Should I Put Stickers On My Laptop? – (Here’s What You Should Do)

Putting or not putting stickers on the laptop is everyone’s own choice. As if to say of myself first, I don’t really like these decals’ razzmatazz and prefer keeping my laptop plain. And so my laptop only has a plain skin and one simple ‘Think Bigger’ sticker on it. 

But if you don’t like it plain, love the uniqueness, and want your laptop to reveal to people your personality, likes, dislikes, goals, etc., it’s the best advocate you could ever hire.

Thus, I don’t think there is any need to ask “should I put stickers on my laptop?”. If you love doing so, you definitely do it. There is nothing wrong with beautifying your laptop as it’s not just a gadget but an extension of yours – better to say, your other half. 

The only thing is, you ought to be a bit awake with the type of sticker you are gonna get and a few other things as well. So let’s discuss this in detail below.

Is It Okay and Safe to Put all Kind of Stickers On Laptop?

Well, there has never been any such thing hitherto nor any hearsay that a sticker has been some sort of high-risk for a laptop. Look, so long as you are putting the right stickers in the right places, they are perfectly safe and can be easily taken off as well when needed. 

But there are stickers available in the market that have some heavy-duty adhesives like Epoxy, Gorilla Glue, etc. on them. Obviously, that’s not something you’d ever want for your beloved laptop.

So the thing is, you must know about the type of stickers you are getting as well as about what are the most appropriate spots for them to stick.

How to Determine the Types of Stickers – Know Which of Them Are Safe

There are many different types of stickers available in the market including paper, plastic, and vinyl stickers, etc. Based on the size, they are of two types i.e. small ones, also called Decals, and large ones – also called Laptop Skins.

Obviously, as the name suggests, laptop skins are the ones covering the entire body of your laptop protecting it from bruises, wounds, and all the other minor/major scratches, etc.

Whereas, decals are small decorative pieces with paper, plastic, vinyl, (and tons of other unique faces nowadays like 3D, or fabric, acrylic, and other glittery topsides) on one side and an adhesive (usually veiled with a waxed paper) on the other.

So yeah, you can apply any of these on your laptop given that they are carrying the typical glue/adhesive on their backs and not that industrial-strength Epoxy or Gorilla glue.

The issue i.e. which sticker is safe and which is unsafe only arises when it comes to choosing one from these two – paper sticker or plastic sticker.

Paper Sticker Vs Plastic Sticker – Which One is Okay, Safe, and Better to Choose?

So whenever you have to choose one from these two, always prefer getting the plastic sticker and not the other one. It is because paper stickers most of the time take more of the substance on their adhesive sides than their topsides or decals.

Due to that, paper stickers don’t easily get off the surface. And when tried forcefully, they almost always fall apart leaving the substance and other paper particles engrossed on your laptop.

Plastic stickers on the other hand are absolutely excellent not only for aluminum laptops but plastic-case laptops as well. They are shiny, last for longer terms, and can also be peeled off easily in no time.

What is the Best Place for Stickers On Your Laptop?

Let me suppose for a moment that you’ve got a few lovely 3D decals and some glittery plastic pretties too. So you have now moved on from ‘should I put stickers on my laptop’ to ‘now where to and how to put stickers on a laptop like a maestro’. Right?

Well, remember one thing, these stickers are not only meant to make your laptop aesthetically appealing, but they can also serve the role of Laptop Skin if you’re being creative with their application. So yeah, you need to put them in such a way that they not only adorn your laptop but protect it as well.

That said, the best place for these decals on a laptop is the upper clamshell i.e. the top lid – obviously the back of the screen.

Other than that, you can also put stickers on the inside of your laptop i.e. on the flat empty surface outside the keyboard’s premises, the free space around the mousepad, and any solid area that you deem appropriate.

You can also replace the company labels with these decals by simply peeling them off or straight away pasting these stickers over them. Not only do the stickers stick effectively on these places as all these are extremely flat and solid surfaces but quite adeptly add to the charm of your laptop as well.

And the most important thing is that without any sort of interference in your working i.e. without getting over your screen or keyboard, etc., these adorners ensure the protection of (your laptop) all these areas as well from getting scratches and other minor wounds.

What Regions You Must Avoid Putting Them?

As obvious as anything, you cannot apply stickers on ventilation grills, speaker holes, and all other such areas on your laptop. It would bring about more issues than benefits.

How to Take Stickers Off the Laptop Without Hurting its Veneer?

Well, taking stickers off the laptop is not usually a big deal until and unless there are one or two paper stickers as well in the play. As discussed above, these specific pretty pieces are always quite hard to eliminate as they usually leave too much leftover when forced out.

Other than the paper stickers, there are some plastic and vinyl stickers as well that come with rather strong adhesives and need a bit more struggle to be sidestepped.

Anyways, all you need to do to eliminate them is use your fingernails or any spiky tool to pry off the stick paste. Make sure you peel as much bigger a piece of the sticker at one time as you can. If the entire sticker didn’t get off at once, gently dislodge the remaining pieces. And finally, clean all the filth leftovers from the spot with rubbing alcohol.

In the case of paper stickers, if you cannot pry and poke around the paper, glue, and other (substance) particles with fingernails or another tool, you’d need to get a glue-remover for the purpose. Try getting a quality product like Goo Gone glue remover, etc. to get the ultimate results.

Whatever you do, do keep one thing in mind all along this whole process i.e. stay as gentle as you can so that you don’t end up damaging your laptop.

Should I Put Stickers on My Macbook?

Adding stickers to Macbooks looks cool and adds fun to the computer, but there is a downside. If you put stickers over the Apple logo, it will be obscured and you won’t be able to see it.

It’s not a problem for some people, since they think stickers are cool. Yet others want to see the Apple logo to know it’s a real Macbook.

Here are some pros and cons to help you decide if stickers are right for you:


  • Stickers can make your Macbook more unique and personalized.
  • They can be fun and add a bit of personality to your computer.


  • Stickers can be a hassle to remove and can leave residue on your Macbook.
  • They can also make your Macbook look cluttered and messy.

We recommend you not to put stickers on your Macbook unless you have a good reason and it is not the wisest thing to do.

Does the sticker cause the laptop to overheat?

No, stickers that are used for cosmetic purposes on top of your laptop lid will not obstruct the heat dissipation system in any way shape, or form.

Can I put stickers on my work laptop?

Your laptop is your sole property and you can do as you please, however, since you would be working in a professional environment, make sure it doesn’t have any inappropriate stickers that might make someone uncomfortable or even break the company policy, landing you in trouble.

Is it good to put laptop skin?

Laptop skins are an amazing protectant and will surely prevent them from minor damages such as scratch marks, dents, etc.

Final Verdict

As mentioned time and again, having or not having stickers on the laptop is perfectly up to a person’s preferences. Not putting them doesn’t have any disadvantage, whereas putting them can still do a lot of good to you and your laptop in many ways, given that you know exactly how to do the job.

Well, besides knowing in detail about, if it’s safe or not to put stickers on a laptop and how to put them, there are a few other important things you need to determine before straight away doing it.

It’s better if you could also reflect on your work area environment and your allegiances or adherences to different interests beforehand. Like if you are doing a job somewhere, you must look around for the office/organization’s etiquettes/policies, etc., and look out if your co-workers also have these stickers, etc. on their laptops. If not, you too must tally with them by not putting such things on yours.

Say, your colleagues as well have such decals, etc. on their laptops, but all of them are some professional work/occupation-related illustrations, you’ll still never look sensible among them with some unprofessional, shining-glittering pieces on your computer.

Anyways, if you have no such plan (of putting stickers on your laptop) very soon, do still bookmark this page. So that the next time you happen to make this plan and can’t figure out with should I put stickers on my laptop, you could easily find me at your service again.