What Kind of Laptop Do I Have? (Check Model and Specs in 1 Min)

Here’s the quick answer. You can check what kind of laptop you have by right-clicking on My Computer and going to properties. There, you’d see a number of details about your computer. However, that information is not in-depth. To get that, there are a few ways to follow. 

What Kind of Laptop Do You Have? Let’s Find Out!

Following are the ways to find out your laptop model, specs, manufacturer, and other details.

1. By running a command 

Well, the question is what computer am I using? Here’s how to find it in the first method. Windows has shortcuts to let you perform tasks faster. You could either search for “Run” in the search bar of your Windows 10 PC or you could press WIN + R to get to the app directly. Once there, you type “msinfo32” and hit enter.

You’d be taken to System Information where you’ll see everything about your PC from its model, manufacturer, OS, and its version, its architecture – whether it is an x32 or x64 based system, available RAM, motherboard, manufacturer and model, and a plethora of other information related to your PC. 

You could even know about your Hardware Resources, if you need to know that, otherwise skip this part. 

Besides that, there are two other subcategories that give equally valuable information: the Components and Software Environment.

Click on the Components and you’d be taken to every part of the PC and its relevant information. All you have to do is click on your desired component to know about it. For example, if you want to know about the display, click on it and you’d see Items with their Values. 

This is one of the easiest and fastest ways, but it is meant for people who have a deeper understanding of computers. Some of the information is complex and only a learned person would know what it means. 

You could alternatively go to System information by searching directly in the search bar of Windows. 

Check my Video for finding Laptop models with Commands:

YouTube video

2. Go to Settings 

The second method that you want to know the answer to “what kind of laptop do I have?” is by going to settings. This is for the layman that only wants to know about the processor, RAM, and Device Name. 

  • Search “Settings” in the search bar. 
  • Open the app and go to “System”
  • Scroll down to “About”
  • There you’ll see Device Specifications that have Device Name, Processor, Installed RAM, Device ID, Product ID, System type, and whether it has Pen and touch.
  • You’ll also see information about your Windows such as its Edition, Version, date of installation, OS Build, and Experience version. 
  • You can even rename your PC. Click on the Rename this PC just below the Device Specifications. A window will open that will have the current PC name and a small space to enter the new name. However, in doing so, you can only use letters, numbers, and hyphens. 

3. Check your drivers 

Still have the question “what laptop is this?“. Don’t worry. The methods explained above show information regarding each and every component of your PC. But if you want, you can also view some information by going to the Device Manager. 

  • Type Device Manager in the search box of your Windows 
  • Once the app opens, you’d see all the listed devices and their drivers. 
  • Click on any to know about it. For example, click on Processors and you’d see how many cores you have. Click on the computer and the architecture will be displayed and so on. Your GPU information will also be given here. 
  • Here you can update the drivers, too, which I highly recommend for good PC performance.

4. Flip over your laptop 

For a quick check without turning on your laptop, flip it over to see which model you’re using. You’d find it either on a sticker or the whole thing etched on the chassis. Either way, the model and make will be visible. For example, in the Lenovo Yoga C930 – 131KB, the C930-131 KB is the model. 

5. Use your manufacturer’s website 

To download the relevant drivers, you need to know your laptop’s specific model. If you don’t want to use any of the above ways, then simply head over to your manufacturer’s website, go to their Support tab and look around to find hardware detection. Click on it and a program will start downloading. Run it and it will detect the exact model of the hardware you’re using to give you the right drivers. 

What Kind of Mac do I Have?

Finding your mac’s model is easier than Windows. 

  • Click on the Apple icon to display a menu 
  • Go to About this Mac 
  • You’ll see the name, size, and year of release right before your eyes
  • You can also use the System Information app to know about the model or flip your Mac. 

What kind of laptop do I need for college?

It all depends on your usage and how many hours you want your laptop to provide runtime for you while you work on it. If you want a lightweight and stylish laptop with plenty of battery life, pick the New Macbook Air or Pro variant.

Do colleges require certain laptops?

There is no restriction on which laptop brand you may own as long as it does the job for you. Just make sure you get a comfortable and lightweight laptop that won’t weigh you down.

How much RAM do I need for college?

Anywhere around 8-12GB will be more than enough for your daily routine without slowing down your productivity. Anywhere above such a threshold is definitely an overkill.

What Kind of Laptop Do I Have  – Conclusion 

Finding the model and make of your laptop isn’t rocket science both in Mac and Windows. On Windows, you have a number of ways mentioned above to look into the information about your laptop. On Mac, you only have to click on the Apple icon and go to About this Mac. That’s it. 

Knowing about the model and Windows is important for installing new drivers or updating them.