Why Are Macbooks So Expensive? 5 Reasons

New brands are launched every day in the jungle of capitalism to bring new ideas and unique marketing features to the table so that consumers can enjoy them.

Due to the saturation of competition in the free market, many of them fail to maintain their integrity, and this is usually due to a lack of dedication to their customers.

Speaking of integrity and commitment, there is one brand that is quite reputable with a tough foundation, hailing from the lands of California, America, known as Apple.

Apple, like every other brand, is a mass electronics production company that manufactures devices ranging from smartphones to computers and MacBooks.

However, they are quite known for their extravagant business methods with hefty price tags on their devices, especially their MacBooks!

Well, being a sane person, everyone would question the reason behind being so thunderous and anti-budget friendly and especially why are Macbooks SO expensive? Is it made of gold? 

Well not really! It is far from being made from such noble metal but as they say, don’t judge a book from its cover, at least not the “books” that are made by Apple because they will surprise you with their uniqueness.

Reasons Why Are Macbooks So Expensive

Macbooks are available in different versions and generations, but all of them are quite expensive if you are on a tight budget.

But let me tell you before I was a Macbook user, I used to think they are quite expensive for no apparent reason and the brand is only selling its name to its consumers.

Well, turns out, I was dead wrong because after using their MacBook I was left mesmerized for various reasons. I will be listing below so you can decide for yourself.

However, before I start telling you about the amazing features of this beauty, let me just say that this article is devoid of any sort of bias and my viewpoint is quite neutral.

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1. Perfect Environment For Everyone

Not only are you getting a work companion disguised as a laptop but you are also getting the added benefit of a separate operating system which is optimized known as MacOS.

Given how well it is tuned with almost zero bugs in it with frequent updates that age like a fine wine, it is no doubt the MacBook deserves to have such a hefty price tag.

The quality of software completely reaches the expectations of its consumers because of how fluid it is and enables the users to seamlessly connect to other compatible devices such as iPhone and Ipad.

2. Virtually Free From Viruses

Not that I am implying that Apple devices such as Macbooks are free from digital penetration, but the level of security the MacOS provides is simply mind-blowing.

It is tight, strict, and free of viruses and doesn’t allow any third-party software interference, unlike Windows or Android Devices, which are quite vulnerable to all sorts of malware attacks.

This level of security and privacy features give their users a fresh breath of air in a world full of privacy invasion and ensures that no possible data breach or harm is done to their consumers.

3. Innovation In Every Corner

Have you ever seen or used a Macbook? Well, if you did, you would have known what I am talking about. The level of attention to each and every inch of the MacBook is captivating.

The external hardware and chassis look like it is backed by some serious brainchild with top-tier engineering that screams a premium feel that you cant have in any other brand.

The keyboard design not only feels amazing but also has sober aesthetics that match the overall design which makes the MacBook an allrounder in terms of design.

There is no parallel when it comes to its awesome display quality either because once you get used to watching movies on the beautiful retina display, every other screen feels pretty bland.

From aluminum finish to the bezels of the screen along with sleek design, each and every aspect of the Macbook feels like it is well thought out and there is no corner-cutting or any skimping visible to the eye.

4. Lightweight And Portable

Although, laptops are known to be made extremely lightweight and portable so that you can take them almost everywhere.

But have you ever carried a Macbook yourself? Especially, the Macbook Air Variant is needle-thin and has a weight equal to the features.

This makes it one of the best options available on the market for students and other content creators that travel a lot since it is a perfect recipe for portability.

5. Runtime For Days

While most of the other brands of laptops tend to fail horribly when it comes to runtimes, Macbook is known to hold battery juice without disappointing its owner when it needs it the most and provides you excellent battery life.

Its software is optimized to such an extent that its hardware doesn’t strain the battery which would result in inevitable shutdowns.

Moreover, the hardware used is also super power-efficient, which can produce twice the output in lesser battery mileage available, which is impressive, if you ask me.

Are MacBooks really worth it?

It is a no-brainer that Macbooks are made from high-quality materials that are made to last long. Moreover, their operating system is highly optimized which is why they are considered efficient machines in terms of productivity.

Why are MacBooks so expensive in 2020?

Macbooks are regarded as Luxury items which is why they are quite expensive because they are branded as Premium tier. Their quality and design speak volumes and there is coherently no match for them.

Do Macs get viruses?

Every operating system is prone to malware attacks, however, MacOs have more countermeasures with robust security systems as compared to other operating systems such as Windows and Linux. So if you want to know if Macs get viruses, yes, they do, you just have to be careful and that’s all.

Final Verdict

So I am now pretty sure after all these lovely attributes you wouldn’t be saying that why are Macbooks so expensive. Although it is totally up to you how you spend your money, trust me investing in Apple products such as Macbooks is no doubt a wise decision.

And personally, after using the Macbook I wouldn’t look back to using any other brand because of how well optimized it is and how well Apple caters to its audience in terms of security and privacy protection countermeasures.