1. Thomas Bell

Thomas Bell is the Chief Executive Officer for LaptopWorld, a position he has held since December 2018. Born and raised in New York, Bell is a born tech and computer aficionado with an unending love for these things, especially computers and laptops. He thus, after his schooling life, took admission at Bernard College, Columbia University, and graduated as a Computer Systems Engineer.

Bell, alongside his studies, also kept working at a local tech & computer firm and thus gained practical know-how of what he was pursuing. Well, with all the meticulous experience and a degree as well, he stepped into the internet world and decided to help out anyone who is, in one way or the other, concerned with and needs any sort of help regarding laptops, etc. Thus, here are his efforts for you.

He is bridegroom to a pretty lassie, Angelica, and is a father to two cute toddlers too. All four with a fifth and most important family member, a lovely dutiful pup, are dwelling in New York City.

  1. Lyndsie Jones

Lyndsie, an avid writer from New Jersey, is a boss woman when it comes to the technical writers’ clique. She, being one of the core team members of this setup, joined in January 2019 and has been thenceforth playing an indispensable part in making LaptopWorld what it is today.

Married to a smart and hunky guy, Robert Spinrad, and mama to a cutie-pie daughter, she is a master technical writer as well. Yes, Lyndsie holds a degree in Computer Software Engineering, but as she has always remained passionate about writing, she opted for the same field i.e. computers, etc. to write in and satisfy her craves.

Lyndsie has been writing since 2011 and has helped plenty of websites rank No.1 on Google. Luckily, she is now the maestro product researcher, evaluator, and reviewer here at the LaptopWorld.

  1. Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson is the second penman at the LaptopWorld who has joined the team in May 2019. Residing in New Jersey State, Michael is a graduate in Electronics Engineering from the Stevens Institute of Technology.

He remained a topper of his batch and was so intelligent that, he was known to be the next William Shockley. But guess what, this man has always aspired to become an acclaimed writer one day, more than to become W. Shockley.

So, with all that madness for writing, intellect, and smart word-crafting guts, he has finally managed to become a well-known writer, a technical writer in fact. 

Being in the field since early 2016, he has worked as an internee at different companies doing writing for them. He has done countless product reviews and other such works for hundreds of websites and clients and is now penning for LaptopWorld for almost two years.

  1. Janine Monico

Janine Monico works as a web developer and manages all the back-end functions of this whole setup – the LaptopWorld. She has done her graduation in Computer Science from Princeton University, New Jersey, and has obtained her degree back in 2009.

Janine always had had an ageless love and curiosity about computers, programming, etc., and about how these automated systems work. Thus, she chose her dearie field and is now a hardcore programmer.

Besides being a programmer, Janine is an enthusiast gamer as well. An update is that she has just recently bought a brand new PlayStation5 to tear up her competitions and claim new titles.

Anyways, Janine is a married lady living with her husband, a toddler, and a cute chubby cat at an apartment in New Jersey State.