What Are the Two Resources That May Be Useful in Disassembling a Laptop Computer? – 2022

Disassembling a laptop requires expertise on your part. If you don’t know how to turn a Phillips screw, which is, to be honest, quite a basic thing, then you shouldn’t go for it. But if you’re all set up and looking for what are the two resources that may be useful in disassembling a laptop computer, then I should tell you that there are two. 

  • The User Manual. 
  • The Service Manual. 

What are these two resources?

Whenever we buy something–a machine or anything–we always look for its manual. That’s because this document is not included just to get along with fashion or your country’s norms. Instead, it is to guide you. Remember the last time you unboxed a machine – say your smartphone? You discarded the written booklet because for one, it’s drab, and two, you’ve online resources to get information from. 

But considering that your phone is from the future and it has features that aren’t available in the new phones, how will you operate it? The manual, of course. 

The same goes for a computer. It has two manuals that can be used to get information about the part and parcel of the whole machine. 

The User Manual 

Mostly you would have the idea of operating a machine you’re buying, otherwise, why would you do it in the first place? Forgive me if I took things out of proportion. If you’re a potential impulse buyer like me and have bought a machine you don’t need, you may wanna dig into that user manual. 

Oh wait, we’re talking about your laptop. The user manual does what the name says – it is a booklet with all the instructions about how you could operate and run the system you’ve bought. 

Along with that, it has all the information about maintaining the product for longevity. So, if you open the manual right now, you’d learn about which part is where, how to maintain it, and what precautions to take when you operate it. There may be some information about dismembering the laptop’s external hardware. For example, how you could remove a USB device.

what are the two resources that may be useful in disassembling a laptop computer

The Service Manual

Again, as the name suggests, the service manual has more of the technical information needed for skilled people who want to dismember the laptop. It teaches you how to service your machine when it runs into some problem that doesn’t require you to take it to the support. 

However, know that it may contain jargon related to information technology, which you may not know. Therefore, before you could disassemble your laptop, make sure you know what you’re doing. 

Here are some steps to help you get started. 

How to Disassemble Your Laptop From The Start?

Step 1: Remove all the external hardware from the laptop such as speakers, charging cord, mouse, and anything you’ve attached to it. 

Step 2: Shut down the laptop and make sure it isn’t connected to any external power source. You are supposed to remove the battery as well. For that, flip the laptop, undo the pins holding the battery, and safely remove it. 

Step 3: Take a Phillips screwdriver and remove any screw you see, except for the ones that keep the screen attached. You’ll see small indications besides the screw hole to tell you which part it opens. There will be some holding the keyboard, others will be related to the screen and the backflip. When you undo the screws, make sure that you keep them safe in separate places. Later when you’re assembling the laptop, you’d need them screwed back in the right place. 

Step 4: After undoing the screws, remove the components that are easily accessed from the outside like the hard drive and the RAM. In doing so, make sure you don’t pull them off harshly. The connection of the hard drive takes less pulling and so does the RAM, which can be removed by pulling its pins located to either side. 

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Step 5: Now flip the laptop back so that you see the keyboard. Take a prying tool and pry open the keyboard and the hand rest. Below the keyboard, you’ll see some screws, undo them, but before that, gently pull away any clip or anything you see. Some will be attached like cables while others will be like pins. 

Step 6: After removing the keyboard and the hand rest below it, you’ll see the motherboard peeking at you. Be gentle when you’re removing the screws that attach it to the backflip. Some screws will be of the motherboard, while others will hold down the fan or cooling system to the backflip. Remove all of them and the cables that are attached below the motherboard. Gently start from the opposite direction of the USB ports and slide remove the motherboard. 

Step 7: Now you’ve disassembled the laptop to its core. You can even go forth to unscrew the screws that hold the cooling system to the CPU and CPU. You could also remove the CPU by undoing its pins and gently removing it. It has numerous pins, so you wouldn’t want to bend any of them for the sake of your laptop’s life. 

Step 8: To assemble the laptop, follow the steps above in reverse order. 

What tools are needed in computer disassembly?

In order to disassemble your computer or laptop, using an anti-static wrist band is highly important. Moreover, you should gather some essential tools like Philips screwdriver, compressed Air spray, Isopropyl Alcohol for cleaning purposes, and Cable testers.

When disassembling a computer it’s OK to stack circuit boards on top of each other as long as you follow ESD protection rules?

As long as you follow the Electrostatic Discharge Protection Rule (ESD), you won’t have to worry about stacking circuit boards getting damaged by the static current. Just make sure that any power source is removed before you begin.

What are the two resources that may be useful in disassembling a laptop computer – conclusion 

First of all, know what you’re doing. Assembling a laptop isn’t a walk in the park. But if you do know what you’re doing but need a slight push, then there are two manuals that could help you. The user manual will teach you how you could operate the machine while the service manual will take you through the nitty-gritty of how you could repair certain parts. These are the two resources that could help you. I’ve also listed the steps above to disassemble the laptop in general. However, they might not be true for your particular model.