable and doesn’t weigh you down.

Cutting Edge Technology

The race of technology is perceptible and only the wise would know which brand to invest in. Samsung is the fastest hound in the race has mastered the design and technological aspect of its electronics and the story of their laptop is no different.

Their flagship lineup such as Galaxy Book Pro has a blazing fast CPU from the 11th generation integrated into its motherboard. While having lightning speed solid-state drive installed to give you an edge in gaming.

Such heavy-duty hardware used in their laptops instantly makes you want to buy their product without having any second thoughts.

Numerous Budget-Friendly Options

It is a well-known fact that not everyone has disposable cash lying around and more often than not you might be living paycheck to paycheck. If that is the case, Samsung caters to its budget consumers likewise just as they would to their high-end flag consumers.

One of the most noteworthy examples is their Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 4 which has style, performance, and a good price tag all packed under one roof. Moreover, being a budget option it nowhere feels cheap.

The Red Flags of Samsung – Why Bad?

Some Questionable attributes of Samsung are listed below.

Too Much Bloatware

Samsung devices like smartphones and laptops are plagued with too many bloatware applications which are resource hungry and are unnecessary.

This bloatware adds nuisance to everyday use because they increase lag and slow down your laptop.

Disappointing Technical Support

One of the topmost letdowns of this brand is it has little to no technical support which creates plenty of ambiguity if their customer runs into any sort of issue after the purchase.

Their technical repair process is too slow to respond due to the massive influx of users which makes their customers wait in long queues.

Is Samsung A Good Brand For Laptops

As I mentioned above, there is no company that doesn’t have its fair share of flaws and drawbacks, however looking at the silver lining Samsung has to offer, it is no doubt that this brand makes the best laptop with elegance to date.

although, their high-end laptops are no doubt expensive yet at the same time screams of quality in terms of design because of how brilliant the material it is made of.

Keeping that in mind, their reputation proceeds itself and all of their products have accumulated an overall splendid ratio of reviews across the globe.

Which brand of laptop is the best?

Apple is a leading brand in the market that manufacturers Macbooks that are used all over the globe for the high level of reliability, style, and premium feel.

How long do Samsung laptops last?

Samsung laptops such as Galaxy book pro last around half a decade while their lower-end Chromebook variants have a tad bit shorter life i.e 3 years approximately.

Are Samsung laptops good for school?

They are versatile, lightweight, and incredibly robust and can be used in almost any situation which is why they are quite ideal for educational uses such as school and college projects and assignments.

Final Verdict

I kept this article free from biasedness so you can get a clear picture of where Samsung stands, if you are still wondering “is Samsung a good brand for laptops” you can take my word for it because I have yet to be disappointed by their products.

I hope you had a wonderful read because I have left no room for indecisiveness, feel free to comment your opinions and thoughts below, I would be much obliged to read it and get back to you.