PS10 Release Date – What Do We Know So Far?

Playstation is here and it will stay here for as long as we know. That’s evident from the fact that Sony has reserved rights for releasing PS7, PS8, PS9, and even PS10. We’re dealing with the PS5 currently that has been released late in 2020. So, what could be the PS10 release date? My guess is 2055. 

Let me explain. 

When Will PS10 Be Released? A Speculative Assessment 

The average span of years between two consecutive releases of Playstations is about 7 years. From the previous releases, we also know that the consoles are released towards the end of the year–from September to November. 

The current PS5 was released late in 2020. So, by the speculation or assessment made earlier based on the previous releases, the PS6 will be released in 2027, PS7 in 2034, PS8 in 2041, PS9 in 2048, and PS10 in around 2055. That’s how I guessed the release date. 

How will it be 2055? Which games will we see? The answers to questions like these are hard to make. But what I’m sure of is that the PS10 will integrate with the newer technologies that will be mainstream in 2055. I’m talking about VR, augmented reality, Metaverse, and the likes of digital realities that are budding off from each other by the day. 

The Rights Have Been Reserved 

In 2019, Sony registered its trademarks for the PlayStation 7 to 10 in Japan. That means these consoles are yet to come. They are confirmed to come if I’d be honest with you. But if we look at the trends of companies reserving name rights, that may only be partially true. 

Many companies reserve name rights just to stay on the safer side. Consider it as those domain names that cost millions of dollars because they are popular and related to established companies. If one of those companies needed a domain name for one of their businesses and it happens that it’s already been taken, you know what will happen. The seller would mint millions. 

So, companies reserve names to stay away from that fate. They may not use it later. But for Sony, which has to keep on releasing newer versions of the console to meet its users’ expectations and the growing revolution in the gaming industry, there’s no chance. It can’t take any chances at all. 

Is there going to be a PS10?

Sony is expected to release Playstation 10 around 2050-2060, but you never know when they may change their minds and pick an earlier release date.

How many Playstations are there?

So far, Sony Interactive Entertainment has launched 5 generations of gaming consoles and the latest one is known as Playstation 5 which is basically the first step towards the next-gen gaming considering its hardware specs.

PS10 Release Date – Conclusion 

Sony has a reputation for releasing new consoles based on the expectations and requirements of the gaming industry. Owing to that, it has already patented the names for PS7 up to PS10 in Japan. That means you’ll be playing PS10 but now these years, obviously. From what we know about the previous releases, PS10 will be released by the end of 2055 if not sooner. The games will be different and so will the PS10’s features. We’d be lucky to use it.