PS6 Release Date, News, Price, Specs, and Prediction

The latest PS6 was in 2020, but the new PS6 release date might be around the corner. There’s no concrete date to tell us when that will be. However, in this article, I’ll try to give you a date based on the previous years’ schedule.

When will the PS6 Come Out?

The latest in this technology, the PS5 was released late in 2020. By logic, you should understand that the launch of a new version would take time. 

Let me give you an estimate of the PS6 release date. 

The Playstation 1 was released in 1995. Its second version, the PlayStation 2 came 5 years after in 2000. There was a major overhaul of experience and technology right after this. The third one with improved capacity came in 2007 – which is 7 years after the Playstation 2. Playstation 4 came 6 years after, in 2013, and the latest one, the Playstation 5 was released in 2020, that is after 7 years.

It is also worth noting that the release dates are mainly situated at the end of the year, ranging from September to November, with the exception of the Playstation 3 which was released in March. 

So, one thing makes sense – the Playstation 6 will most likely be released at the end of the year, and considering the average span of years between two releases to be 6 or 7 years, we could expect it to be around 2026 or 2027. 

We should also look at the gap between the development and release date. For example, the development of the PS4 started in 2008 but it was not released until 5 years later. The same is true for the PS5. It began in 2015 but was released in 2020. Assuming that the PS6’s development starts in 2021, it will most likely be released in 2026. 

From this, too, we reach the same year as with the previous estimate. 

It was all that I know so far about the PS6 release date.

Will There Be a Change In the Game Console?

Sony has been developing its technology at a faster pace. You never know if they will, for example, launch a USB-type console that you could plug into your PC or TV. 

Much like other companies, it too keeps its designs in great secrecy. We can only speculate so far. My prediction is that there will be some downsizing this time around, too. That could be a possibility, given all the companies tend to reduce the form factor of their gadgets. 

What Would Be the Cost of PS6?

The last versions people used were for around $400 to $500 – regardless of what the specs were. Assuming that there will be a major upgrade in the PS6, the price could hover around $550 to $700. That’s obviously keeping in mind the upper limits of what the price could be. 

Potential PS6 Features 

After an overview of the PS6 release date, let me tell you something about the potential features of the PS6. I believe that Sony will capitalize on the existing features of the Playstation.

  • The built-in wireless system will enhance and who knows Sony gives you the freedom of charging things right from your console this time around – which could be your phone, headphones, and even charge banks. 
  • The next generation is all about VR. Consider the advent of Metaverse by Facebook and you’ll realize where I am going. So, the VR experience may come to PS6 as a built-in feature. You could see yourself immersed in the virtual world from the comfort of your home. But that wouldn’t be possible if there aren’t any motion detectors or controllers to give you a near-reality experience. 
  • You could expand your PS5’s storage but that’s literally rocket science. The PS6 will hopefully have extended storage or Sony could provide us a way of doing that easily. 
  • We could see a complete move to the digital world. The PS6 may not rely on discs at all. As it’s evident from the EA’s sales in 2020, which were largely by digital means (52%), Sony would definitely want to grab this opportunity and save users from carrying discs with them. 
  • An increase in the resolution might be up to Sony’s sleeves. By 2026, 8K displays will be the norm. Therefore, the PS6 will have to bring in that support. I am assuming that it will be by default. 
  • I’d really love it if Sony would move from one-unit to modular design, whereby users would be able to upgrade individual parts just like that. Dismantling the whole machine would not take much effort. That would be convenient and I won’t stop but get the console first thing.
  • Many people want Bluetooth audio, including me and probably you, too. The PS6 may come with that as Sony hears our prayers. That will bring the experience to a whole new level. 
  • Lastly, as with every new version, there will be an upgrade to the user interface of the console. We may see an improved UI. Image wireless connectivity to that and you know the console will take your experience to a whole new level. 

PS6 Release Date – Conclusion 

There isn’t any official release date for PS6 by Sony. However, from the previous releases, we can predict when it will be available. Assuming that it’s already in the pipeline, expect it at the end of 2026 – that’s my prediction. I also predict that this time around, it will have major specs change or upgrade that you’ll like. So, stay put and enjoy PS5 until then. 

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