PS8 Release Date – When Will It Be Available for Purchase?

Sony has its own way of taking things further into the future. Their latest patent for PS7, PS8, PS9, all the way to PS10 is a testament to that. Although many things are obscure right now about the PS8 release date, much like the other versions, we still have some fodder for speculations. My guess is 2041.

When Did PS8 Come Out?

Now, most of you are thinking that the PS8 is already out there in the market. That’s utterly wrong. We’ve only had PS5 in the latter half of 2020 – the year of doom and gloom. The PS8 is far ahead. 

PS8 Release Date

How Am I Sure About That? Here’s My Prediction 

Let’s look at the general or relative span between the release of two consecutive Playstations. 

The Playstation 1 took the market by storm in late 1995. Things were simple back then as we didn’t have a lot of complex games back then. Obviously, this is purely relative as well. Those games were complex for that era – I’m not pointing fingers. 

Then came the PS2, which was a revamped model with promise. The market was already ripe for the demand for a new model and when it came, it made Sony a table name for most gamers and families. If we consider the gap, the release had taken around 5 years as PS2 adorned the markets in 2000. 

The third model, which is PS3, came with a bang after the same span of years in 2007. PS4 was released in 2013, only one year sooner than the previous gaps, but PS5 came in after 7 years in 2020. 

So, the average span between two PlayStations is around 6 to 7 years. I’ve considered 7 years because it seems Sony likes this number for God knows what reason. 

Following that logic, we should expect PS8 around 2041. 

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2041 Is A Long But Worthy Shot 

It’s not like the world will have drastically transformed in 2041, but we could expect a gradual maturity in the technologies we see today. Sony may integrate with the AI much better. We could see newer controls ready to enhance our gaming experiences. 

For that matter only, 2041 is worth waiting for. Yes, there may arise new players of a worthy suite, but for me, Sony will still be my first love. After all, it has made my years worth living. The gaming experience has been unparalleled. 

What year is the PS8 coming out?

PS8 is expected to set its feet across the globe roughly around 2040, however, an official statement by Playstation is yet to be announced, so stay frosty!

is there a PS8?

So far there isn’t any news lingering about Playstation 8 but it is no doubt that Sony Interactive Entertainment will enable the sales of the 8th series of the most awaited gaming console for their fans.]

PS8 Release Date – Conclusion 

Sony has already patented PS7 all the way to PS10, which is a clear indication that these versions or models are going to be released until the planet’s hit by a calamity big enough to existentially wipe us from the universe. Considering the average 7-year gap between two releases, the PS8 will release around 2041. That’s my prediction, though. We never know what Sony could come up with as it has previously released PS4 6 years after PS3. Still, on a general lookout, 2041 looks good.