Why Is Alienware So Expensive? Is Alienware Worth It in 2022?

The growth of capitalism has no doubt blessed us with plenty of innovations in technologies to meet the supply and demand of the general audience. 

However, as newer companies and conglomerates start to roll over their newer brands, things tend to get a little competitive and saturated for both consumers and vendors.

Speaking of Competitive brands, today we are going to talk about why is Alienware is so expensive, the subsidiary of our beloved brand, Dell,  which has made its reputation on manufacturing one of the best laptops around the globe under decent price tags.

However, for Alienware, this seems different because they are without a doubt nowhere near being budget-friendly and for being a subsidiary of Dell, this makes them in contrast to their parent company.

Is Alienware Worth It? Well, let me tell you a thing, even having such a hefty price tag, they are still worth the money due to a wide variety of reasons which we are going to shed some light on without being biased at all and keeping the fanboying aspect to a minimum.

Top 6 Reasons: Why Alienware Is So Expensive Than Other Brands

There’s no doubt that Alienware is an expensive brand for a couple of reasons, here are some of them that might validate my point.

1. Top Tier Design

Have you ever used other brands like Asus or HP? If your answer is yes, then you might agree with me here that they might have manufactured decent builds in the past but they often tend to have some sort of corner-cutting either in their design or in their technical aspect.

Well let me tell you that isn’t the case with Alienware because they know what their consumer wants and since most of their audience are hardcore gamers, their design and build is mainly focused on like-minded people who are aesthetics enthusiasts.

And to satisfy such high expectations and meet sky-high demands, the necessity for a top-tier design that has state-of-the-art quality becomes more than a priority.

Keeping all sorts of flashy looks in their chassis as well as the RGB illumination all over their laptop build is something Alienware Fans crave and that is why manufacturers invest in innovating design which is brainstormed around the clock by their engineering and design team so that their audience wouldn’t be disappointed.

2. Cutting Edge Hardware Specifications

It’s not just the outside that matters but also what’s on the inside that matters the most when it comes to gaming. As newer franchises roll out their upcoming installment of games they tend to make it so that they have high definition textures which means they are going to require heavy-duty hardware specifications to run it smoothly at steady frames.

Since the whole point of Alienware laptops are that they are “Gamer Ready” laptops which means the manufacturer ensures that each and every product must have top of the line hardware specifications so that not only it is able to play games of that era, but it should be future-proofed in such way that it can be able to handle upcoming new games without any hassle.

Let’s take the Alienware m15 r6 for example, it has the latest Intel Core i7 processor and massive heavy-duty graphics from Nvidia 30 series which is the latest generation graphic card series in the lineup. 

As most of the alternative gaming brands might not emphasize hard enough on specifications, the Dell Subsidiary, Alienware, always ensures their consumers get the best and latest hardware right off the bat so that they wouldn’t have to worry about going elsewhere to satisfy their needs.

3. Mind-Numbing Refresh Rates

Gaming laptops don’t just require a display that good color output that is rich in color and vibrancy but a higher refresh rate is equally necessary such as 144hz or 240hz so that it gives the gamer a massive edge in gaming while playing against their rivals in competitive online gaming like without any input lag or frame delay.

These displays also have adaptive refresh and G-Sync technology built into them with a whopping 1ms delay which is something you wouldn’t see on any other gaming laptop.

4. Premium Keyboard With Superb Ergonomics

There is no emphasis when it comes to their keyboard design which gives off an equivalent experience of a gaming mechanical keyboard that feels very responsive and has perfect actuation and travel times.

All Alienware laptops have top-notch gaming level keyboards with perfect RGB color illumination which delivers hardcore gaming vibes that produce unparallel results during gaming.

5. Loaded With Utility

It is well known that a laptop isn’t feasible for gaming as compared to a desktop because using a touchpad is very uncomfortable which is why plenty of gamers use external devices like gaming mouses.

However, laptops tend to have a very small array of interfaces which leaves very few choices for consumers to work with. In Alienware laptops like ALIENWARE X17, both of its either ends are cluttered with the latest and super snappy USB interfaces like thunderbolt jacks as well as HDMI and an ethernet port for wired gaming, so that no gamer using their product ever feel left behind or hindered in gaming.

6. Next Level Cooling System

What makes an Alienware laptop worth your every penny is the fact that they not only have jaw-dropping hardware specifications but also an intelligent and highly optimized killer Cooling system exactly like the Razer. That makes their laptop truly stand to their name by making you believe that it actually is an Alien technology.

This gaming brand uses the most efficient and latest tech heat dissipation system which keeps unnecessary heat bay by removing any pesky heat generated by the hardware during intensive load in a matter of seconds which is mind-blowing.

Why is Alienware so good?

As opposed to conventional laptops, these laptops are reliable and made of high-quality materials, so they usually last longer. Additionally, their latest hardware specifications enable them to score better on benchmarks.

Why is Alienware so heavy?

These laptops are usually gaming-oriented which is why they have a discrete graphics card and bigger motherboard with more components on them, causing it weighs a tad bit more.

Final Afterthought

Whether it’s their Alienware m15 R6, X17, or Alienware Area 51m R2, no matter which one you pick, you wouldn’t be disappointed in both their quality and performance which proudly answers your query that why is Alienware so expensive because it truly fulfills its price to value ratio to their consumers.

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Is Alienware Overpriced? Although I have to admit that they do push their brand name with a hefty price tag, you can be very well assured that it is for all the right reasons as you wouldn’t go wrong when investing in any of their products.

That being said, I hope this article has diminished any queries that you might have had regarding the topic, feel free to let me know what’s on your mind in the comment section.