Why Are Gaming Laptops So Expensive? – (The Truth)

It is nothing strange if you are in the market looking for a gaming laptop and find some terrifying price tags. Yeah, that’s normal for gaming laptops. And there are so many legit reasons for this. But one solid answer to why are gaming laptops so expensive is that they are the perfect demonstration of how a portable gadget can carry some desktop-class powers.

Well, if you are a gaming psycho like me, you would know what’s the biggest accomplishment for a gamer. “To have a perfect tower setup”, right? Absolutely. That joy to sit on your gaming pew, launch a game, and bet for some new titles, is just matchless.

And yeah, you might find setting up a tower gaming rig cheaper than getting a gaming laptop. Then why still that harp for a gaming laptop?

I know why, because you don’t want to miss that vacation trip that you all your friends have been planning for this long. And you don’t want to miss playing games either because you breathe it.

So you know that only a gaming laptop can be that purple patch for you in such a case. Yeah, a gaming laptop is always punched with so much raw power that you’ll get a performance almost equal to a tower setup. And because it’s anywise a laptop so you can also easily carry it.

How Come a Laptop Match the Performance of a Gaming PC?

Come what may, no doubt, the PC setup is still the ideal setup for a true gaming-mad. That’s sort of a benchmark we take to compare the performance of these laptops too.

On a scale of 1 – 100, if I were to put and compare these two – a desktop setup and a gaming laptop, the former will straight away sit at 100. But that flaw still remains i.e. with a PC rig, you’ll be restricted to one room, one desk only.

On the contrary, a gaming laptop compared to that would, performance-wise, score near to or perhaps a bit above 80. But yeah, it also gives you that added advantage you’re looking for i.e. portability.

Thus, adding portability to the performance, the gaming laptop bumps up the scale and almost mates the desktop setup.

Well, let’s check out what further a gaming laptop has to offer and why they are usually pricey.

So, Why Are Gaming Laptops So Expensive?

There are many valid and legit reasons why gaming laptops show up so expensive and hold biting price tags. It’s because of that mind-blowing engineering to put some juggernaut powers in just a laptop-sized machine. These laptops make you boundless and unrestrained.

And a lot more other things. Let’s explore them one by one.

#1. The Overall Engineering and Manufacturing Process

So the very first thing that counts for the gaming laptops’ bitter price labels is the terrific engineering they show. And yeah, the lengthy, hectic manufacturing process too.


It takes a lot of brainstorming efforts to frame up a laptop – especially a gaming laptop. As I mentioned above, they are not different from a regular laptop in their form factor except for a few extra mints, at times. But it’s completely different and way much upgraded internally.

Hence, showing a similar shape, size, sleekness, and portability as their everyday counterparts, these beasts are supposed to be much more powerful than that one. And making this happen is what that terrific engineering is.

Furthermore, in desktop/tower PCs, most of the time, the fabrication is the same. If a part malfunctions, you can easily take it off and install a new one. Even you can swap the components between two computers – and it works fine i.e. one CPU or GPU will mostly work on multiple motherboards and chipsets.

But unlike that, the design, compatibility, and customization of laptop parts vary with brand and manufacturer. If in one laptop, you find processing chips soldered on the motherboard, in the other, you’ll find some other freaky innovation. And so on.


That said, most of the laptop components are built to work only with specified hardware. So that cog-swapping is almost not possible here. And that’s why every component needs to be perfectly forged so that it stays sound and working for longer terms.

And this i.e. multiple quality tests, checks, diagnostics, etc., is what that lengthy manufacturing process is.

So, in a laptop where everything has to sit in that few-inched casing, there is far too much complex engineering than you can think.

Firstly, to minimize all the components i.e. CPU, GPU, speakers, fans, etc. so that everything must fit in that small chassis. And then, to so manufacture them that they exhibit the best chemistry with one another.

#2. Thermal Solutions to Prevent Overheating and Throttles Like Issues

Well, the second most important thing that draws the price of a gaming laptop up is the cooling setup it comes with.

As is mentioned time and again, a gaming laptop is equal to the size of a standard non-gaming laptop yet it’s stuffed with a desktop-class vigor. Now, because each component (all those surplus powers) is packed in a regular laptop’s casing, you are never far from witnessing heat buildups.

The beast hardware therein when is stressed, asks for more power to provide the ideal results. Resultantly, you get two things – performance and piles of heat. And since it’s anywise a small casing, the airflow is also extremely restricted causing some havoc-wreaking overheat issues.

But, but… If your laptop is working fine and you experience no performance glitches, all credit to the cooling setup therein.

A well-set thermal solution is the most critical thing for a gaming laptop to have. It keeps all those issues like CPU and GPU throttles and lots of other performance crashes from happening.

Manufacturers today are investing more in this one thing. We are witnessing ruthless competition between different brands implementing their laptops with some premium thermal solutions. And thus, the more advanced the solution, the sourer the price tag.

#3. Premium CPUs, Mighty RAMs, and SSDs

Compared to its non-gaming counterpart, be it an entry-level machine or a pro-level ripper, a gaming laptop is always much deluxe specs-wise. The hardware here is crammed with extreme raw powers.

The processor in these laptops is always premium; a quad-core CPU is the strict minimum here. Gaming laptops always boast mighty memories and colossal SSDs. So while you need a good CPU and abundant RAM for faster and smoother renders, the SSD adds even more to your system’s overall snappiness.

Hence, in a gaming laptop, every cog is specially designed to cater to the speed needs of a hardcore gamer. If a regular laptop succumbs to a task within an hour, on the other hand, a gaming laptop can boldly get by it within a few minutes. So it’s natural for them to be so expensive comparatively.

#4. Discrete Graphics Cards

The fourth reason why are gaming laptops so expensive is because of the graphics card used. Well, the graphics card is the king when it comes to gaming. And it is one of those seriously expensive components in a gamer’s rig. Well, it’s believed that compared to that in a desktop setup, graphics cards on gaming laptops are gonna show, perhaps, half the performance only.

But, if I’m being honest, that’s something more true for older laptops. Engineers now are focusing more and more on this thing. The latest machines today flaunt some finest, Ultra HD, and truly high-end video cards.

If not for the performance of a pro tower rig, these laptops (graphics cards) show up richer at performance than many average PC setups. But yeah, all this comes with a price.

So if you really want to get some serious FPS and graphics renders, which is kind of a must for a gamer, you’d need to be generous with bucks.

#5. Battery

For a PC gamer, because that’s a tight desk-confined setup, there’s nothing to worry about the battery. As long as the power is not out, the switches remain clued up, and he can stay on and bet for new titles.

But that’s not the case with laptops. If a laptop offers you that portability advantage, it must offer a supportive battery too. And there is nothing worse than finding out that, yeah, you can open the lid and start a mission anyplace anytime but can’t complete it. Just because the battery isn’t performing.

So for a gaming laptop, to fit a well-performing battery is also crucial. Although compared to other everyday laptops, they are, till now, not that good in the battery department.

That’s certainly because a gaming laptop is much more powerful than a non-gaming laptop and thus much more power-hungry too.

Still, manufacturers are trying their best to fit these laptops with massive (capacious) batteries. These pieces of hardware do offer a 4 – 5 hour worriless and boundless gaming experience, they take another big edge on desktop setups. And that’s why they charge a good amount for this.

#6. Tailor-made Peripherals

Gaming laptops love to be fulgent, and they hate to feature those orthodox (laptop) corpses. In one way or the other, they come with some nice, novel, and useful minting.

A gaming laptop usually features a multifaceted keyboard. The gaming-optimized keyboards here are mostly mechanical, macros supporting, and often multicolor RGB backlit. That said, you can easily find a lot of other custom-tuned things in a pro gaming laptop.

So such beasts come with every added benefit that you are looking for. The thing is, you must not be shy at spending bucks.

#7. The Brand Name and Warranty & Support Terms

The brand name and its reputation in the line are also players in this regard. Why you opt for a laptop is actually because of that name stamped on it. The luminary the name, the more intense the furor. And the more intense the furor, the higher the price tag.

Like if you are deciding to get a gaming laptop, you’d highly likely reach out to those celebs in the line i.e. ASUS’s ROG, MSI, or Razer, etc. And not to some local brand with no or very less repute. Because it’s only with big names you believe you’ll end up getting some true value for your price.

Besides the brand name, you also pay for the avant-garde specs and features that a bigwig brand offers in its machines.

And finally comes the warranty and after-sales service claims, etc. that also adds to the overall pricing of a gaming laptop. That traditional 1-year coverage is almost a normal thing for these laptops. Whereas, with some premium machines, you can get some comprehensive terms.

Plus, if there are some such later repair promises with the laptop at the time of purchase, and the brand’s after-sales support is good too, the price will be even high. So these three things i.e. the brand’s repute, its warranty coverages, and its post-sale support also count for the bitter price tags of gaming laptops.

Why a gaming laptop is worth it?

In addition to gaming, a gaming laptop offers a wide range of other useful features that make it an efficient machine that can be used almost anywhere. Usually, they feature top-of-the-line hardware with a variety of super snappy interfaces that make them well worth the purchase price.

Why are gaming computers so much more expensive?

Massive refresh rates, a cutting-edge thermal dissipation system, and jaw-dropping specifications don’t come cheap. Aside from their innovative designs, these gaming laptops are incredibly unique compared to conventional laptops.

What is wrong with gaming laptops?

Most gaming laptops have terrible battery life, which is a major downside for a laptop. Furthermore, they aren’t budget-friendly and usually cost an arm and a leg to buy.

Bottom Line

So here’s my final touch on it. A gaming laptop, in its external form factor, is no different from a regular laptop. Although a premium machine can have some extra trims, cuts, or some perky elements, it’s still a laptop, on balance.

Then why are gaming laptops so expensive? Compared to a non-gaming laptop, it shows up on a completely next level internally. Look dude, I can dare say that these machines are built for grievous usage only i.e. 24/7 hardcore gaming, or high-end content creation, etc.

Yeah, you can do all that on a regular laptop too, but there, you’d need to be very limited, very careful. Whereas, with a gaming laptop you get raw powers that are almost beyond endurance for a laptop-sized machine.

So these laptops are masters at providing you with that sweetest spot between performance and portability. And all this exceptional stuff comes with a price which isn’t a big deal, I think.

Anyways, give it a scroll up. There is a lot more waiting for your sweet read.