PS7 Release Date/Prediction/Price? What Does Sony’s Bulletin Say?

While 90% of Sony PlayStation’s fervent populace is still busy exploring the latest release’s novelties and enjoying their PS5 console with all the zest, 10% has started speculating the future.

More than half of the latter 10% are busy talking and hypothesizing the quantum leaps of PS6 as they are pretty sure the next release is somewhere around the corner. But there are a few like me, so very much ahead of the time, who have even started bustling on the PS7 release date/prediction/price, etc., etc.

I know it’s certainly too soon for all such fuss, but what’s wrong if we do some guesstimates and get a lowdown on that.

PS7 Release Date/Prediction/Price?

It’s been only a year and a few months since we’ve seen the latest release in the PlayStation line. Sony has just unleashed PS5 very recently, so it’s not only too early to predict the launch date of PS7 but PS6 as well.

But let’s see how much can we dig out about that from history, previous stats, records, and release dates of consoles starting from PS1 up till PS5.

Launch Dates of Sony PlayStation Consoles

  1. The original PlayStation, the first release of the universal series of gaming consoles, was unleased in December 1994.
  2. The PS One and PS 2 were both released 5 years after the first-ever launch i.e. in early 2000 (in March, to be very precise).
  3. PlayStation 3 was released in November 2006, almost 7 years after the PS 2.
  4. PlayStation 4 also took almost 7 years to come out after PS3 and was released in early 2013 (reportedly, in February).
  5. And the most recent update, the PS5, was released worldwide in November 2020 making it again to 7+ years of gap after the PS4.

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So Expectantly, When Can PS7 be Released?

Based on the average gap between each subsequent release in the PlayStation console lineup (which is typically 6 to 7 years), we can safely assume that PS6 might be coming out somewhere in the late 2026 or highly likely in early 2027. Right?

Wrong! One of Sony’s executives was recently heard saying something like:

“No doubt, the development and release cycle for newer platforms used to range over 7 to 10 years in the past, but due to very rapid development and evolution in technology, we’re reviewing and rapidly cutting down on that cycle. We’re busy making it possible for newer platforms to come out within 4 to 5 years or maybe even sooner”.

In addition, according to some reports, Sony has already registered trademarks for PS6, PS7, and PS8, etc. that means these releases might be somewhere in the development phase. And there might also not come any major redesign of PS5, reports say.

So keeping all these things in view, I can somehow dare to say that the PS6 may possibly be coming out as early as 2023. If not, the release is not gonna go as far as 2026 or 2027 at the least.

And considering the flow in the past as well the potential speedup in things today, I can safely predict the PS7 release date to be somewhere as early as 2030 or maybe 2031. However, if the company wanted to try some major changes and the going gets really slow, you may expect 2032 to be the year, surely.

What Possibly Would be the Price of PS7?

Well, if we see the pricing strategy of PlayStation consoles from PS One till PS5, we see an upsurge from $299 to $499 respectively, except for PS3 consoles that were out there for over $500.

So because regardless of their features, all the previous PlayStation consoles used to cost $400 to $500 on average, I can predict the PS7 price to be somewhere around $700 to $850 or even $900 perhaps.

That giant swell in the cost, especially in the upper limit, is because PS6 has yet to come which would likely be priced above the older versions. So it’s pretty fair enough to think of PS7 to be priced at that level.

What Major Feature Upgrades Could PS7 Bring? What to Expect?

Seeing some rapidly growing technological advancements like VR integration everywhere, extreme digitalization in every walk of life, etc., we can expect PS7 to:

  1. Feature an in-built VR gaming experience with Sony packing the motion controllers and VR headsets, etc. right in the same box as the console.
  2. Ditch the physical discs support and go completely digital.
  3. Be smaller and compact enough so that it can be easily put inside and carried in your backpack 24-7.
  4. Feature a significant amount of storage or, at least, somehow provide us with a virtual storage expansion.
  5. Support super-high display resolutions i.e. 8K, or perhaps 16K even.
  6. Feature a modular design whereby we could individually upgrade each component, and there’s no need to change the entire console.
  7. Go completely wireless, etc., etc.

Is there going to be a PS7?

Sony will release the newer generation PlayStation 7 gaming console in the next decade or so, meaning the launch of PlayStation 7 might be around the corner. The PS7 might even be released in 2035, according to rumors.

How much does a PS7 cost?

Our knowledge of the exact price tag is limited, however, the lower it is, the better it will be for gamers around the world to enjoy next-generation gaming, so keep those fingers crossed and hope for the best.

Bottom Line

In the end, I’d again say that everything said and done above is just a matter of predictions and speculations. Sony has still not opened up regarding the release date of PS6 even, and most of the PlayStation geeks have yet to explore the PS5 completely. So all in all, it’s quite too early to argue on things like PS7 release date/predictions/price, etc.

Nevertheless, you can still easily foresee what and how cutting-edge PS7 would be in every aspect, and I’ve done that above. I’ve predicted the PS7 release date, possible purchase price, and a few potential and highly yearned feature updates as well. Go, give them a sweet read.